Burglaries, break-ins and employee theft can be real headaches for you as small store owners.

With security camera systems for your small business, you will be able to protect your properties better and even catch the intruders and thieves in the act.

So, how to choose the best security cameras for small business that fit your needs?

Here's a shortcut for you: a detailed guide with top factors to consider when buying commercial video surveillance systems for 2020, editor's top pick and methods to DIY wireless security systems for small stores.

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Choosing Best Security Camera Systems for Small Business: What to Look for

If you are a newbie to security camera systems for small business, it is important for you to know their different parts and figure out what to look for before buying. If you are not, skip to part 2 and find our top pick with detailed reviews.

Part 1. Different Parts of Security Systems for Small Business

A security camera system for small business mainly includes three basic parts: multiple CCTV cameras, a DVR or NVR and a monitor. With the chart below, you will be able to understand better about each part of a commercial CCTV system.

What's Included in a Security Camera System for Small Business
Security cameras Video recorder Monitor
Analog cameras, PoE IP cameras, WiFi security cameras or battery-powered security cameras SD card, DVRs/ NVRs, FTP server, Cloud, NAS TV, Computer monitors
Capture images & record videos Store footages & manage security cameras (DVRs/NVRs only) Deliver real-time images

Note that most vendors don't sell monitors in their CCTV camera systems sets. If you are planning to install security camera systems for your small shops, you may purchase a monitor or TV on your own.

Part 2. Choosing the Best Security Camera Systems for Small Shops

To make wise choices on the best security camera systems for small business, you may take the following guide into account.

Step 1. Figure out which type of small store security systems you need.

A retail security report (PDF file) shows that two major sources of retail inventory shrinkage are employee theft and customer theft. And for small stores, spots that are of high risk of losing inventory include cash registers, doors and windows of your warehouses.

Small Stores Face Security Concerns As Well

To protect your property, you may set up security camera systems for your small business at the risky spots to tackle with and prevent both internal and external theft. Just walk around your property and confirm how many security cameras you will need to apply.

Also, it is recommended to figure out the network and cables in your stores, restaurants or companies. If you prefer easier configuration, a whole set of CCTV systems with NVRs will be your ideal options.

In case of blind areas and spots that are hard to route cables, you as small business owners may choose wireless security cameras for small stores like Reolink Argus 2. Such standalone IP cameras are more flexible to use since they don't need any adapters and cables to receive power supply.

Reolink Argus 2

100% Wire-Free Starlight Camera

Rechargeable Battery & Solar Powered; Outdoor/Indoor Protection; 1080 Full HD; Starlight Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; Live View Anytime Anywhere.

Moreover, these battery-powered security cameras are smaller in shape which makes the best hidden security cameras for small business. By using multiple wire-free IP cameras together, you are able to DIY a WiFi security system for your own small stores.

Step 2. Plan your budget for small shop security camera systems.

With basic research on your stores, you may have a basic understanding of the security systems for small business that you are going to install.

For smaller stores, 4 channels security camera systems will be ideal options. If you need more IP cameras to cover bigger areas, consider 8 or 16 channels video surveillance systems.

Below is a price list of small stores security camera systems. Also, you may check this post out for more price info.

Camera Type Price
DVR Security System $99 – $800
NVR Security System $120 – $1300
4 Channel Security Camera System $120 – $800
8 Channel Security Camera System $215 – $1500
16 Channel Security Camera System $400 – $2000
32 Channel Security Camera System $700 – $3000
Wide Angle Security Camera $20 – $300
PTZ Security Camera $70 – $600

As the chart shows, 16-channel and 32-channel security camera systems for small offices are less affordable. In fact, there are two cheaper options that can cover large areas as well: wide angle security cameras or PTZ security cameras.

Wide angle cameras with fixed lens enjoy fields of view of 80°-180° while PTZ security cameras with pan-and-tilt enjoy 360° fields of view, leaving no blind areas.

Step 3. Take a closer look at the customer service.

When choosing security systems, many may barely care about customer services. However, these services are of vital importance for your small stores.

Some top-rated security camera brands offer comprehensive services include money back guarantee within certain days, a long warranty period and also responsive customer support. With such services, you won't have to be worried if there are any glitches on your small business surveillance systems.

Best Security Camera Systems for Small Business (with Reviews)

In this section, we will test one of 2020's best security camera systems for small business, Reolink RLK8-410B4, and offer the corresponding reviews for your reference. If you have any new ideas about the reviews, feel free to share them in the comment below!

What's Included in This Security Camera System for Small Business

This security system for small stores includes an 8-channel PoE NVR, 4 RLC-410 PoE security cameras and a series of network cables and a power adapter for NVR. Every part is neatly packed in the box as the infographic shows.
What's Included in This Security Camera System for Small Business

Detailed Reviews of Best CCTV Camera Systems for Small Business

Below is a detailed review on Reolink RLK8-410B4 based on its image quality, configuration, storage capacity and other aspects that you care about the most.

Tech Spec:

Price $439.99 (4MP version)/$479.99 (5MP version)
Resolution Super HD 4MP/5MP
Night vision Up to 100 feet
Security Camera Usage Both indoor & outdoor (IP66)
Audio Built-in microphone
Storage capacity Pre-installed 2TB HDD for 24/7 recording
Intelligent alerts Email photos or 30-second videos, push notifications, NVR buzzer
Working Temperature Standard*: -10°C~ + 45°C (14°F~113°F) for the NVR & -10°C ~+55°C (14°F~131°F) for the security cameras
Configuration Plug & play
App & Client Reolink Mobile App & Client
Customer Service 30-day money back guarantee, 2-year limited warranty & 24/7 responsive customer support

*Note: In fact, small store security systems can operate in much higher and lower temperatures than the standard one. Check this post for a clear explanation & clever tips to make your systems survive the extreme cold weather.

