The NVR security camera systems, compared with traditional DVR counterparts, mark a big step forward in terms of reliability and flexibility.

As thieves are becoming more advanced in their techniques, so should you when it comes to bolstering your home security.

Whether you need a future-proof surveillance system with easy installation, or plan to upgrade your CCTV Analog security system, the NVR IP security camera systems shall be the best bang for your bucks.

What Is an NVR Security Camera System

The NVR security camera systems are the video monitoring equipment consisting of multiple IP cameras and a network video recorder (NVR), which allow you to keep tabs on different sites 24/7 simultaneously from your phone or PC.

Based on the way how HD NVR security camera systems transmit data, they can be divided into NVR wireless security camera systems (the IP cameras connect to the NVR wirelessly) and PoE systems (connect via a network cable).

NVR PoE security camera systems vs wireless counterparts, which one is better? Well, it largely depends on what you expect from an NVR video security camera system. (See our post to learn the differences between wired and wireless security systems.)

Classified by the channel number of NVR IP security camera systems, the most popular models for sale now are the 4 channel, 8 channel and 16 channel NVR security camera systems.

The more channel an NVR home security camera system has, the more cameras you can add to the surveillance system.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Even if you only need 4 cameras now, it is suggested that you go for the 8-channel or 16 channel NVR security camera systems, just in case that you might have to expand your security system for future use.

NVR vs DVR Security Camera Systems: Why the Former Is Better

As mentioned above, the NVR security camera systems far outweigh the DVR systems in many aspects.

Why? And how?

Below is a list of the unparallel advantages of NVR wireless and PoE security camera systems.

NVR vs DVR Security Camera System

#1. HD NVR Security Camera Systems Make for High Resolution Monitoring

The IP cameras included in NVR security camera systems boast high resolution (1080p, 4MP, 5MP and even 4K) with more usable details, while the Analog cameras of DVR systems deliver low quality images and videos.

#2. NVR Security Camera System Setup & Installation Is Easy

Most IP NVR security camera systems are plug and play and require minimal wires for the setup. You can finish the installation even if you are an outsider. But it can be more complex to install a DVR security system with messy cables involved.

#3. NVR Wireless & PoE Security Cameras Systems Feature Great Flexibility

Whether you want to move, reposition or add a camera to your existing home security systems, the NVR security camera systems can offer you more flexibility and scalability than the DVR counterparts.

#4. NVR Security Cameras Systems Come with More Advanced Features

The top NVR security camera systems are packed with a host of advanced features, like motion detection, remote access and safe data management which the DVR systems lack of.

NVR Security Camera Systems DVR Security Systems
Image quality Clear Inferior
Installation Easy Complex
Flexibility Better Worse
Scalability Better Worse
Value for the money Worthwhile investment Cheap but not future-proof

Editor's Tip: Learn more about the detailed comparison between NVRs and DVRs.

Choose the Best NVR Security Camera Systems to Your Needs

Need help narrowing down the NVR security camera system choices?

After visiting the online forums, I find that most of you are looking for the best NVR security cameras systems with the following highlights:

Skip to the corresponding part and grasp the insider tips if that's exactly what you expect from a best home NVR security camera system.

1. NVR Security Camera Systems That Are Easy to Setup & Use

"What are the best options of NVR security camera systems that are easy to self-install and not overly expensive?"

Actually, most top NVR security camera systems are easy to install on your own and simple to use. Below are some secret tricks to help you choose the best picks at the most favorable price:

  • Look through the product page to see if "plug and play" is listed as a selling point of the PoE/WiFi NVR security camera system.
  • Refer to the NVR security camera system reviews to see if it is truly easy to install as advertised.
  • Check if there are any security camera installation accessories included in the package of NVR security system kit.
  • Watch out for any hidden fees associated with the wireless and PoE NVR HD security camera systems (learn what could impact your security system price).

2. NVR PoE & Wireless Security Camera Systems with Long Recording Time

"Need a best PoE NVR security camera system that I can get 30+ days of recording."

The fact is that there are multiple factors affecting the recording time of PoE and wireless NVR security camera systems. To settle on an IP NVR security camera system that can record over long periods before the older files are overwritten,

  • Examine if the NVR security camera systems comes with a built-in HDD. If yes, what is the storage space of the hard disk?
  • See if the NVR PoE or wireless security camera system allows you to add an external HDD to expand the storage capacity.
  • Check if you can adjust the resolution of security camera systems with NVR to maximize the storage usage.
  • Inspect if the NVR security camera systems come with audio, as voice recording can also increase the storage consumption. If yes, you may disable the audio recording in camera settings.

3. IP NVR Security Camera Systems with Clear Video Footage

"I'd like to invest in an NVR security camera system that provides clear video footage so that faces and plate numbers can be recognized without effort."

