Have you been exploring SIM card security cameras for locations with no power and Internet on site? Where to buy SIM card security cameras?

Chances are good that you only find fragmented information of SIM card CCTV security cameras online, not knowing where to start.

The security cameras with SIM card, often referred to as cellular security cameras or shortened as SIM cameras, operate on the 4G/3G phone network to transmit image and video signals wirelessly.

That way, you can view real-time videos of places without WiFi and power from anywhere on your phone. And of course, you'll also be informed when the 4G/3G SIM card security cameras are triggered by motion events.

To save your precious time, this comprehensive post enables you to learn all you want to know about 4G/3G SIM card IP cameras, and yes, within 3 minutes.

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How to Set up SIM Card Security Cameras – Easier than You Thought

Many of you may concern that security cameras with SIM card require professional installation, which leads to higher cost and extra trouble.

The answer?

Absolutely a BIG no-no.

And quite the opposite, SIM card security cameras are simple and easy to install, even if you are a novice.

Below are the step-by-step procedures to set up your SIM card surveillance cameras and some important factors you need to consider.

Sim Card Surveillance Cameras

Step 1: Check whether your SIM card security camera comes with a pre-installed SIM card or not.

Yes: In this case, you need to know if the SIM card in your SIM card based CCTV camera has been pre-activated.

If not, you can contact the sales team of the SIM card seller to activate the SIM card. And for some SIM card security IP cameras, the SIM card activates when you set up your camera for the first time.

No: In the event that your security camera is packed with a SIM card slot (card not included), you need to purchase a SIM card separately from the mobile service providers supported by your SIM card based IP cameras.

Also, make sure that the place you need to monitor with your SIM card CCTV camera has good cellular signals of the data service supplier you choose.

Step 2: Properly insert the SIM card and battery into your SIM card security cameras.

Place the SIM card into your 4G/3G security cameras in the right direction as the instructions. Otherwise, it may lead to your CCTV camera with SIM card (slot) not working.

As the 4G/3G CCTV security cameras with SIM card are generally powered by batteries, it is more recommended to choose rechargeable battery powered IP cameras with SIM card (slot), so you don't need to spend extra money replacing batteries frequently.

Better still, some security cameras with SIM card offers the optional solar panel as a back-up plan. You can simply leave the SIM card security camera there and never have to worry about the power supply.

Step 3: Decide whether you need to record videos of SIM Card CCTV security cameras locally.

If you want to store the footage of SIM card IP cameras onsite in case of cellular service interruption, you may insert a micro SD card to the SIM card security systems with SD card slot. (See more benefits of security cameras with SD card here.)

Step 4: Position your SIM card security cameras within cellular network coverage.

You are free to place the outdoor and indoor IP security cameras with SIM card anywhere you desire, as long as they are within the cellular data coverage.

Step 5: Download the SIM card security camera app and add your device to the app.

Normally the reputable SIM card IP camera sellers would offer you customized and free camera app, such as Reolink App, to manage the cameras on your smartphone.

After you add your wireless security camera with SIM card to the app and complete the camera settings, you can receive instant alerts when motion is detected and view the live feed of your SIM card security cameras remotely anytime and anywhere.

Here is a quick guide on how to set up security cameras that use SIM card in the form of infographic:

Set up CCTV Camera with SIM

So basically, setting up the SIM card for security camera and get it running is quite straightforward. You can do it without checking the 4G SIM card IP camera quick setting user manual (if you want one, download here).

Let's see how the outdoor YouTuber (a novice to the security cameras using SIM card, just as you) set the Reolink Go up in just a few minutes.

How to Optimize the Data Usage of Security Cameras with SIM Card

"How much data does a security camera with SIM card consume a month?"

Perhaps you are also having this question in your mind, aren't you?

But, NO answers seem to satisfy you, because there isn't a definite one.

Instead of focusing on the specific number of SIM card security IP camera data consumption, it actually makes MORE sense for you to learn when your outdoor security cameras with SIM card would use the cellular data and how to maximize it.

