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4G Solar Security Cameras: Best Security Option with No WiFi & Power

Flora Luo7/5/2022
4G Solar Security Cameras: Best Security Option with No WiFi & Power

Have a remote site to monitor where the power or the Internet is not available?

Or the area just loses Internet occasionally and you are worried?

Now 4G solar security cameras come as a tailor-made handy solution for you.

Widely used in the remote cabin, construction sites, boats, barns, the second home, and etc., the 4G solar security camera is a popular choice for off-grid location monitoring.

And here are top 4 things you should know before you get started with your 4G solar security camera project.

What Is a 4G Solar Security Camera

A 4G solar security camera is a mobile device using 3G/4G LTE network, instead of the WiFi or wired network, to send motion alerts to your phone and deliver live stream wirelessly.

And the 4G wireless solar security camera is typically battery powered and works with an add-on solar panel. That way, you don’t need to visit the remote sites to recharge the battery frequently.

So the 4G solar security camera works best to your needs if you are bothered by the electricity, the network, or the battery replacement issues.

How to Configure 4G Solar Security Camera for Live View

To use the 4G solar security camera, you need to get a SIM card and open a data plan for it first.

Usually the 4G solar security camera comes with an SIM card slot and you need to purchase the card separately.

And the cost is all determined by the mobile service provider and the data plan you choose, anywhere from $4.99 to over $100 for an unlimited plan.

Also make sure your select the right SIM card that is supported by your 4G solar security camera. (Click to learn more information about the SIM card security camera.)

After that, follow the below simple steps to finish the 4G solar security camera setup easily.

Here we take the 4G solar security camera Reolink Go as an example to show you the details.

Step 1. Insert the activated SIM card and battery to the 4G solar security camera.

Step 2. Insert an SD card to the 4G solar security camera if you want to save the footage onsite.

Step 3. Download Reolink App, a 4G mobile security camera monitoring software, and launch it.

Step 4. Add the 4G solar security camera Reolink Go by using its UID (unique ID number), or simply scan the QR code at the back of the camera.

Add 4G Solar Security Camera to Software

Step 5. The 4G solar security camera live will appear immediately after you finish the regular settings like the user name and password.

You can then keep an eye on your remote property anytime and anywhere, with the 4G solar security camera live, instant notifications and the motion footage.

Why to Choose 4G Solar Security Camera: Top 5 Benefits

There are many reasons you may prefer a 4G solar security cameras, and below is the top 5 benefits that make this camera popular:

#1. No Cabling Needed & Money Saving

I have a cabin that is about 300 miles away with no power. Recently, we had a break in and the scumbag stole about $1200 worth of stuff. The electric company has given me a quote for $5000 to run electricity to the cabin.

You don’t have to pay that large sum of money.

Why not try the 4G solar security camera with its own long lasting battery power source?

The 4G solar security camera can get the job done without running the electric cable to the remote area, saving you a lot of money and trouble.

#2. No WiFi Network Needed

One of the greatest things about the 4G solar security camera is that it is independent from WiFi network, and still, it transmits videos wirelessly with no wire at all.

So the 4G solar security camera is ideal to use as long as the area has good 3G and 4G coverage, no matter how remotely your property is located.

#3. Sensitive to Motion

Did I mention that the 4G solar security camera is designed for motion detection?

Generally the battery powered 4G solar security camera has a built-in PIR movement sensor that is highly sensitive to the human and animal by comparing the IR (infrared radiation) level changes, reducing a lot of false alarms by the natural elements.

With this special design, you don’t need to worry that the 4G solar security camera will drain the battery life quickly or the SD card will be full with security camera recordings very soon.

#4. Remote Live View & Notifications

The 4G solar security camera allows you to have real time control of it – a big advantage compared with the trail camera.

So you can check on the progress of the jobs or what’s going on out there at the moment without having to physically go there.

Some higher level 4G solar security camera, like Reolink Go, comes with class-leading 1080p resolution and starlight night vision, offering you very clear live view with rich details both day and night.

#5. Record to SD Card

Generally, the 4G solar security camera will record to the SD card instead of the NVR/DVR. So you don’t need to run wires back to the NVR/DVR which is a big challenge for remote sites.

Well, one thing to notice is that storing the footage locally doesn’t mean you need to go to the device and watch it locally. With a simple 4G solar security camera software, you can access the recordings anywhere.

4G Solar Security Camera Cost

So what’s the cost for a quality 4G solar security camera?

Actually there are three things you should take into account:

To start off, the 4G solar security camera itself, of course. These days, a decent 4G solar camera is highly affordable as long as you choose the right brand. (Check the best budget pick)

Also remember to check whether the 4G solar security camera comes with the solar panel or not. Most of them need a separate purchase, which will cost you about $30.

Then you need to consider the SIM card and a monthly data plan cost, which is totally decided by the mobile network providers and the data plan you choose.

And some 4G solar security camera offers the option for cloud storage, which may require a monthly subscription fees.

Well, some 4G off-grid solar cameras, including Reolink Go, don’t force you into that with onboard SD card storage available and FREE cloud storage for basic plan.

Best 4G Solar Security Camera Without Subscriptions

If you are ready to go with the 4G solar security camera solution, I would like to recommend the best-selling 4G security camera Reolink Go.

Reolink Go

100% Wire-Free 3G/4G LTE Mobile Camera

No WiFi & Power Needed; Rechargeable Battery or Solar Powered; 1080p Full HD; Starlight Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; Live View Anytime Anywhere.

Without monitoring service fees, or cloud storage subscriptions (FREE for basic plan), this 4G solar security camera is very popular among users worldwide.

See what you can get with this 4G solar security camera:

  • Rechargeable battery powered & solar powered
  • 1080p Full HD for rich image details day and night
  • Industry-leading starlight night vision
  • Smart and instant PIR motion alerts to your phone
  • Remote live view and control
  • Motion detection and recording
  • Support cloud storage (free for basic plan)

Here is a video footage from a Reolink Go user who installed the 4G solar security camera to monitor his remote barn:

So that’s basically all you may want to know about the 4G solar security camera. If you have any more concerning questions, please leave a comment down below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


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