Everyone will go nuts at this:

Coming back home after a long day at work, only to find a neighbor's dog pooping in my yard, messy and stinking.

Or neighbor's dogs in my yard devastate my well-managed garden, and even kill my lovely puppies!

In fact, these are not rare events: pet dogs are among the top complaints about their neighbors according to a survey of 700+ homeowners in five U.S. metro areas.

So, given that neighbor's dogs have brought many troubles to our daily life, it would be a great idea to learn several effective and legal solutions on "how to keep neighbor's dogs out of my yard".


Caution: Is It legal for Neighbor's Dog to Poop in My Yard

"Is neighbor's dog in my yard trespassing on my property? Is it against the law for my neighbor's dog pooping on my lawn? Can I shoot my neighbor's dog on my lawn?"

In fact, these are never easy questions (killing neighbor's dog is never your first choice!).

It depends on the ordinances addressing this issue, which vary among states and regions.

For example, states like Maryland and Virginia have launched strict animal control regulations that pet owners need to keep their animals in constrained when in public areas. It is also the owners' responsibility to stop dogs from pooping in neighbor's yard.

In other countries like Netherland, as a Redditor suggests, people who leave their dogs trespassing and pooping on other's lawn may face a heave fine up to 245 euros.

So, it is best to check local regulations and laws concerning the dog poop issues before dealing with neighbor's dog on your lawn. If you are not sure how to find out the corresponding ordinances, you may consult the police or local attorney for legal advice as well.

What I Won't Do to Deal with Neighbor's Dog on My Lawn

Well, you may plan to do something for revenge:

Mail the dog shit back to your neighbors;

Throw the droppings to their gardens;

Or kill neighbor's dog in the yard with poisons or guns!!!

Hold on there! SERIOUSLY!

These actions will get you involved in more legal troubles. All are infeasible. (BTW, pet dogs are cute and it is not the dogs' fault but their owners'. A responsible dog owner shall follow certain rules of etiquette.)

And here is an example: California authorities have arrested a man after he confessed that he became angry at a neighbor's dog for peeing in his yard and car and shot the dog to death. Now, this man faces severe charges including animal cruelty and negligent discharge of a firearm.

How to Keep Neighbor's Dog Out of My Yard: 9 Most Effective Methods

To deal with neighbor's dog in my yard, I have tested multiple methods.
And they turn out to work from my experience.

I also shared the ways with my friends and family members, who give positive feedback and in return offer me some inspirations.

So, I would like to combine the most appropriate and effective methods to share with you.

Do you have any unique and useful solutions to keep neighbor's dog out of your lawn? Please share your experience in the comment section. I am hoping to come up with a nice sized list and help out all the new readers.

Method 1. Set Up Warning Signs to Keep Neighbor's Dogs Out of My Yard

To stop neighbor's dog from pooping in my yard, I have set up noticeable warning signs in front of my garden with word description like "No Trespassing" and "Leash & Clean Up After Your Dog".

Set Up Warning Sign to Keep Neighbors Dog Out of My Yard

This is among the most polite and effective way to express my dislikes about neighbor's dog on my lawn – neighbors will be more cautious when they walk the dog around my garden next time.

Method 2. Negotiate with Neighbors Who Leave Their Dogs Pooping in My Garden

After seeing neighbor's dog pooping in my yard, I will knock on my neighbor's door, tell them what I have seen and ask them to stop letting their dogs poop in my yard.

In my experience, most kind neighbors are sorry for that and promise me that they will be careful next time.

To make your negotiation go smoother, the following tips may help:

#1. Find the right time to talk. Most people will be exhausted after a long day at work. So, it is best to talk to your neighbor at weekends, when they are in a peaceful state of mind and both of you can give and take easier.

#2. Get to know more about your neighbor's true interests. Generally speaking, your neighbor let dog poop in your yard because it is easy and convenient without scooping the poop or walking the dog to an appropriate dog defecation position at a distance.

#3. Share how you feel and your suggestion. You can tell them how you dislike the smell and messy lawn with neighbor's dog in your yard. But that's not the end – also offer some solutions like using doggy bags and inform them about the nearest pet waste stations.

#4. Be gentle during the talk. It is best to avoid blaming or threatening your neighbors during a talk.

Here is a possible scene:

At Sunday morning (a right time) –

You knock on your neighbor's dog and he/she answers the door.

You may start the conversation with common interests like how to manage the garden etc., (rather than going straight to the theme too fast; note that small talk counts.)