Pros: This security camera systems for small business offer high-quality video performance for both day and night. The large storage capacity, easy configuration and reliable App and Client also make it a great contender among its counterparts.

Cons: It is a wired system and only works with security cameras from the same brands.

Verdict: With the affordable price and the desirable features like the extra clear videos and the easy configuration, this CCTV camera system is very recommendable to you who are looking for small shop security solutions.

Reolink RLK8-410B4

8-Channel PoE Security System

4 pcs 5MP/4MP Security Cameras; 2TB HDD 8-Channel NVR for 24/7 Reliable Recording; Plug & Play; 2 Network Solutions.

Here is a video sample shared by a Reolink user, showing two suspected fuel thieves caught in the act with the IP camera system.

Several top media also launch overall reviews on this small business security camera system for 2020. For your reference, we have cited some of their views below:

"The Reolink NVR is a surprisingly good CCTV kit for the money. You get a no-frills NVR which does the basics right, 4 good quality IP cameras, an easy setup process, and the benefit of free firmware updates for life. We especially liked the high quality videos the cameras can produce.


"I have to say that we've been pleasantly surprised at how well this system functions and what this system offers. Beyond this, there is a warranty, support, and the contents of the package include everything you need to get started and last a long time with this security system. I definitely recommend the REOLINK RLK8-410B4 Security System.


How to Set Up the Reolink RLK8-410B4 Security System

Step 1. Choose places to install security cameras and figure out the network and cables in your stores.

Step 2. Install security cameras and install the NVR at the central point of those cameras.

If you do not want drill holes on the wall, learn how to run cables in advance!

Step 3. Connect security cameras to the NVR and connect the NVR to power.

Step 4. Connect the NVR to a monitor screen.

Then all the CCTV footage will be recorded to the NVR automatically. Also, by adding your security cameras to Reolink's application, you are able to access the security systems for small businesses remotely for live viewing and video playback.

Update: If you prefer a security solution with higher resolution, you may take a look at the 8MP small business security camera systems like RLK8-800B4.

Reolink RLK8-800B4

4K 8-Channel PoE Security System

4 pcs 4K Ultral HD Security Cameras; 2TB HDD 8-Channel NVR for 24/7 Recording; Plug & Play; 2 Network Solutions.

How to Make the Most Out of Small Store Security Camera Systems: Factors to Consider

Aside from selecting the best security camera systems for small business, you may also take a closer look at the following factors listed below to learn how to get more out of the video surveillance systems installed at your offices.

Factor 1. Renting or Buying Security Camera Systems for Small Business

The cost of the best security camera systems for small stores may place a large financial burden on you.

A solution is to rent security camera systems from reliable vendors. They offer you appealing deals on the commercial grade IP camera systems that they agent and also installation and maintenance service.

It sounds great but you need to think twice for the four reasons listed below:

#1. Signing a contract to rent a security camera system for small business will be a great expenditure in the long run. For example, a 4-channel IP camera system is priced from $120 to $800 while the renting fees can be over $50 per month.

With a simple calculation, you will realize that buying CCTV systems without monthly fees & contracts is a better solution.

#2. Buying security camera systems for small shops means that you monitor stores on your own. However, if you rent one, you are exposing the footage to vendors with potential risks of videos leak and invasion of privacy.

#3. After buying a set of security camera systems for small stores without installation services, you may find it hard to ask other renting vendors to only install devices you have bought.

#4. Many security camera brands provide free firmware upgrade support and good customer service. But some renting vendors may charge extra fees for the upgrade and maintenance.

Factor 2. Team Up with Your Neighborhood

When making decisions to buy the best business security cameras or not, you can talk to your neighbors or landlords first. Maybe they are considering the same thing as well!

By composing a DIY security camera system for small business with your neighbors, you are able to reduce the financial burdens and unite others to secure your stores together.

Factor 3. Consider Privacy Issues When Using Security Systems for Your Small Stores

Though WiFi security camera systems for small business come with multiple benefits like decreasing shoplifting, they may also bring extra stress on both employees and customers and even legal issues to you.

To avoid such side effects and privacy violation, it is better for you to install wireless security systems for small business in public places, such as front doors, hallways and the other entrances rather than in break rooms.

Takeaway: Check here to learn if it is legal to install security camera systems for small offices.

Security Systems for Small Business Issues: Frame Rates, Bandwidth and Cabling

Some of you may encounter issues on security camera systems for your small business like the frame rate, bandwidth and power consumption. Below are some of the possible questions and solutions.

Question 1: Which Frame Rate of CCTV Camera Systems for Small Business Should I Choose?

Frame rate refers to how much frames are comprised in one second, which is called FPS (frames per second) as well. Higher FPS means that more details are recorded in videos. Most common frame rates available are 25, 30 and 60 FPS.

Generally speaking, security camera systems with 25 or 30 FPS are enough for average small business usage.

Question 2: Can I Run Security Camera Systems for Small Business over My Primary Network?

You may worry that security camera systems for your stores will slow down the network and bring troubles to your daily work.

In fact, even without network, security camera systems for small business will capture images and record to the DVR or NVR as well.

Such systems take up bandwidth only when you access them for live viewing on your PC or mobile APP. That is to say, security systems don't take up much bandwidth in daily usage.

Question 3: Will Security Camera System for Small Shops Consume Much Power?

Speaking of power consumption, it is mostly related to the number of security cameras and video recorders that you are using.

If the systems are to monitor large areas, they will indeed consume more electricity. For average WiFi video surveillance systems for small business, they won't consume much power to work.




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