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Longest Battery Life Security Cameras to Record Weeks & Months

Flora Luo8/5/2022
Longest Battery Life Security Cameras to Record Weeks & Months

How long do batteries last on wireless security cameras? I want a motion detecting wireless cam with long life battery.

The battery life being a BIG concern, a long or longest battery life security camera is definitely the ideal choice if you don’t want to charge the battery every few days or weeks!

In this post, we are gonna deal with the most essential issue about the security camera battery life and you’ll get longest battery life security camera to record all you want!

Long Battery Life Security Camera

Before diving into all ins and outs about the long battery life security cameras, you need to understand that all battery powered security cameras record motion only so that the battery life could last longer.

Rest assured that the camera can record long enough to capture all the activity as long as the movement triggers the motion sensor continuously. So you don't need to worry that all you capture is a car drive up and miss the people getting out and breaking into your home.

PS. All long battery life security cameras mentioned here are wireless in data transmission by default, making them completely wire-free cameras for easiest installation.

How Long Do Security Camera Batteries Last

I know you are curious to get the exact answer to this question.

And generally, a fully charged long battery life security camera, like Reolink Argus 3 Pro, could last for about 4 weeks with average use. Actual use varies based on settings, use conditions and environmental factors.

Actually, we’ve tested this long battery security camera Reolink Argus 3 Pro in both day and night conditions and tried to find out exactly how long it will last in extremes by forcing it to record continuously.

Here is what we’ve got (other long battery life security cameras with the same battery bank, which is 5200mAh, work in a similar way.):

Battery Life in Continuous Recording

Reolink Argus 3 Pro Batteries Life (Mins)
Daytime 960
Nighttime 540

So you will have no worries when using this long battery security cameras for at least weeks – you can easily calculate the exact wireless CCTV battery life by yourself with this chart, if you know how long the camera is expected to work every day.

As you may have noticed, even long battery life security camera may consume battery power more quickly at night since the sensor needs to work harder to get a clear picture of the objects in low light conditions.

Security Camera Battery Life (Measure by Motion Events)

Another way to measure the home security camera battery life is to look at how many activities it could record, given the specific motion recording duration.

For example, the Reolink Argus 3 Pro can record 8 seconds every time it is triggered, and with this setting, this long battery life could record 5175 motion events before the battery dies. So as you can imagine, the long battery life security camera is pretty adequate to record for months in normal use.

And there’s no worries if the motion event lasts more than 8 seconds - The camera will record continuously until the motion event ends with continuous video clips. You may also set it to record for 15s or 30s for longer time recording.

Editor’s Note: The security camera battery life really depends on many factors like the image quality settings, the temperature, the WiFi connection quality, and the activity around. So the results may vary in your region according to your specific usage.

However, if you find the long battery life security cameras are working much less time than this, there should be something wrong with it. Check out this part for a quick troubleshooting.

Longest Battery Life Security Camera Without Charging

I know you hate the charging and the dead battery when you really need it.

That’s why you need a longest battery life security camera, so you don’t have to charge it frequently.

And here is the top rated battery security camera with long battery life and versatile features.

Reolink Argus 3 Pro

2K 100% Wire-Free Spotlight Camera

2K 4MP Super HD, Battery/Solar Powered, Person/Vehicle Detection, 5/2.4 GHz Dual-Band WiFi, Color Night Vision, Two-Way Audio.

Let’s check out what the media and real users say about this long battery life security camera about its battery capability in actual usage:

“The Reolink Argus 3 Pro is a reasonably priced outdoor security camera that comes loaded with features including 2K video, intelligent motion detection, dual-band Wi-Fi...”

PCMag Review

“Great battery life, great video quality and an ease to install.”

- Amazon review

“The battery life is great so far having used just 11% in about a week. Much of that was used during the install in trying to get it angled correctly to capture what was needed.”

- Amazon Review

“I have been impressed with Reolink's range of security cameras each time one crosses my desk. And the Reolink Argus 3 Pro security camera is a very nice, upgraded addition to the line-up.”

- ZDNet Review

The long battery life security camera could ease your mind, and what’s even better might be a long lasting battery security camera without charging!

It’s not a day dream, and you can easily realize it by adding a solar panel to the long battery life security camera like the Reolink Argus 3 Pro. In that way, you don’t need to worry about the battery at all!

Wireless Camera with Long Battery Life

Pro Tips to Extend Security Camera Battery Life

If you want your home security camera battery life to last long, it’s important to learn some tips and avoid common misuses of the long lasting battery security camera.

#1. Factors That Reduce Wireless CCTV Camera Battery Life

  • Extremely cold or hot temperatures (out of the camera working temp which is -10°C – +55°C)
  • Low-light environments that require infrared sensors to work harder
  • Frequent motion events
  • Longer video recordings (You may record 8s, 15s or 30s with Argus 3 Pro)
  • Longer live view on the software
  • Higher video quality (You may choose between 720p and 4MP resolution to get best battery life or best video quality.)
  • Poor wireless connection quality

#2. Top 12 Practical Tips to Setup the Longest Battery Life Security Cameras

  • Make sure that your long battery life surveillance system is running at the latest firmware.

(You may check the latest Reolink firmware available here.)

  • Adjust the resolution settings from clear to fluent to get the longest battery life security camera.
  • Configure the best battery life security camera to record shorter videos.
  • Schedule dates and zone specific areas of interest, such as front door, doormat, and windows, to reduce the false alarms and motion events.
  • Adjust motion sensor sensibility to best suit your security needs with less false motion alerts.
  • Place the tiny wireless camera with long battery life in less traffic area to avoid the frequent animal and vehicles as much as possible.
  • Place the long battery life security camera in well-lit areas.
  • Adjust your camera angle downward so its field of view is focused only on the immediate area of concern and excludes as much background activity as possible.
  • If placed outdoors, avoid spots where your camera will be directly exposed to sunlight during the day.
  • Avoid the shiny surfaces in the vicinity, such as house or car windows, which can reflect sunlight and set off the motion sensor.
  • Place the longest battery life camera nearer to your router for better WiFi signal.
  • Install a Wi-Fi range extender if your camera has poor Wi-Fi reception with many physical obstructions in your home.

For more insider tips to extend the security camera battery life, you may continue to read our previous post. You are also very welcome to share with us your ideas in the comment down below.


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