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Bullet vs. Dome vs. PTZ Cameras: Which One Should You Choose

Bullet vs. dome vs. PTZ cameras, which one is better? What are the differences between bullet, dome, and PTZ cameras? Bullet cameras vs. dome cameras for outside? Anyone new to the video surveillance field may have questions like this. And today you’ll figure out all these issues in this passage. Specifically, you will learn the definitions

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Complete Guide to Security Camera CMOS VS CCD Image Sensors

CCTV security camera CMOS and CCD image sensors, which one is better? What are the differences between CCD and CMOS image sensors on security cameras? You might have a lot of questions when it comes to IP security camera image sensor. You can check this complete guide to security camera CMOS VS CCD image sensors below to solve your puzzles. <h2 id="-1-Knowledge-Base-

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4K vs 1440p vs 1080p vs 720p Security Cameras

Ever thought of buying a 4K security camera? Or should you just stay "settled" with your 1440p/1080p/720p security camera? That's exactly what I'm going to show you in this article -- 4K vs. 1440p (4MP) vs. 1080p (2MP) vs. 720p security cameras. Below is a full comparison among the 4K security cameras, 1440p security cameras, 1080p security cameras and 720p securi

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NVR vs DVR: The Difference Between NVR & DVR In 2022(NEW)

The main difference between NVR and DVR is how they process video data. DVR systems process the video data at the recorder, whereas NVR systems encode and process the video data at the camera. The NVR is for IP camera recording and the DVR is for analog or coax-based camera recording. You may be wondering DVR and NVR, which is better. Keep reading and I’ll show you the pros and cons of them.</p

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Security Cameras Optical Zoom vs. Digital Zoom — Meaning, Differences & Top Picks

If you are in a dilemma of picking the best one between optical and digital zoom security cameras, you will get the perfect one after reading this blog. You’ll get the security camera optical & digital zoom definition, comprehensive comparison details on security cameras optical zoom vs. digital zoom, and best zoom security camera recommendations! If you have

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Hidden IP Security Cameras VS Visible IP Security Cameras

Stacking the pros and cons of hidden IP security cameras and visible cameras can be an admittedly tough call. Fortunately, our experience in the industry means we're able to give you some insights into which surveillance system will suit you best. Both hidden and visible wireless (WiFi) and wired IP security cameras have their own pros and cons. When you are hesitating whether to buy hid

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IP Cameras VS Analog Cameras VS CCTV Cameras VS Baby Monitors for Home/Business Video Surveillance

Home and business have always been a big issue, gaining more and more concerns. Therefore a wide range of video surveillance cameras has been used to catch burglars, deter criminals, monitor and protect families, etc. To suit different domestic and business requirements, these surveillance cameras have been evolved into 4 main types recently, namely, IP cameras, analog cameras, CCTV cameras and

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HD Security Cameras: 1080p vs 4MP vs 5MP vs 4K, What’s the Best Choice in 2022

Gone are the days when HD security cameras are costly with like 720p grainy analog resolution, barely enough to see things clearly meters away, let alone recognize the human faces and plate number! These days, the HD security cameras, mostly IP cameras, are developing rapidly with the high definition of 2MP, 4MP, 5MP and even 4K to suit your diverse monitoring needs. However HD se


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