HONG KONG, December 27, 2018 — Reolink launches Argus Eco, a completely wireless battery powered security camera, providing the easiest outdoor security solution even without nearby power outlets.

Most traditional WiFi security cameras in the market need to be plugged in to get power supply. So customers can only install the wireless security cameras near the power outlet, or run power cables for them, which would be quite troublesome.

Now with Reolink Argus® Eco battery powered security camera, customers can install this camera wherever they want, such as front porch, backyard, entrances, driveway, etc. to monitor everything outside their home and deter any unwanted visitors.

This wire-free security camera offers 2 power options — rechargeable battery or solar powered, so customers can charge this camera directly via an outlet, or connect this eco-friendly camera to weatherproof Reolink Solar Panel — no need to charge this camera regularly any more.

Traditional wireless security cameras are typically lack of two-way communication, and some of them only support audio recording. Reolink Argus® Eco, on the other hand, offers real-time two-way audio, so customers can hear and talk back via smartphones wherever they are.

Customers can confirm their package delivery and ask the delivery man to put their packages in a hidden place to prevent packages being stolen by thieves. If there are any unwanted visitors approaching their properties, customers can shout at them and scare them off via the high-quality two-way audio.

Such a versatile security camera doesn't necessarily mean "expensive". Reolink launched this camera, aiming to make every customer enjoy an easy and feature-rich security solution at an affordable price $ 64.99.

Reolink Argus® Eco Smart Features Sneak Peak

  • 100% Wire-Free & Easy Installation
  • Rechargeable Battery or Solar Powered
  • 1080p Full HD & Up to 33ft Night Vision
  • IP65 Weatherproof for Outdoor Environments
  • High-Quality Two-Way Audio
  • Local SD Card or Cloud Storage
  • Remote Access Wherever

Reolink Argus® Eco will be showcased in CES 2019. Visitors can come to Reolink booth to check this camera for more details, or follow Reolink Social Media to get the latest updates.

About Reolink

Reolink, a global innovator in home & business security products, is always dedicated to delivering the easiest and most reliable security solutions for home & business. Reolink's mission is to make security a seamless experience for customers with its groundbreaking security products. Reolink products are available and sold worldwide, providing video surveillance and protection for millions of homes and families.

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  • CarLile

    Does the Argus Eco provide a continuous display (day or night) so long as there is sufficient battery power to do so? i.e. If it is plugged into the charger it will continue to operate 24/7?

  • Elvia

    Hi there, our battery-powered cameras including Argus Eco are not designed for 24/7 recording and live streaming. So, even it is plugged into the charger, it will not continue to operate 24/7. Hope this would clarify.



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