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Video Loss on Security Cameras - Reasons and Quick Fixes

If the surveillance cameras, some or all of them, suddenly stop working, showing video loss or signal loss on the monitor or screen intermittently, then you might find this article rather helpful. We look into common reasons for video loss problem on CCTV security cameras and systems, DVRs camera systems, and provide tips to fix CCTV security camera video loss. The following information

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The Ultimate Solutions for Security Cameras without WiFi or Internet

If you're looking for the security cameras without WiFi, your first option should be a 4G wireless camera. These cameras work independently with a data plan, so you can keep an eye on your property even when you're not home. There are also some other options out there, you can save footage from local storage, like an NVR security system or SD card ,We'll go over each of these solutions i

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Top 9 Tips to Fix IP Camera Not Connecting to WiFi

Wireless IP camera connectivity issues are a common problem, with users reporting difficulties connecting to WiFi networks or experiencing dropped connections. Whether you're using a popular brand like Arlo, Nest, Ring, Amcrest, Foscam, Tenvis, Easyn, TP-Link, Imou camera not connecting to WiFi, or even other brands of IP camera, we have 9 effective solutions to resolve the issue in minutes.</p

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IP Camera Bandwidth Calculation: Easy Formula & Quick Tips to Reduce Bandwidth Usage

Wanna know the detailed information about IP camera bandwidth calculation, like: What are the 720p/1080p or 4MP IP camera bandwidth requirements? How many Mbps do I need for security cameras? Here you’ll learn the bandwidth calculation for IP cameras as well as the insider tips to reduce bandwidth consumption. If you are also interested in the CCTV IP camera storage calculation, read <a href="h

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Where to Put Baby Monitor: Strategic Placement Tips

Finding the ideal spot to set up your baby monitor is crucial for keeping watch over your little one. With so many placement options, it can be tricky to pinpoint locations that give you the best visibility and audio of your baby. In this comprehensive guide, we'll go in-depth on recommended positions for optimal viewing, key factors to consider when deciding where to place your baby mon

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Top 6 Tips on Security Camera Placement

Ensuring optimal security camera placement is a strategic step towards creating a robust surveillance system for your home or business. The effectiveness of your security cameras relies heavily on their positioning, capturing critical footage and deterring home break-ins and keep your family, and property safe from vandals an

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Top 24 DIY Home Security Tips and Tricks You Need to Defeat Master Burglars

You, a home owner or a renter, must love the idea that your home is safe and secure. BUT, peace of mind should never cost a fortune or come with a monthly price. Here we collect the top 24 easy and simple DIY home security tips and tricks without the need to shell out big bucks. And you are welcomed to add more DIY home security tips that we may miss out. <blo

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Where to Store Valuables: Best Places in 2023

People have repeatedly expressed their concern about valuables loss. Most people, however, fail to take adequate measures to thwart criminals. Do such issues still plague you? Don't worry. This article will tell you some of the best places to store valuables. Hope all those suggestions will turn you into an anti-burglary expert in days to come. Note: Check o


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