Image this: someone broke into your home (hopefully it never happens) but you couldn't make out who it is from the fuzzy videos.

Then what's the point of spending your hard-earned money in an NVR PoE/wireless security camera system?

And that's where the HD NVR security camera systems come in. Follow the tried and true tips to get a best NVR security camera system that allows for crystal cleat images:

  • Choose the PoE or wireless IP security camera NVR systems with at least 1080p high resolution.
  • Watch the video samples shared by real users to see if the HD NVR security camera systems deliver truly sharp images with usable details.
  • Check the IR range of WiFi and PoE NVR HD security camera systems to see how far they can see at night.
  • Inspect the view angle of NVR HD security camera systems to decide how many cameras you need in a certain site, leaving no blind spots without your notice.

Below is a high-resolution video captured by Reolink PoE NVR security camera system RLK8-410B4.

4. NVR Security Camera Systems with Easy Remote Access on Your Phone

"I would like to view the videos of NVR security camera systems from a mobile phone."

One of the big advantages of NVR wireless and PoE security camera systems is that you can access and manage multiple IP cameras from the NVR on your phone or PC.

To get the best user experience, take the following factors into your account:

  • Does the manufacturer of IP NVR security camera systems offer free software (like Reolink App and Client) for Android phones, iPhone, Mac and Windows?
  • Read the NVR security camera system reviews to see if the software is smart, intuitive, powerful and easy-to-use.
  • Did any users complain about the lag when they watch the live feed of NVR security systems?

NVR Security Camera System Software

If you have other concerns or problems we miss out, please feel free to leave your comment below!

Recommended NVR Security Camera System with High Ratings

The below NVR security camera system covers all the nice-to-have features mentioned above and can bring you peace of mind at any time, from anywhere.

Top Pick

8-Channel 4K NVR PoE Security Camera System

  • 4K Ultra High Resolution
  • Easy to Install & Setup
  • Up to 100ft Night Vision
  • 2TB Built-in HDD
  • Support 24/7 Video Surveillance
  • IP66 Waterproof Rating
Explore More

This NVR PoE security camera system allows you to manage up to 8 cameras at the same time on your phone or PC.

What the NVR security camera system reviews say:

"I am quite impressed with the image quality and how smooth everything is with this 4K system."

– From digiblurDIY

Watch the video sample captured by this HD NVR security camera system to check out its image quality.

Reolink RLK8-800B4

4K 8-Channel PoE Security System

4 pcs 4K Ultral HD Security Cameras; 2TB HDD 8-Channel NVR for 24/7 Recording; Plug & Play; 2 Network Solutions.

If you would like a 16 channel NVR security camera system, take a look at this top-rated system Reolink RLK16-800B8.

Reolink RLK16-800B8

24/7 Surveillance in 4K Ultra HD

Power over Ethernet; 24/7 Continuous Recording; 16-Channel NVR; 3TB HDD Built-In; Audio Recording; 100ft Night Vision.

Important Note: All of the recommended NVR security camera systems can still do 24/7 recording even without the Internet, as the cameras can connect to the NVR on their proprietary network.

But note that Internet access is required for remote viewing and instant alerts. If you want to watch live feed remotely from your phone, cellular security systems would be the best security solution.

  • 516- Andrew

    The division you mention is simply what is most commonly used: Wireless; and Wired, with PoE.

    Data and power are separate things, though.

    IP cameras use the same data format(s)/encoders, whether connected with wires or wireless. The question is only ”How does it get to the NVR?”: It's either one of eight/sixteen data ports provided on the NVR (ports which may also happen to provide power a camera can use) or via the network that the NVR attaches to.

    Wireless data comes in through the NVR LAN port, via your Wireless Access Point (which may be built into your router).

    (Wireless cameras need their own power supplies. There is no wireless PoE.) (Yet? LOL.)

    PoE is simply a way to send power to a device over a network cable, as well as signal. Wired PoE cameras can either connect directly to the NVR PoE ports – and enjoy the power readily provided – or they can be attached to the LAN elsewhere, employing a separately-purchased PoE power source.

    Keep in mind, readers, that PoE power does not transmit throughout/electrify the whole network, once it is plugged into it. Each PoE port is basically a separate 'powers supply’. Power goes ONLY from any one port providing PoE to the PoE-using device which is directly connected to that port. Without a separate power source for each PoE device, you will need to connect PoE cameras directly to the PoE ports provided on the NVR.

  • Jenny Hu

    Hi James, generally speaking, IP cameras (not analog ones) shall work with Reolink NVRs. But we are not 100% sure that all features on IP cameras from any other brands can perform on our NVRs. It is best to consult tech team from other brands, if you are planning to purchase from them, about the compatibility. Hope this helps.



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