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Enhance Your Front Door Security With a PoE Video Doorbell: Here’s Everything to Know

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“Are there any PoE video doorbells?” This is a frequently asked question. Options for Power over Ethernet (PoE) video doorbells are much fewer than WiFi video doorbells and battery-powered video doorbells on the market. But if you are considering buying an Ethernet video doorbell, here you are!

Advantages of PoE Video Doorbells

Why PoE video doorbells are wanted? Here are the top 4 advantages of PoE doorbells that can give you an idea.

1.PoE video doorbells enable plug and play

A Power over Ethernet doorbell is powered on and connected to the network with a single Ethernet cable. It does not need separate electrical supply lines. So no worries if your apartment or commercial property has no doorbell wires for power supply.

Its plug-and-play installation can save you time from the complicated wiring job and network configuration. Maintenance is also made easier with simple wiring.

2.PoE video doorbells transmit data faster

PoE doorbells can work without WiFi and support data transmission at a higher speed through Ethernet cables.

Data can be delivered at up to 1 Gbps through Cat5 and Cat6 cables from or to PoE doorbells. And most PoE doorbell cameras apply IEEE 802.3at or 802.3af standard.

High data speed can reduce latency time, and you can enjoy smoother live video and real-time communication through the PoE doorbell.

Bonus Tips: Cat6 doorbell cables are usually favorable. You can learn more about different types of PoE cables and how to improve PoE performance.

Home Assistant ONVIF

3.Wired PoE video doorbells support stable network connection

With an Ethernet cable plugged in, a wired PoE doorbell camera is not susceptible to interference and jamming from wireless signals. Walls and other obstacles won’t affect it either.

A stable wired connection can enable strong video and audio signals for consistently high-quality live view and intercommunication.

4.PoE video doorbells enjoy a constant power supply

Electricity is constantly supplied through the Ethernet cable to the PoE doorbell. You don’t need to recharge or change the battery periodically.

What’s more important is that a constant power supply makes non-stop surveillance and continuous recording possible. With an Ethernet doorbell camera, you can have ceaseless protection of your front door.

Challenges of PoE Video Doorbells

The PoE doorbell is somewhat a pro product. You might feel it a bit challenging to arrange Ethernet cables and PoE devices at first. The costs might be a concern as well.

1.PoE video doorbells may require professional cabling work

Although you don’t need to bother with traditional doorbell wires, you still need to arrange the PoE cable for your Ethernet doorbell camera. If you are not an experienced DIYer, hiring a technician is recommended.

When the Ethernet doorbell is installed outdoors, protecting the cables from the elements is necessary.

Protecting your PoE video doorbell from vandals is also important. You may drill holes in the walls and hide the cable to protect it. Otherwise, intruders or vandals can disable your PoE doorbell camera easily by cutting off the Ethernet cable.

2.There is a distance limit for PoE video doorbells

The PoE cable goes all the way from the PoE port on your NVR, router, or PoE injector/switch to the door. Please mind that the PoE device that powers your PoE doorbell shouldn’t be too far away from it.

Normally, the PoE cable should run within a range of 330ft (100 meters). Otherwise, the power supply or data transmission might be unstable, and the PoE doorbell might not function properly.

3.Video doorbells with PoE may challenge your wallet

Among the limited choices of PoE video doorbells, most of them are of less affordable prices. It is very difficult to find a PoE doorbell under $200 (even $300).

If you want an even more pro product, such as a WiFi video doorbell with PoE, it can cost you more than $500.

Setting up a PoE environment will cost more if you haven’t got that in your house. PoE doorbells are usually paired with PoE devices, such as NVR, PoE injector/switch, or router with PoE ports. But PoE is fairly rare in consumer-grade routers.

PoE Video Doorbell System

Comparison: PoE Video Doorbells vs. WiFi Doorbell Cameras vs. 4G Video Doorbells vs. Battery Doorbell Cameras

Currently, choices of PoE doorbell cameras are much fewer than WiFi/4G doorbell cameras (battery-powered or DC/AC-powered) in the market. So, what are their differences?

