Can't afford a security system, what to do? If you are thinking a security system is too expensive, you may get the out-of-date information about this industry. A security video camera, or a surveillance video system is inexpensive nowadays (many high quality security cameras are under $100). And sometimes if you are trying some tips and tricks, you can get a security camera in an affordable price or even FREE (we will discuss this later)!

Let me explain deeply why you think ”I can't afford a security camera system”. Everyone of you have a budget when buying a security product, and if the cost of the security cameras you want to buy is far beyond the budget, you hesitate and can't move forward; moreover, you wonder if it's wise or worthy to invest in a security system for your home or business.

Well, I've seen so many people be a victim of a break-in, trespassing, or vandalism, and then they realized how important it's to have a security video camera for home security. You can stop crime before it happens to you and to your family. If you feel you can't afford a security camera system, or you can't afford a monthly home security system, then you may consider all the possible solutions for home security or business security, which are much ”cheaper”. Let's see if all the possible ways work.

Security Cameras and Security Systems

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Can't Afford a Security Video Camera System – What to Do

We will list all the possible solutions to your issue that you can't afford a security camera system or can't afford security cameras, and we will detail why the methods work and why some of them don't.

Consider Fake Security Cameras When You Can't Buy a Real One — Won't Work

I'm afraid someone may have asked you to buy a fake security camera (dummy camera), because it's cheap, very cheap. But trust me, it won't do anything for you – it can't deter burglars because it's easily identified; it can't record and catch anything even when a thief is robbing your home; it can't send alerts to you when there is an invasion because it's fake; and even worst is that the fake security camera may buy you a new lawsuit. You can check to see why you should not buy or use fake security cameras.

Those fake/dummy security cameras can't even fool the criminals. And once they find out the fake things, your home will definitely be the No.1 target.

The fact that you cannot afford the real security cameras should not be the reason for buying fake cameras to put your home at risk. I don't know why others advise you to use fake things (probably they just want to sell you their dummy cameras or maybe they get the wrong points as to home security), but I hope this advice should not be passed from you to your friends, because you've read this post.

Fake Security Camera Not Working

Consider Fake Security Signs When You Can't Buy Security Cameras – Won't Work

So what about fake security signs? Put your fake security window stickers or yard signs saying Under 24 Surveillance? Do these fake security signs work to deter crime when you can't afford to buy a security camera? Probably not. Fake security signage can't fool savvy burglars. It may force you into legal trouble and give you a false sense of security. Since we've discussed whether fake security signs work as a determent in the post Do Fake Security Signs Deter Burglars, you can refer to it to get some insights.

Fake Security Signs Not Working

Learn Solutions to Save Your Money When Buying a Security Camera – It Works

The interesting thing is, most of you do not know how to save lots of money when buying security camera systems and just tell yourself you cannot afford that. The fact is you can spend much less money to buy a high quality surveillance video camera system, and sometimes you can even get a good security camera for FREE! You can get more detailed information in How to Save Money When Buying a Security Camera System.

Security Cameras and Security Systems

Your Best Security Camera or Security System Solutions; Plug and Play; 5MP/4MP Super HD; Smartphone Remote Access; Night Vision & Motion Detection

To those who can't afford a security camera system, you now can try those tips to get a favorable security product.

  • Look for the special offers or the giveaways. Almost all the security camera companies will do special offers during special days, and give 5% to 20% (or more) discounts. In the giveaway activities, you can even get a product for free.
  • Find the company's social media. Some companies will give fans a discount in their social media, like Reolink Facebook or Twitter. Like or follow them in the social media and ask if you could have a discount.
  • Choose a DIY security system. DIY means you can do it yourself, which will save you a lot of money, since installation could take more than buying a security camera. Many DIY security camera systems are real plug and play.
  • Security Camera Systems

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  • Subscribe the company emails to get price notifications. Some company will lower their product prices as a marketing strategy. You can subscribe the company to get notifications about the prices and receive coupons.
  • Contact the company directly. You can contact the company directly – email them to ask if you can have a 5% or 20% discount when buying their security products. Tell them the reasons why you need that discount. Tell them you are a fan. Promise to make a retribution for them if you can. That will increase the success of the 5% or 20% discount.

Secure Your Home without a Security Camera – It Works

Well, if you really really really can't afford a security camera system, and you give up trying to buy one (assume you are too lazy to try those solutions above), then you should try other methods to secure your home.

Solutions that you can try to protect your home without a security camera:

  • Install motion detector lights.
  • Leave a few lights on.
  • Lock doors and windows.
  • Ask neighbors for help, especially when you are not home.
  • Keep valuables out of sights.
  • Keep garage doors closed.
  • Get a barking dog.

Those tips to secure your home without a security camera will do much better help than if you do nothing.

So in a nutshell, try to avoid detours and mistakes when protecting your home or business.



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