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16MP Security Camera: Upgrade to High-Resolution Protection

16MP Security Camera

There is no point in installing a low-quality camera that does not offer clear videos and smooth live previews. For security, the resolution matters a lot because sometimes, you need fine details of the person or object.

A 16MP is a high-end camera, also considered a top-notch option for security. In this article, we will discuss the 16MP security camera, its advanced features, and how to select it without any hassle.

What is a 16MP Resolution Security Camera?

A 16MP camera has 5312 pixels in each row and 2988 pixels in each column. The resolution is 5312 x 2988, representing around 16 million pixels in a frame.

When such a camera is combined with security features, such as motion detection, instant alerts, a spotlight, two-way communication, and a warning system, it becomes a 16MP security camera.

It is an excellent option for outdoor surveillance where you want to cover a large area and capture every bit of detail. It offers incredible clarity and a smooth video experience.

Advanced Features of 16MP Security Camera

Higher resolution

The prominent feature of a 16MP security camera is the high resolution. Due to 16 million pixels, it is possible for the camera to consider fine details of the video/image and offer optimal clarity. So, even if someone has a logo on their T-shirt, it can be visualized clearly.

Zooming capability

Usually, a 16MP camera is equipped with a zoom feature. It helps in zooming into a number plate, a person’s face, or any object. In case of any theft or incident, it offers complete details to help arrive at a better conclusion.

Large field of view

Due to high resolution, the camera is capable of capturing a wide area clearly. It can have a good field of view, which is impossible in low-resolution cameras. With that being said, you’ll need fewer cameras to cover a large area.

Detailed identification

The camera offers complete details of the object or person. If someone is in the driveway, you can clearly zoom into the face and identify the person. Secondly, it can detect vehicles, people, pets, and intruders and send alerts. It also warns the person through light and siren after detecting any movement in the restricted area.

What to Consider When Buying 16MP Security?

Actual resolution

The most important factor to look at when buying a 16MP camera is the resolution. Often, the resolution is not equal as advertised. Companies even sell a 4K camera as a 16MP camera.

Check out the actual videos of the camera to get a better understanding of the quality. You can also see the user reviews to be confident with the purchase.

Do not neglect this factor, but you are paying a hefty amount for the sake of high megapixels.

Bandwidth and storage requirements

It is a must to check the bandwidth requirements of the camera. A 16MP camera will definitely require a good bandwidth to ensure good speed and optimal quality and prevent delays in streaming. After looking at the bandwidth, you can figure out the Ethernet you need and other security system elements.

Secondly, check out the camera's storage requirements. Sometimes, you don’t have an NVR and want to rely on an SD card. Make sure the camera offers both options so that you can switch to the suitable one according to your needs.

Power consumption

First, make sure how the camera is powered. A 16MP camera requires more power because of high resolution and processing, so getting a battery or solar-powered camera is not a good idea. It can compromise the reliability of the security system.

For such cameras, the best option is PoE. These are powered and networked by using a single cable. They are more reliable, faster, and better than other cameras. That’s the reason they offer a smoother live viewing experience.


If you do have an existing surveillance system, such as NVR, monitors, and other things, make sure they are compatible with the 16MP camera.

Most systems do not work on these high-end cameras, so if you connect it with that system, you won’t be able to enjoy 16MP resolution because of compatibility issues.

Warranty and support

A 16MP camera involves a decent amount of investment. If you are buying multiple cameras and a complete security system, then you need to care more about the warranty and support.

There should be a warranty of at least one year to deal with issues with the camera and all benefits at least for the warranty period.

Secondly, there can be various issues with the camera, quality of videos, power, and other things, so there should be a prompt and responsible support service to help you out.

Best 16MP Security Camera Recommendation

Reolink is set to launch its first 16MP security camera, the Duo 3 PoE. This dual-lens security camera is equipped with two 4K 8MP image sensor, providing 7680x2160 pixels in one frame. With its dual-lens design, this camera delivers crisp and vivid imagery that leaves no room for uncertainty. You can cover a 180-degree field of view using a single device.

Equipped with advanced motion detection and night vision capabilities, the Reolink Duo 3 PoE ensures round-the-clock surveillance, even in low-light conditions. Its rugged construction and weatherproof design guarantee reliable performance in any environment.

Reolink Duo 3 PoE

Groundbreaking 16MP Dual-Lens PoE Camera

16MP UHD, Dual-Lens, Motion Track, 180° Wide Viewing Angle, Power over Ethernet, Color Night Vision.

Bonus: 12MP vs. 16MP Security Camera, Which is Better?

A 12MP camera is more than enough and is actually a premium option for outdoor surveillance. It can cover a very wide area with fine details of the objects and surroundings. It offers value for the money and is a suitable option for security.

A 16MP camera has better video quality, but this much clarity is not always needed for security purposes. But if you think you need incredibly fine details even if you zoom in, just like anything written on a shirt, you can go for it.

Remember, megapixels aren’t everything; you should decide based on the quality of the image you need and prevent yourself from spending on something you don’t require. Any of them that serves the purpose and is a perfect value for money is better.

Reolink’s 12MP camera RLC-1224A is a great option if you are looking for a 12MP security camera. It is an Ultra High Definition (UHD) PoE camera to unveil the hidden details. It offers colored and clear visuals even at night and has tons of incredible features, such as motion detection, instant alerts, and two-way audio.

Reolink RLC-1224A

12MP UHD Dome Camera with Color Night Vision

Person/Vehicle Detection; 12MP Ultra HD; Color Night Vision; Remote Control; Two-Way Audio; IP66 Certified Weatherproof.


1. Is 16MP security good?

It offers very clear visuals of the person, object, or vehicle. So you can zoom into the video for more details. It is a good option when security is extremely critical.

2. What is the difference between 16MP and 24MP?

The difference between a 16MP and a 24MP camera is the resolution. A 16MP camera has a resolution of 5312 x 2988, while a 24MP camera has a resolution of 6000 x 4000. Thus, a 24MP camera can capture more details than a 16MP camera. You can have clear and crisp videos even if you zoom in.

3. Does a higher MP mean a better camera?

Higher MP means better resolution, which ensures more details in the video. But MP is not enough for a security camera to be better; you have to look at the video quality you need, light, night vision, and other security features.


A 16MP security camera is definitely a great option for keeping an eye on your home, office, or any place you want. It can cover a wide outdoor area with crisp and clear details. These cameras have extraordinary features to offer an incredible experience and optimal security. However, you must remember the important factors while buying a 16MP security camera to get a good value for money.


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