You want a wireless outdoor WiFi security camera that is truly WIRELESS with no cable at all?

Or you simply need a wireless outdoor security camera with WiFi setup?

Either way, you will find the best wireless outdoor WiFi security camera solution here that works perfectly to your needs, with or without power cables.

And further we will discuss the wireless outdoor security cameras without WiFi – Can wireless cameras work without Internet?

Let’s jump right in!


Understanding Wireless Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

Have searched and searched for a true wireless outdoor WiFi security camera but still ended up with the annoying cabling for power?

A typical situation.

Actually, the word wireless in the security industry means that the data transmission is wireless, with no regard to the power supply.

So generally you will find both the camera that is truly wireless and the ones that still need AC power plugs when you type wireless outdoor WiFi security cameras in the search box.

Here I’ll just break the topic down into two different parts accordingly.

Truly Wireless Outdoor WiFi Security Camera (No Cabling!)

A truly wireless outdoor WiFi security camera is typically battery powered for motion detection, with the battery life of 4 to 6 months (depending on the activities in the monitoring area).

Some higher level wireless outdoor IP cameras like Reolink Argus 2 also support solar power if you add a solar panel to it, so you don’t need to charge it frequently.

Wireless Outdoor WiFi Security Camera with Solar Power

(Bonus: Find the wireless outdoor WiFi security camera with the longest battery life here.)

One of the most popular features of this wireless outdoor WiFi security camera, as the Reolink users pointed out, is that it is highly portable and easy to install so you can move it around easily when needed.

Other great features of the completely wireless outdoor WiFi security camera you’ll love:

  • Night vision recording
  • Motion sensing capability
  • Easy setup (within minutes)
  • Smaller in size, easy to hide
  • Remote live access & control
  • Instant motion alerts to phones
  • Weatherproof for outdoors

If the above features settle your needs well, you may take a look at the Reolink Argus 2, the best received wireless outdoor WiFi security camera with no subscription and extra fees.

Best Pick

Reolink Argus 2

Best Wireless Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

  • 100% wire-free, highly portable
  • 1080p industry-leading resolution
  • Starlight sensor for clearest night vision
  • Wide viewing angle (130° diagonal)
  • Support local storage to the SD card & PC
  • No extra fee for Reolink Cloud basic plan
  • Solid weatherproof casing (IP65 rated)

Take a look

Also check out the 1080p video footage of this wireless outdoor WiFi security camera:

Wireless Outdoor Security WiFi Camera (Power Cable Needed)

Another popular wireless outdoor WiFi security camera is the traditional camera types that need to be plugged in for power supply.

But still, this wireless outdoor WiFi security camera is a portable pick compared with wired (PoE) security cameras, since you don’t need to run the cable back to the NVR or PoE switch.

Just plug the wireless WiFi outdoor home security camera into a nearby power outlet, and then it will work.

The greatest thing about this wireless outdoor WiFi security camera is that it can be connected to an NVR for 24/7 video recording and monitoring.

And you may add more cameras to record to the NVR and set up a wireless outdoor IP security camera system.

Other benefits you will love for this kind of wireless outdoor security WiFi camera:

  • 4MP/5MP super HD resolution
  • 24/7 continuous recording with NVR
  • Large local storage space
  • Waterproof housing
  • Remote access via phone
  • Motion alerts by email and push
  • IR night vision capability

If you are keen to this type of wireless outdoor WiFi security camera, be sure to check out the most popular Reolink RLC-410W with top reviews from both the media and users worldwide.

Best Pick

Reolink RLC-410W

Best Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with WiFi

  • 4MP/5MP Super HD videos
  • Work with Reolink NVR for 24/7 recording
  • Dual-band WiFi for stronger signal
  • Top level waterproof housing (IP66 rated)
  • 100ft night vision in total darkness

Take a look

Also see the video sample from a Reolink user:

No WiFi? Try This Wireless Outdoor IP Camera

Do you have to have WiFi for wireless outdoor security camera?

