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Suspected Thieves Caught on “Stealing” Fuel

Suspected Thieves Caught on “Stealing” Fuel

Two suspected thieves have been caught on a security camera attempting to steal fuel from parked trucks. However, they failed and left empty-handed.

Check the video below for more details:

It was around 4 o’clock in the morning, Nov.2nd, when two would-be thieves were approaching two parked fuel trucks.

The two suspects first appeared at the head end of the truck and then walked to the other end from a different side, attempting to try their luck and “steal” fuel out from that truck. However, they seemed to unaware that their actions were caught in the act by Reolink RLC-410 PoE security camera.

One of the 2 guys had somehow triggered the truck’s alarms while the truck gave off warning lights and sound. The other guy that can be seen in the CCTV footage was shocked and clearly has no idea about what just happened, so he turned to the head end to see what was wrong with his partner.

The two suspects met in front of the car while the troublemaker shrugged his shoulders and he didn’t seem to find out the reason as well. They discussed with each other and stop their crimes since the alarm would attract people’s attention and get them caught.

According to the Reolink recordings, the two guys fled separately – one run directly with empty hands while the other rushed to grad his spanner and a bottle.

After collecting his tools in a hurry, the other man run away in the same direction as the first one escaped.

The CCTV footage remained quiet again and no loss was caused by this attempted theft. But the two men won’t be that lucky since all their actions and faces are captured by the security cameras.

As the holiday season coming, many people are going to travel and enjoy a relaxing time away from home. But that is also when thieves and burglars will take their chances to grab packages or break in houses.

To protect the property, one may consider to invest on smart security cameras that offer instant notifications when they are triggered by unusual motions. Thus, people are able to response quickly even if they are a thousand miles away.

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