When Do SIM Card CCTV Security Cameras Consume Your Cellular Data

Your security cameras with SIM card would consume the cellular data in the following circumstances:

  • The SIM card security camera systems send you alerts when motion is detected and upload videos to the cloud.
  • You access your 4G/3G SIM card surveillance camera to watch live viewing remotely.
  • Your IP security cameras with SIM card have poor mobile signal, and you have to retry for repeated times.
  • When you launch your SIM card security camera app, a very small amount of data will also be used.

Sim Card Security Cameras with Smartphone App

What Can You Do to Save the Data Usage of Security Cameras with SIM Card

Based on the typical scenarios in which your SIM card security cameras consume cellular data, here we've rounded up some feasible ways to optimize the data usage of your security cameras with SIM card:

  • Adjust the motion detection sensitivity of your security cameras with SIM card (slot) to reduce false alarms.
  • Position your wireless alarm systems with SIM card in low-traffic areas to avoid unwanted motion-detection video clips.
  • Watch the live streaming or play back recorded videos of SIM card CCTV security cameras with a lower resolution.
  • Make sure your SIM card IP cameras are placed within good mobile signal strength.

Best SIM Card Security Cameras (Battery Powered & Bandwidth Friendly)

SIM card security cameras involve really fast, from GSM SIM card security camera to 3G/4G CCTV camera and even 5G IP camera, providing you faster connection speed and more fluent live view.

So where to buy SIM card security camera in UK, Australia, US, Canada, etc with top user experience and lower bandwidth cost?

When it comes to selecting the best SIM card security cameras, the camera brand can be one of the most prominent factor you should take into account.

Why to say so?

Imagine this: when your SIM card surveillance cameras go wrong, hiring a technician to the physical location of the SIM card IP cameras can cost both time and money, especially for the remote areas that are hard to reach.

That's when a reputable SIM card security camera manufacturer plays its role.

Taking Reolink for example, a reliable security camera brand trusted by 2,000,000+ families from 200+ countries & regions worldwide, it is one of the few camera sellers which own the mature technology of 4g/3G SIM card security cameras.

Its newly-released SIM card security camera Reolink Go has got a roaring reputation due to the outstanding performance and decent price.

If you should have any problem with its SIM card surveillance camera, the technical staff from Reolink will provide free remote troubleshooting service, no matter where you are.

The 1-to-1 global support is surely one of the secrets why Reolink owns such a massive customer base.

And its product also shines!

Reolink Go Highlights:

  • Rechargeable battery operated and solar powered CCTV with SIM card – cost effective and eco-friendly
  • 1080p Full HD & color night vision – capture clear images/videos day and night
  • Smart PIR motion sensor and alerts – keep you informed in real-time when motion is detected
  • Easy remote access – watch live viewing anytime and anywhere on your smartphone
  • IP65 weatherproof – ideal option for outdoor CCTV cameras with sim card
  • Sleek design and compact construction – can serve as a spy/hidden camera with SIM card

Watch the video below to check out the image quality of Reolink Go SIM card security camera (shared by a user Jens on his Youtube channel).

Video Transcription

With the security cameras with SIM card (slot) like Reolink Go, you can monitor your barns or farms remotely on your smart phone even without WiFi or Internet, keeping tabs on the activities of the sick horses or pregnant cows.

Bonus: This battery powered security camera with SIM card can also be perfectly used as a spy camera with a camouflaged skin (included in the package).

So you can place the mini spy camera with 4G SIM card in the distant wild without WiFi to watch animals without being noticed.

Spy Cam with SIM Card

If you are looking for a spy cam or a hidden camera with SIM card, the Reolink Go is definitely a good solution to go.

Read Also: How to Choose the Best SIM Card for Camera Reolink Go

Reolink Go

100% Wire-Free 3G/4G LTE Mobile Camera

No WiFi & Power Needed; Rechargeable Battery or Solar Powered; 1080p Full HD; Starlight Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; Live View Anytime Anywhere.