Here is a table comparing PoE video doorbells with doorbells working on WiFi or 4G LTE or powered by a battery. You can think about which one suits you best.

Doorbell Type PoE Video Doorbells WiFi Video Doorbells (DC/AC-Powered) WiFi Video Doorbells (Battery-Powered) 4G Video Doorbells (Battery-Powered)
Power Supply Through a PoE cable Through doorbell wires or with an adapter Periodically recharge or change the battery Periodically recharge or change the battery
Network Connection Ethernet; fast, safe, and stable WiFi; susceptible to interference WiFi; susceptible to interference 4G LTE; a SIM card and a cellular data plan needed
Surveillance 24/7 24/7 Mostly motion-triggered Mostly motion-triggered
Installation · Wired
· Fixed
· Plug-and-play with a PoE cable
· Wired
· Flexible within the range of WiFi
· Wire-free
· Flexible within the range of WiFi
· Wire-free
· Flexible

PoE Video Doorbell: Smart Home Integration, Subscriptions & More

A PoE smart doorbell is definitely an adorable plus for your exciting smart home adventure. But unexpected costs are not adorable, are they? So, do check what the PoE doorbell supports and if there are hidden fees.

Here are some details regarding smart home integration and subscriptions for you to consider before purchase.

Smart Home Integration

PoE doorbell cameras can work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. A voice assistant can be your digital butler. Isn’t it convenient to see your front door when lying in the bed by simply saying “Google, show me the front door”? Or leave Alexa the job to notify you when there is a person or package at your PoE video doorbell.

But note that not all Ethernet video doorbells have smart home features, and some functions of virtual assistants are only applicable to certain devices. Also, there are not many PoE doorbells working with Apple HomeKit.

To prevent yourself from being disappointed, do check the PoE IP video doorbell’s compatibility with the AI assistant or smart home system you prefer.

Google Assistant Smart Home


When you seem to have found the best PoE video doorbell, please double-check if there is any subscription needed to make the doorbell work. Features like person detection might require subscriptions.

If yes, you will need to pay recurring fees even after the purchase.

Here is a chart with the prices of some doorbells and subscription plans.

Product Name Product Price (USD) Product Type Subscription Plans & Fees (USD) Subscription Services
Ring PoE Video Doorbell Elite $349.99 PoE doorbell Ring Protect Basic: $3/mo

Ring Protect Plus: $10/mo

Ring Protect Pro: $20/mo
60-day video history; video saving and sharing; snapshot capture; person alerts; rich notifications...

All services in the Basic plan + extended warranties and online discounts

All benefits in the Plus plan + alarm cellular backup, 24/7 professional monitoring, 24/7 backup Internet, Alexa Guard Plus, digital security by eero Secure, and home insurance discounts
Google Nest Doorbell $149.99 Battery-powered WiFi doorbell Nest Aware: $6/mo

Nest Aware Plus: $12/mo
Nest Aware
30-day event video history; intelligent alerts; e911…

Nest Aware Plus
60-day event video history; intelligent alerts; e911; 24/7 video history…
Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell $149.99 Wired WiFi doorbell Arlo Secure:
$9.99/mo for unlimited cameras
$2.99/mo for a single camera

Arlo Secure Plus:
$14.99/mo for unlimited camera
Arlo Secure
Video history; activity zones; object detection; animated preview…

Arlo Secure Plus
All Arlo Secure services + 24/7 emergency response, 4K video cloud storage, interactive alerts, and access to priority support

Best PoE Video Doorbell Recommendation

Since Power-over-Ethernet video doorbells have so many benefits, it would be a pity to flinch in the face of those challenges.

Here is a PoE video doorbell with a bunch of great features and a friendly price. Take a look at this best budget doorbell picked for you.

With advanced video quality, audio functions, and smart features, Reolink Video Doorbell PoE is perfect for your front door.

Check out this video to see what Reolink Video Doorbell can get for you.