Then you may start telling them your recent concern – the dog poop in your yard – and how bad it is to your life and also to other neighbors' (sharing your feelings).

Next, you may put forward some possible solutions to solve this issue (sharing your suggestion as well).

And, that's it!

A quite easy and effective solution, huh?

By doing so, you are able to express your own feelings and get the problem solved without neighbor disputes arisen.

Method 3. Install Security Cameras to Catch the Dogs in the Act

"Even if I have witnessed my neighbor's dog pooping on my lawn, they may deny my words and refuse to make any changes."

In such a situation, all you need to do is to collect as much as evidence and fight back.

To catch neighbor's dog peeing in your yard in the act, you may install outdoor security cameras to keep an eye on your property when you are away.

Conspicuous security cameras set up in your garden is capable of discouraging neighbors who walk dogs on your lawn and even letting dogs poop there.


They don't want to be caught in the act.

Moreover, you may put a surveillance sign, with the word description "This yard is under 24/7 monitoring", as a warning to your neighbors. And it deters thieves and burglars as well!

Here is a video sample captured by a Reolink RLC-410 camera, showing a funny scene that Eduardo's dog keeps taking away the pull string secretly at night.

Such CCTV footage can be served as strong evidence when you confront neighbors about the dog poop on your lawn. Even neighbors that are hostile to you will soften their attitude and stop their dogs from random defecation.

Reolink RLC-410

PoE Bullet IP Security Camera with Audio

5MP/4MP Super HD; Outdoor/Indoor Protection; 100ft Infrared Night Vision; Audio Recording; Mobile Remote Access & Control.

Method 4. Establish Neighborhood Watch to Stop Neighbor's Pooping in My Yard

A survey shows that dog poop ranks the 6th place on a list of Americans' biggest everyday annoyances, which indicates that the dog feces issue is a common concern.

To "keep neighbor's dog out of my yard", you may unite with your neighbors to start a neighborhood watch program, which is a lot easier than you may think. Here are some of the major steps:

Step 1. Contact local authorities and consult them about the local ordinances on the neighbor's-dog-in-my-yard issue.

Step 2. Organize meetings to establish etiquette for dog owners and how to deal with the neighbor's-dog issues at a regular time.

Step 3. Spread the words around your neighborhood.

Step 4. Be visionary to the problems that the program will meet now or in the future, such as how to settle neighbor disputes and how to guide new neighbors.

By doing so, you are able to reduce dog trespassing, excessive barking and the other relevant nuisance in your neighborhood.

Method 5. Offer Doggy Bags for Dog Walkers

This method is inspired by a Redditor.

During a walk in the morning, her dog pooped on a neighbor's lawn but she had used up the only 2 doggy bags that she took with her. As a responsible dog owner, she knocked at her neighbor's door and ask him for a doggy bag to scoop the feces.

Her neighbor felt surprised and grateful that the dog owner has ever asked. No dog feces, no disputes, what a good solution!

So, to stop neighbor's dog pooping on your lawn, you may offer the dog walker some bags to collect and dispose of the dog waste next time!

Method 6. Use Dog Deterrents to Discourage Neighbor's Dogs from Defecating on Your Lawn

Generally speaking, dogs with excellent senses of hearing and smell are on the alert of any sign of trouble.

Why not take advantage of their nature to scare off neighbor's dog on your lawn?

Some useful dog deterrents:

• Garden water sprayer

Motion-activated watering system

Ultrasonic dog repellent

• Mothballs

• plants (that dogs don't like but won't hurt them) including rue, citrus & citronella etc.,

Method 7. Enhance the Fencing Around Your Garden

Many homeowners complain that neighbor's dogs find their way to the yard through broken fences or holes under the fences.

Enhance Fencing to Stop Neighbor's Dog Coming Into My Yard

Therefore, to avoid neighbor's dog coming into your garden, it is best to add height or locks to the fences around your garden.

Also, you'd better check whether there are any holes near the fences dug by neighbor's dog in your yard. If yes, you may have to block the holes in time.

With enhanced fencing and repair, neighbor's large breed dogs won't be able to come into your garden any longer.

Method 8. Contact Local Animal Control Authorities

Sometimes, even after so many efforts to negotiate and set up warning signs, you may still find it hard to stop neighbor's dog shitting in your yard.

You may ask yourself: "It is time to give up and leave neighbor's dog in my yard doing their business as they want?"

Definitely NO!