Not necessarily!

Some wireless cameras can work without Internet by using the cellular network.

Just try the 4G security camera.

Running on 4G cellular data and battery power, this type of wireless outdoor IP security camera don’t need WiFi to stream videos to your phone, offering you a perfect solution to monitor the off-grid places with no WiFi and no power, like the remote cabin.

And Reolink Go is highly recommended if you want to go this way.

Best Pick

Reolink Go

Best Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Without WiFi

  • 1080p Full HD, class-leading resolution
  • Rechargeable battery powered or solar powered
  • Save locally or to the Cloud (Free for basic plan)
  • Starlight night vision, best night images ever
  • IP65 weatherproof rated for outdoor use

Take a look

How does the video looks like over the 4G cellular network? See a video footage of this wireless outdoor IP security camera:

Note: Actually, all wireless outdoor WiFi security cameras, including the solution #1 and solution #2, can record and save recordings to the SD card or the NVR locally without Internet.

But if you want remote live view and motion detection alerts on your phone, which requires videos to be sent over the network, only the 4G security camera could realize that.

Top 3 Things to Look for in Wireless Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

When looking for a wireless outdoor WiFi security camera, there are basically 3 things you may care about: the WiFi connectivity, the weather, and the night vision capability.

#1. WiFi Signal

To give you a straightforward understanding of the wireless outdoor IP CCTV camera WiFi connectivity, we performed a test with Reolink cameras.

And the result shows that the wireless outdoor WiFi security camera can receive signals 210ft away from the router in the open area (without any interference and obstacles in between), and deliver very stable live streaming.

Well, if you plan to use it around your house, a safe distance would be 60ft away from the router with 2 walls in between, according to our test.

Generally speaking, get a quality wireless outdoor WiFi security camera, like the Reolink RLC-410W with dual-band WiFi, can effectively avoid the camera off-line and the common network issues.

If you find the WiFi network is rather challenging in the monitoring area, you may use a WiFi extender to effectively boost the signal.

#2. IP65/IP66 Rating

Worried that the wireless outdoor WiFi security camera would break down in the harsh weather?

With the IP code (International Protection Marking), you can easily know whether the outdoor wireless HD IP security camera could deal with your local weather conditions.

Generally speaking, the IP65 rating, most commonly seen on battery powered wireless WiFi outdoor home security cameras like Argus 2, is enough for exterior of the house monitoring.

And with IP66 rating, most popular among the traditional wireless WiFi outdoor IP security cameras like RLC-410W, the camera is completely waterproof. (It will be fine as long as you don’t immerse it in the water.)

Level First digit: Solid particle protection Second digit: Liquid ingress protection
1 Solid objects over 50mm Dripping water
2 Solid objects over 12.5 mm Dripping water when tilted at 15°
3 Solid objects over 2.5 mm Spraying water
4 Solid objects over 1.0 mm Splashing of water
5 Dust protected (not entirely prevented) Water jets
6 Dust-tight (complete protection) Powerful water jets
7 X Immersion, up to 1m depth
8 X Immersion, 1m or more depth
9 X Powerful high temperature water jets

For more tips in choosing a waterproof wireless WiFi outdoor security IP camera, continue to read this comprehensive guide.

#3. IR Night Vision

Searching for a solid wireless outdoor WiFi security camera setup that focuses on the night time activity?

Then don’t miss out the IR night vision in the camera specifications.

The wireless outdoor IP CCTV cameras with IR night vision enables you to see distant objects (like 100ft away) clearly even in the total dark when there is no street light or other light source.

If you want even better clarity at night, the battery powered 1080p HD wireless WiFi outdoor security camera, like Reolink Argus 2, offers starlight night vision with more sophisticated image sensors.

Extra tips: To learn more about the wireless outdoor IP security camera with night vision, follow our senior editor, Yolanda, for further reading.

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