Best Pick
Reolink Video Doorbell PoE

Best PoE video doorbell

  • Two-way audio & preset voice messages
  • 2K+ 5MP Super HD + 180 FOV (diagonal)
  • Customizable person detection & alerts
  • Works with smart home
Check It Out

See your front door clearly in the 2K+ Super HD video with 180° FOV and know what’s happened in the video recordings including 6 seconds before motion is detected.

Simply plug the chime into any electrical socket, and you will hear "knocking" from any room. If you are occupied, no worries, you can preset voice messages for visitors.

Compatibility and integration with your existing system won’t be a problem. This Power-over-Ethernet doorbell supports Reolink NVRs, Google Assistant, Alexa, and protocols including RTSP and ONVIF.

In case you get confused, we have this video explaining the things you want to know most about this doorbell, including what 6s pre-motion recording is and how the preset voice messages work. Check it now.

This Ethernet doorbell camera also removes all your concerns about wiring. While enjoying the plug-and-play PoE installation, you can also connect it to your pre-existing doorbell wires.

With so many great features, it is also kind to your wallet—the price is lower than $100.

Alternative to PoE Video Doorbells

There is a secret that doorbell vendors may not tell you—a PoE security camera can be an ideal alternative to a PoE video doorbell.

Here is a PoE IP camera selected for you.

With built-in two-way audio, RLC-811A allows you to hear and speak to visitors and preset the audio message. Meanwhile, 4K UHD video and color night vision help you see clearly what’s at your front door.

It is also a good choice for your smart home. It works with well-designed Reolink App & Client, Alexa, and Google Assistant. The price of this camera is around $120. You can enjoy all the features mentioned above without any subscription fees.

Best Pick
Reolink RLC-811A

Alternative to PoE intercom doorbell camera

  • Two-way audio and preset audio message
  • 24/7 live view and continuous recording
  • Person/vehicles/motion detection
  • Instant alerts and pre-motion recording
  • 8MP 4K and 5X optical zoom
  • Color night vision
  • Storage: Cloud + SD Card
  • IP66 weatherproof
Check It Out

Here is a 4K motion video captured by RLC-811A.

If you want to know more about video doorbells or are looking for alternatives to battery-powered WiFi doorbells, check out this buyer’s guide.


Does the PoE video doorbell work with the existing NVR or security system?

If you are looking for an IP PoE video doorbell for NVR, or if you want to upgrade your PoE camera system with a doorbell, it’d be better to choose one from the same manufacturer as your NVR or security system.

Some security systems only work with devices from the same brand. Expanding your security system with a PoE doorbell from the same brand is easier and more budget-saving to maximize effectiveness.

Does the PoE video doorbell support RTSP/ONVIF?

It might annoy you that your Ethernet doorbell camera cannot work together with devices from different manufacturers, especially when you need to download a bunch of applications to manage them. But if certain network protocols are supported, you can have more options and realize more fancy functions.

For example, if RTSP is supported, you can simply use an Internet browser to view what your PoE doorbell catches in real time and stream your IP camera to YouTube/Facebook. If your PoE video doorbell supports ONVIF, third-party platforms or applications can help in automating and integrating different smart devices.

For instance, you can connect the PoE video doorbell to Home Assistant and check out your front door on your smartwatch. However, third-party solutions are not ideal for all scenarios. Some features of Ethernet doorbells, such as smart alerts, might not be available on third-party platforms or applications.

Is the PoE video doorbell easy to install in your place?

It could be fun and economical to DIY your smart security system with a PoE doorbell. However, if you find the installation tasks not easy for you, you might want an expert to do the job.

The costs will be added up by installation fees. In some cases, the installers may also charge activation fees to turn your devices on. So, it’d be better to make clear in advance whether the activation fee is included in the installation fees.


After knowing what a PoE video doorbell can provide for you and what scenarios PoE doorbell cameras are suitable for, you have already prepped for buying a PoE video doorbell.

Before purchasing a doorbell, you may consider if its features suit your needs and if it fits your existing smart home and security system. What comes after purchase, such as installation or subscriptions, should be taken into consideration too.

If you have further questions or anything else to say about PoE video doorbells, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and share your thoughts with us!


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