FAQs You May Have About Security Cameras with SIM Card

Here we've collected some common questions asked about the SIM card security cameras. And if you have any more problems about the security cameras with SIM card, please feel free to leave your comment below.

How to Choose the Data Plan for Your Sim Card CCTV Security Cameras

Firstly, you should settle on a mobile service provider that can work with your SIM card security cameras in the monitoring place, that is, have good phone signals there.

After that, you may consult the cellular service supplier what data plans are provided and choose the one that best meets your security needs.

Do SIM Card IP Cameras Get Similar Signal to a Cell Phone

Yes, it's about the same if your SIM card CCTV security cameras and cell phone are using the data from the same mobile network supplier.

In case your smartphone has strong mobile signals (at least two bars), it's very likely that your 4G/3G SIM card security cameras can stream fluent videos to your phones.

What Batteries Should You Use for Sim Card Security Cameras

It is more recommended to use the rechargeable lithium batteries (make sure you choose a rechargeable battery powered security cameras with SIM card first) for your SIM card security cameras.

And the reason is that, the lithium batteries can operate in extremely weather conditions where alkaline batteries cease to function. The lifespan of your SIM card based IP cameras will also be extended with lithium batteries.

  • Andrew Toviri

    Hi jenny
    I want to know more about your product.

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi, Andrew, you can learn more details about the sim card security camera Reolink Go here in the product page, /product/reolink-go/. And if you have any more questions, plz feel free to let me know.

  • hairi chick

    Hi jenny
    Do you have any rep/disty in Malaysia?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi, Hairi, yes, we do have distributors in Malaysia. If you are also interested to be our business partner, plz view more details here, /distributor-reseller/.

  • Giannis

    hello I have a pharm and I want to see the animals by phone but I do not have internet, there is something that can work thank you

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi there, yes, the sim card security camera Reolink Go would be the most ideal option for you, /product/reolink-go/. It is capable to work without Internet and also allows you to view the live feed of your animals on your phone from anywhere.

  • Giannis

    How much does a complete package cost?to Greece

  • cedmunds

    Dear Jenny,
    I want to buy a Reolink camera and monitor it using my Moto Z force 2 cell phone. My cellular service provider is Verizon. But I am told that the Reolink camera will not work over the Verizon network. Why won't this camera work with a Verizon sim card and over the Verizon network? This makes no sense to me..

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello, there, our R&D team is still testing the Verizon SIM card on Reolink Go. Please stay tuned and you will be informed asap if there are any updates.

  • angelo

    Hello Jenny,
    Do you have distributor for the camera in Africa pricisely Nigeria.

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi there, currently the SIM card security camera Reolink Go is not available in Nigeria so we don't have a distributor there yet.

      • angelo

        Jenny thanks for response...ple ple can we talk via email.

        • Jenny Hu

          Hi there, you can contact me at jenny@reolink.com if you need any help and I'll get back to you soon.

  • Jenny Hu

    Hi Teresa, thank you for your advice and I have forwarded your ideas about the website design to our team. Regarding your second question, the 30-day guarantee refers to the money back guarantee. That is to say, if the products did not meet your expectations, you can request for a full refund or exchange within 30 days from the date of delivery. And we also provide 2 years’ limited warranty for the IP cameras and systems purchased from Reolink. You may check here for more details, /warranty-and-return/. Hope the above would clarify.

  • Virupakshacharya

    First I need to check the camera control over the app in mobile before I purchase, is it possible?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi there, you can rest assured that you'll be able to control Reolink Go easily on your mobile phone via the intuitive Reolink APP. Also, we offer our customers 30-day money back guarantee and 2-year limited warranty for our IP cameras/systems. So, you don't have to be worried about your investment if you are not satisfied with the products.

