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Reolink Argus Track Review: Digging Deep

reolink argus track review

Finding the right surveillance solution is essential for safeguarding your home or business. Earlier this year, Reolink introduced a new camera model called Argus Track. This camera has garnered attention for its advanced features. In this review, we will examine every aspect of this camera, including its design, performance, and functionality.

Overview of Argus Track

The NEW Reolink Argus Track is a 4K dual-lens camera powered by an embedded battery. It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and works on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi based on specific preferences. Within the product box, there are plenty of tools that facilitate the upcoming installation, such as a mounting template, bracket, strap, quick start guide, etc.

Reolink Argus Track

4K Dual-Lens Wi-Fi Solar/Battery Camera

4K 8MP Ultra HD, Auto-Zoom Tracking, Pan, Tilt & 6X Hybrid Zoom, Color Night Vision, Dual-Band Wi-Fi.

Design and Installation

We're pretty fond of the Argus Track's compact and sleek design. It stands out distinctly from other models in the Argus Series. Integrating two lenses into one housing makes it look like a small robot with dual eyes focused in the same direction.

This camera can be used indoors and outdoors, and we choose to use it for outdoor surveillance. There are two ways to install this camera in such environments: the strap or bracket. We chose the latter one and installed it on the wall. Then, the installation of this camera primarily involves mounting the bracket. Once the bracket is mounted, the camera can be easily attached to it by tightening a screw.

Features and Performance

Then, we tested some of the main features of the Reolink Argus Track mentioned on their official website.

  • 4K Resolution: According to the product specifications, its two lenses boast different resolutions, with 4K 8MP for the wide-angle lens and 2MP for the telephoto lens. The overall clarity is great, almost the same as that of other 4K Reolink models.
  • Pan and Tilt: Although it doesn't have the common design of a PTZ camera, the Argus Track can still pan 355° and tilt 50°. More importantly, its PT speed is configurable. When testing, we set up one guard point and several preset points. The camera can accurately position itself and maintain the desired angle without drifting or overshooting.
  • Night Vision: Like other 4K security cameras from Reolink, this dual-lens model also has two night vision modes: black-and-white and color night vision. The IR range can be up to 30 meters, while the color night vision range is shorter.
  • Motion-Triggered Detection: This battery-powered model begins recording when it detects motion. When testing, we walked toward the camera's field of view, and it took us less than 5 seconds to receive the notification from the Reolink app.

Reolink has incorporated several advanced technologies into the Argus Track. These techniques make this model a versatile option for consumer-level surveillance.

Auto-Zoom Tracking

The Reolink Argus Track also stands out as a pan&tilt and auto-tracking security camera. As an upgrade to the Reolink TrackMix series, this dual-lens security camera has three different tracking modes. You can refer to the video below:

After setting up the tracking modes, we conclude how the combination of two different lenses facilitates and empowers the whole tracking process. The telephoto lens consistently locks onto the detected target, automatically adjusting both magnification and the size of the tracked target to enhance tracking and capture finer details.

Wide-angle and Telephoto Lens

Unlike other dual-lens security cameras that feature two identical lenses, the innovative Reolink Argus Track integrates a combination of distinct lenses: wide-angle and telephoto lenses. With its 2.8mm aperture and 1/2.7" CMOS sensor, the wide-angle lens delivers an impressive 4K resolution. Conversely, with its 8mm aperture, the telephoto lens enables 6X hybrid zoom, providing enhanced detail capture. This unique pairing of lenses effectively transforms the device into dual cameras, both focusing in the same direction.

Hybrid Zoom

Hybrid zoom is a technique that blends optical and digital zoom to surpass a lens's natural constraints. For Reolink Argus Track, the camera begins by utilizing optical zoom to capture distant details and then seamlessly integrates digital zoom for additional magnification. The key is that relying solely on optical zoom can sometimes compromise image quality. Still, with the added support of digital zoom, the camera can achieve higher levels of zoom while maintaining image clarity.

Here, we've summed up some advantages and disadvantages of the Reolink Argus Track.


  • Easy to install and use: The Reolink Argus Track boasts a hassle-free installation process suitable for users with minimal technical expertise. Its user-friendly interface ensures smooth operation, even for beginners.
  • High-quality image: The Argus Track delivers crisp, clear videos with advanced imaging technology. Users can capture detailed footage for enhanced surveillance and monitoring.
  • Accurate zoom and auto-tracking: The camera's precise zoom functionality and auto-tracking feature ensure that it effectively follows and captures moving objects for comprehensive security coverage.
  • Adjustable night vision modes: Equipped with adjustable night vision modes, the Argus Track adapts to varying lighting conditions, ensuring optimal visibility even in low-light environments.


  • Non-removable battery: One drawback of the Reolink Argus Track is its non-removable battery, potentially leading to additional costs and inconvenience.
  • Separate solar panel: Unlike some competitors, who integrate solar panels directly into the camera design, the Argus Track requires a separate solar panel for continuous power supply, which may involve additional setup and maintenance efforts.


The two lenses of Argus Track boast different resolutions. The wide-angle lens offers 4K resolution, while the telephoto lens has 2K clarity.

The answer is yes. As a battery-powered security camera, the Reolink Argus Track can be charged via the 6W Reolink Solar Panel 2. 10-minute of charging ensures a 24-hour uninterrupted performance.

Consider adjusting motion detection sensitivity to reduce unnecessary recordings on security cameras to save battery. You can also opt for cameras with energy-saving features like scheduled recording or motion-activated lighting. Additionally, ensure cameras are placed in optimal locations to minimize false alarms and conserve battery power.


Overall, the Reolink Argus Track is a high-quality consumer-level security camera that stands out for its advanced auto-zoom tracking feature. The combination of two distinct lenses gives users more possibilities for daily surveillance. Do you want to try the new Argus Track? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, and let's discuss it together!

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