Call on your neighbors and report to local animal control authorities near you via phone calls or emails with the following details:

#1. Which neighborhood are you living in;

#2. How often do you find neighbor's dogs in your yards;

#3. Are there any other neighbors in the same block experiencing the same problems;


After receiving a certain number of complaints, local authorities will keep a closer eye on your neighborhood and save you from the dog poop issue.

Method 9. Seek Legal Advice to Keep Neighbor's Dogs Out of My Yard

"If a neighbor's dog poops in my yard or my neighbor walks the dog on my lawn, can I sue?"

The answer is a big YES if the following things happen:

• Neighbor's dog come into my garden without permission

• Certain damages are caused to my yard or lawn

Under such circumstances, the pet owners shall be liable for the cost of repair.

If you have talked to your neighbors for a thousand times but nothing works, you may turn to local attorneys for more legal advice. Some copies of evidence will be helpful, such as the CCTV footage, photos of the damages caused to your garden and so on.

How to Prevent Your Dogs from Peeing in Neighbor's Lawn/Yard

Your naughty dogs may find their ways to your neighbor's lawn and even do their business there. To avoid any disputes between neighbors, as a responsible dog owner, you may follow the tips below to prevent your dogs from pooping in neighbor's lawn.

Tip 1. Always Keep Your Dogs on Leash & Attended

In some places, there are strict dog control ordinances requiring that dogs within the city shall be on leash or under control. So it can be against the bylaws that you let your dogs run free to poop in your neighbor's yard.

Keep Your Dogs on Leash

To prevent your dogs from defecating randomly, it is best to keep them leashed on a walk and also confine them indoors or within certain areas when you are not at home.

Tip 2. Train Your Dogs to Poop in Appropriate Sites

In fact, dogs will use their urine and droppings in specific sites as markers to confine their territories. And this explains why your dog poops in neighbor's yard: they treat the lawn as their domains.

However, you can train your dogs to urinate at appropriate sites like specific areas in your yards or dog litter box. By doing so, they won't get back to pee on neighbor's garden anymore.

Tip 3. Bring 3 or More Doggy Bags with You When You Walk the Dog

Even after training your dogs to pee in your own property, you may have to deal with dog feces during a walk sometimes. A handful of doggy bags will be very helpful and reduce your concerns when your dog poops in neighbor's lawn suddenly.

Takeaway: Top Troubles That Neighbor's Dog Feces May Bring to Your Lawn

In addition to the labor of picking them up, dog droppings cause more potential troubles to your family and even the environment (it is one of the water pollutants!).

Trouble 1. Cast Great Effects on Your Lawn & Plants

Dog feces contain multiple nutritious materials that may lead to dark green spots and conspicuous taller grass on your lawn. When left in your yard for a long time, dog poop may result in brown patches on the lawn.

Trouble 2. May Introduce Pests & Bacteria to Your Yard

Undoubtedly, dog waste attracts insects like breeding flies to your garden, which may transmit diseases to your pets as well. Moreover, if neighbor's dogs in your yard carry any diseases or bacteria, such germs can also be found on the feces and it will take great pain for you to remove them from your garden.

Trouble 3. Cause Health Threats to Your Children & Family Members

When your children and pets are having fun in the garden, they are exposed to the diseases brought by neighbor's dog poop on your lawn. Without washing their hands after playing in the yard, young kids are prone to diseases between dogs and human.


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  • Candy Tromblay

    I first spoke to them. They got snooty. I put up a polite sign, they stole it. I called police and they said video it...a lot of trouble just cause they keep letting their big dog over here.

    • Blitzen32

      Very hot capsaicin powder....it does the trick!

      • Cloris Ellis

        I'm willing to try anything. Do you just sprinkle it along the borders of your property? The owners will sue me for injuring their dog's lungs or something.

        • Blitzen32

          I WAS just sprinkling it along the borders and on plants and grass..as the powder alone.....but the rain diminishes it...so here's what I changed to doing which lasts better: Get a cheap bottle of veggie oil from the dollar store....get you the Rani hottest capsaicin from Amazon (one good kind)....mix about 1-1 1/2 cups of the Rani powder with the oil.....mix very well...it will be a slightly thickened reddish oil ....put in an empty water or milk jug with cap that you've put holes in, and sprinkle it about....it lasts this way!!! It will NOT go through a sprayer unit well, it will clog, so I use this method now for the oil.
          I also crush mothballs in a good bag, with a rubber hammer, and place those out too....in the garden flat soil. I replenish both the pepper oil mix and the mothballs after a heavy heavy rain or regularly after about 4 weeks.....no dogs, no cats, no squirrels....it may smell like grandma's closet, but I prefer that to smelling cat spray, dog poo, on my plants and land. Good luck now!