  • Virupakshacharya

    We are in need of cc camera of 4MP with sim card and having facilty of recording on detection of motion

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi there, you may have a look at the Reolink Go, a 1080p battery-powered security camera with SIM card. With the smart built-in PIR motion sensor, it will wake up the instant when movements are detected and start recording. Check here for more detailed info, /product/reolink-go/. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Rashid Hakim

    I am in Dubai having installed some self operating photo booths in various government locations. I need to support my customers and monitor if the machines are in working order, each day. Due to security reasons, authority refuse to give their Wi-Fi connectivity. Shouldn't this be a good idea to install a sim camera loaded with say about 5GB data per month?. As the data will be consumed only when I get an allert with customer's movement and I start watching, for an average of 10-15 customers daily. Will my 5GB data suffice? This is my question

  • Jenny Hu

    Hi there, currently we only offer the battery powered SIM card security camera. You can also connect it to the solar panel for non-stop power so you don't need to charge the battery frequently or worry about power outage.

  • George Vitalis

    Can you fit more than one camera to the IP camera with sim card. i.e. The system is using a dvr can the IP camera with sim card be connected to this system to operate four cameras

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi, George, for the IP camera with SIM card Reolink Go, it can work as an independent security camera system and isn't compatible with a DVR. But you can operate these SIM card IP cameras easily via free security camera app on your phone and view multiple cameras' live feeds anywhere & anytime. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • bim

    I nought the Argus 2 and discovered that my wifi is not reaching where the camera is placed so couldnt stream live. The camera is just sat there not being able to work as couldnt connect to it via the app. Unfortunately it seems it has no place for a sim card? I only saw a space for Memory card. Can you please help?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello bim, please note that Argus 2 transmits images and videos via 2.4 GHz WiFi. So, it won't work with 4G cellular data and doesn't have a place for a SIM card. Also, it is best to install Argus 2 within a range of 80 meters from your router. If the installation spot is out of this range, add a WiFi extender between the security camera and router to boost WiFi signal. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

  • Kyle

    We just bought the reolink go and are ha ing issues viewing the live feed on our phones. When in WiFi coverage...the app connects and works. When outside of WiFi, the app will not connect to the live feed. Do you have to be within WiFi to view via the app? We keep reading you can view the camera anytime and anywhere.

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello Kyle, you can access the Reolink Go security camera via WiFi at home and cellular data. Please check the firewall settings of your router and see if it has blocked the external access to the Reolink Go camera. Please feel free to contact me if you have encountered other problems.

  • Jenny Hu

    Hello Kyle, please contact our support team, https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/ and specify the issues that you have encountered. They will come back to you soon and offer you professional assistance.

  • ica

    Hallo i'm from Indonesia. I want to buy the CCTV camera with SIM card for security system outdoor. But whether the product supports sim cards from Indonesia?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello ica, Reolink Go supports Telkomsel 4G network in Indonesia now. Please contact our support team, https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/ and they will tell you how to buy and use Reolink Go in Indonesia. Don't forget to mention that you have talked to Cynthia, our support member who is in charge of your case, when you submit a request in the support page. Please feel free to contact me if you have met any further question.

  • Jenny Hu

    Hi hadi, you may purchase Reolink Go from our official store at AliExpress here, http://bit.ly/2VujI9k. This 4G camera is supported by Telkomsel in Indonesia. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  • Jenny Hu

    Hi Mani, Reolink Go is not supported in India as of now. We will keep you posted if there are any updates on it. 🙂

  • nxburn

    Hi.. where can I buy Reolink Go in Malaysia? What Malaysian telco support it?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello there, you may purchase Reolink Go from our official store at AliExpress, http://bit.ly/2NljiPh and this camera is supported by Maxis, U Mobile, Celcom, Digi, Unifi in Malaysia. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  • Addison Booth

    Hi If you are a business in the UK and require I.O.T/Data sim cards for the above purposes or anything else, please contact me. We can provide a 500mb data sim with any major network in the UK for £4.50 per month on a aggregated basis. Feel free to contact me anytime on Addison@bluskysolutions.co.uk

  • Jenny Hu

    Hello Valeria, would you like to please specify the meaning of ”unlock” the camera? You can use Reolink Go in Argentina with a Movistar 4G SIM card. Please let me know if you have any questions.



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