Argus 4

180° Blindspot-free.
4K Wi-Fi 6 Ready.

4K UHD 180°Blindspot-free View

Wi-Fi 6 Ready, Smooth 4K Streaming

Enhanced Smart Detection with Accurate Alerts

Easy Installation Anywhere

4K Solar Panel Ready

Camera Comparison

4K UHD 180° Blindspot-free View

Argus 4 has twin 2.8mm lenses that excels at capturing finer details, ensuring a seamless panoramic view in 4K resolution. The combination of the lenses and the 4K capability allows for high-quality, detailed recordings across a wide field of view.

180° vs 130°
True 4K

Wi-Fi 6 Ready, Smooth 4K Streaming

Featuring dual-band Wi-Fi 6 technology, it sets a new standard in wireless connectivity, enabling seamless 4K streaming, enhanced stability, and reduced latency.

Dual-band Wi-Fi
2.4GHz & 5GHz

Enhanced Smart Detection with Accurate Alerts

When PIR detection is activated, Reolink's AI algorithm analyzes movement patterns, distinguishing between humans, vehicles, and animals, ensuring that you receive alerts for significant events. Filtering wind, leaves, shadows, or rain, you'll get accurate and relevant notifications right when you need them.


Detect any unauthorized access to your property or home.


Monitor your pets outside to ensure their safety.

Package Delivery

The 180° FOV makes noticing package deliveries easier and helps prevent theft, ensuring they are delivered safely.


Monitor wildlife activity and potential threats to livestock or property.


Monitor parked vehicles to prevent theft or vandalism.


Keep an eye on children playing outside to ensure their safety.

Easy Installation Anywhere

Argus 4 boasts a refreshed, modern appearance that's so much easier to install most other cameras. Its lightweight design supports both ceiling and wall mounting, all with a fresh aesthetic.

Step 1 - Wireless

Wireless functionality makes installations easy. Being battery-powered, there's zero electrical wiring, and with Wi-Fi connectivity, no ethernet cables

Step 2 - Bluetooth

Argus 4 supports Bluetooth-based network configuration (BLE-config), making the connection process simpler and more user-friendly.

Step 3 - Solar Panel

Compatible with the 6W output, 4M cable Reolink's Solar Panel, ensures your Argus 4 stays charged with minimal sunlight.

Subscription-free Local Storage

Argus 4 supports local storage through a range of options, supporting microSD cards (up to 128GB supported), FTP servers, the Reolink Home Hub Series (up to 16TB supported), which will add support for RTSP and NAS through the hub.

microSD Card
Reolink Hub

microSD Card

Optional microSD card slot with a maximum storage of up to 128GB


Multi-Mode Night Vision

Classic black and white night vision with a color night vision mode that is activated in combination with the spotlight for better night vision and color clarity

Motion Triggered Spotlight + Siren

Smart spotlight with adjustable brightness, and alarm deterrent that can be motion-activated or scheduled.

Bonus Features

Easy to Install Anywhere

Install the fully equipped standalone battery camera anywhere, and you
can enjoy the features without a base station, complex settings.

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