          • Cloris Ellis

            Thanks for the tips – I'm going to try it.

    • Anabel V

      The police don't generally care. Call Animal Control and they will send out a Humane Officer to issue a warning. If you see it happening, take a video or a picture and submit it to Animal Control. In my state they will write a citation ($100) based on a picture and/or video (or if they witness it when they arrive). If it happens again, another $100 citation. Hit these irresponsible pet owners in a place where it counts — their wallets! Then they'll think twice about letting their dog roam free in other people's yards.

  • Singularity Nexus

    These are probably the same people that take their dogs hiking and never clean up after them – there is a special place in hell reserved for these disrespectful, irresponsible pet owners.

    • Cloris Ellis

      I'd like to think so – they certainly make life hell for their victims...but bad dog owners appear to be the only ones who dont suffer the consequences of their rude, lazy behavior.

    • sam sung

      Agree , when i told my neighbours to clean up after their dog shitting LARGE turds all over my yard and lawn , i even had a sign at one point asking them to clean up , they told me : if you start to clean up after your cats when they piss and poop on our property , they will clean up after their dog...... can u guys beleive it ? my cats shits and pisses in the woods , just because they own the land dont mean it can be compered to when their dog shits all over my yard...

  • Blitzen32

    I asked a dog owner as I stood there not to allow his long leashed dog to pee on my plants. He did. I took his picture. He got offended. I explained there is a controlled leash length ordinance, there is a no damage to other property ordinance and he was being reported......haven't seen him since, esp after I added there will be poison there now.....too much 30-40 foot leash near ppl's front doors, and allowing dogs to back up to our plants...my entire front and sides are ruined.....crushed mothballs, and very hot CAPSAICIN powder, onions....all legal and grab the noses of dogs and cats. I also have a ton of loose cats and asking those owners to please not allow a nuisance to occur, yes, another ordinance, no nuisance one, they still let the cats out in the dark......OK.....TONS of red pepper crushed seeds, and tons of capsaicin.....has done the job. And does not harm plants. Good luck. I am tired of being disrespected as a homeowner.

    • Cloris Ellis

      Don't you love how THEY are offended while habitually damaging your property.

      • Blitzen32

        You are so right!!! I asked nicely, have curb your dog signs.....but they are smart-mouthed and come out a lot when it is dark....but I have surveillance with sound and run it 24/7. I catch them and film them. Tips to get along, recommended to us to ask them to respect my property DOES NOT WORK...they just don't care. One new 27 yr old told me, ”it's just grass and plants”......wow.....ya give them something to enjoy, rather than have a dump to live near, and they want to live like pigs. This is the new generation.....so...I gave a warning....and spoke to animal control....and police.....trespass/damage to real property/ not able to enjoy my property(seeing I have to use landscape fabric over plants to protect them also in certain areas)........are real charges in the future if it keeps up. I no longer tolerate blatant disrespect/disregard for my property.
        Oh and here's a comical statement by neighbor...”if my dog falls ill because of your pepper or anything I'll sue”.....BRING IT ON I said.....because it will, as my attorney said, PROVE your dogs and you, are trespassing, and your dogs are NOT 100% controlled as required BY LAW....hope this helps on this board....we have rights.

      • sam sung

        Agree , when i told my neighbours to clean up after their dog shitting LARGE turds all over my yard and lawn , i even had a sign at one point asking them to clean up , they told me : if you start to clean up after your cats when they piss and poop on our property , they will clean up after their dog...... can u guys beleive it ? my cats shits and pisses in the woods , just because they own the land dont mean it can be compered to when their dog shits all over my yard...

  • Cloris Ellis

    I'm sick of all the responsibilities falling to the victims -”Find the right time to grovel” to the crappy lowlifes who neglect their kids and dogs, and trash your property. If you bake them a sweet dog poop pie, maybe they'll become decent people and start caring about the rights of others to live in peace without piles of their dogs shit all over your lawn.

  • Anabel V

    Inconsiderate pet owners are the worst. I have 2 dogs and I'd never let them roam/shit in other people's yards. Call Animal Control and they will send out a Humane Officer to issue a warning. If you see it happening, take a video or a picture and submit it to Animal Control. In my state they will write a citation ($100) based on a picture and/or video. If it happens again, another $100 citation. Hit these irresponsible pet owners in a place where it counts — their wallets! Then they'll think twice about letting their dog roam free in other people's yards.

    • Blitzen32

      Same in my state.....1 warning....then bam, get taken to court to answer to why you are a lousy owner. Fined.

  • Gar Conn

    We just moved into a rental house, in a friendly, nice little town, while we search to buy a home. Our new neighbor came over and said he liked the old neighbor because they shared a garden. I didn't get the details because he was a fast talker, but I noticed the garden is almost all on our property, with a small narrow strip on his. Last week, I noticed his dog pooping in our back yard, and no one cleaned it up. The other night, I was on our back porch, it was dark, and he was in our back yard, training his dog. Their kids are always back there playing. I hate to be a bad neighbor, but they have a large yard and we live next to a big park, so I don't think he needs to be in ours. The dog pooping is a very big deal for me. I just don't think I can make my voice sound friendly about this.

  • Cloris Ellis

    I am surrounded on both sides by irresponsible kid and dog parents. Startled awake each morning by loud barking and howls, the dogs are left off leash, or on long ropes that extend into my yard, where they defecate every morning and throughout the day. I have countless rows of dog poop piles along the sides of my house, right under our bedroom windows. I have recorded videos from my window with their dogs defecating just inches away. We can't open the windows or enjoy our yard. The ridiculous series of things the victims are supposed to follow is insane. While the lazy dog owner knowingly destroys your garden/yard, you are supposed to find the right time to gently approach the imbeciles, so as not to bother them at an inconvenient time, invest in fences, security cams, and motion-activated watering systems, find the only two other responsible neighbors in your subdivision and organize a meeting, buy the slobs poop bags (as if they'll suddenly say, oh, well now that I have a baggie...), and contact Animal Control who (in my town) will do nothing. Here, you'd have to take off work, file a civil suit, have the dog owner served, appear in court with the neighbor that now hates you, pay court fees, and IF they are ”warned” or fined $25, big whoop. Now they will make sure their dog poops in your yard out of camera view, and you still have to pick-up their dog's crap from your yard. Animal Control should visit communities, talk to people, witness the problem dogs, catch it in the act, and give the bad dog owner a choice: Pay a hefty fine, clean your dog's poop off neighbor's property on the spot, or say goodbye to your dogs because you're clearly too irresponsible to have one.

    • Blitzen32

      Wow...we must live in the same place!!! LOl....take action.....red pepper, oil, mothballs, onions, pepper seeds, lots of legal deterrents....I have even gone so far as to scoop the poop up, and bring it to their door way.....it never got repeated by their dog on my lawn.... many years, much arrogance by them, and a whole lotta polite talking later, I became a witch....LOL.

  • RealityCheck04

    And what to do, when it's the neighborhood attorney, bringing his big dog to poop on your lawn?

    • Lorenz

      Hi there, thank you for reaching out. Though it's the neighborhood attorney who brings his dog on your lawn, you may adopt the legal reactions mentioned above to keep his dog away from your lawn. You may talk to neighborhood admins about this issues as well. Hope this helps.

      • Antwon Todd

        Hi neighbors, I trust all is well and that you guys are continuing to keep safe during the pandemic.

        I have a problem with the dogs continuous pooping in my private space and it's becoming very vexing or frustrating.

        The dogs are becoming more and more territorial and getting the landlord involved a second time only result in making very unpleasant neighborly relationship or communication.

        So with that out of the way, and moving forward as neighbors I ask that we respect each others private space and set boundaries for your dogs.

        Walking out to my vehicle or front door being greeted by dog poop and urine is not pleasant nor is it safe. I'm discouraged to hang out outside or with my kids and or clean my vehicles as a result.

        Please meet me wholeheartedly or with complete sincerity and commitment on this issue. I suggest you walk the dogs on a leash further to the back or the side of the apartments to poop or do their business.

        One night as I was taking out the trash I walked in dog poop. (It was a surreal battle for me mentally). Often times as I park behind my mustang, I have to be careful where I place my footing because dog poop.

        I will give a copy of this letter to Mr. Antoine just for accountable and transparency. I will ask him not to mention this to you as I have decided to write a letter with my concerns.

        I know you guys are busy however, if you have any question or concern please feel free to communicate the same.

        Safe & Best Regard,

        Your Respectfully,




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