Ready or not, home smart security products are steadily streaming into your home.

When comes to home smart security products, what do you focus on? What are your opinions about home smart/non-smart security products? To help you stay informed about home security products, we have compiled a list of statistics based on the most recent data available.

Let's view the home smart security product questionnaire statistics 2019/2020 together to see what people really care about security solutions.

#1. Home Smart Security Camera/Product Budget

When you shop security products to prevent your home from break-ins, budget is one of the most important considerations.

So how much are people willing to pay for home security products?

According to the investigation, about 41% of people surveyed would like to spend $501-$1500 for smart security or safety devices, while 35% of people are willing to pay less than $501 for home smart security products. See the chart below to get more statistics.

Spend for Home Smart Security Devices

According to Houzz's survey, people will spend more money on home smart security products, including home smart security camera systems, thermostats, etc. What aids this growth is the people's desire to protect homes and the increasing affordability of home smart security products.

#2. Why People Want to Install Security Camera Systems/Safety Products

Why does your home need security surveillance? What are your reasons to buy security products?

Let's view top reasons for installing smart security or safety upgrades.

• 67% of people hold the reason that they buy home smart security products for protecting homes against intruders/thieves.

• 52% say that they want to get remote access to their homes/business when they are away from home, so they decide to buy security camera systems.

• 30% want to monitor all rooms in their houses anywhere at home with security products.

There are other reasons that people want to install home smart security devices (see the chart below).

Reasons for Installing Home Smart Security Products

#3. Why People Choose to Install Smart Climate-Control Upgrades

Undoubtedly, you would benefit a lot from smart climate-control devices. For example, those climate-control products can make you much more comfortable when staying at home.

Get some insights on why smart climate-control products are popular on the market.

• According to the survey, over 70% of people say that they install climate-control devices to improve their own or their family members' comfort.

• 68% of people just want to reduce energy consumption.

• 41% of people install the devices for the ability to remotely monitor their homes when away from home.

More reasons can be seen below.

Reasons for Installing Smart Climate Control Upgrades

#4. People's Opinions about Non-Smart & Smart Home Security Products

Will you choose smart or non-smart security products when buying for your home safety? Do people really care whether those products are smart?

Interestingly, according to a set of data below, except security cameras and video intercoms or doorbells, people prefer non-smart home security products, including alarms/detectors, motion-sensing lighting, garage door openers and sensors.

From the survey, about 60% of people choose non-smart types while only 40% people select smart types.

Home security products include alarms/detectors, motion-sensing lighting, garage door openers, sensors, security cameras and video intercoms or doorbells.

Well, you can get detailed information in the below chart.

Smart VS Non-Smart Home Security Products

#5. Why People Don't Adopt Smart Security Products

From the above chart, you can see that people would tend to choose non-smart types for some security products. What are the reasons? What about your own opinions? Why don't you want to choose smart types of security upgrades?

• For the majority of people who opted out of home smart security products, the top reason is "just not interested".

• 31% said that compared with non-smart products, those smart devices are too expensive. Fair enough.

• 23% of people concerned that those smart devices may result in privacy issues.

See more reasons why people would not adopt smart devices.

Reasons for Not Adopting Smart Features

The fundamental reason for people giving up smart devices is that home smart devices are not mature enough. Since those non-smart items have already met their needs, why should people step in home smart tech route?

There is a long way to go for home smart security companies to make smart devices widespread in every home.

However, the home smart security industry is changing fast. You won't know what will happen in the next second. So what's the trend of security industry? What can you benefit from the renovations of security industry?

On the Horizon

The security industry is in flux and there are a lot of upcoming innovations that are sure to leave their mark on the home security market.

Certainly, DIY home security systems will outpace the conventional security market. It is what you and other customers want — the easiest and most convenient security products.

Security Camera Systems

Stay Protected with Security Camera Systems; 24/7 Video Recording and Monitoring; 2 Network Solutions – with or without network.

Mobile control continues to dominate the landscape since you bring your iPhones/Android phones or tablets everywhere. Manufacturers will keep digging up new technologies to make mobile technology much handier.

Face recognition is an outstanding, intriguing and new feature that you might have heard of, but there is a long way to go. (As you may know, there are several companies having adopted this technology, but it still takes a certain time to make it all-pervading on the home security market.)

Your Benefits

• Have more home security product options. The home security market has already been a veritable hodgepodge of choices. However, with advanced technologies, you will witness much more home smart security varieties blooming in the home security industry.

• Save your budget. One of the most direct benefits of home security product innovations is that you can get extremely high-quality and less-expensive security products. What enhances this trend is the increasing advancement of technology and the decreasing of costs.

• Bring more convenience. Home security companies are always striving to develop user-friendly products, such as DIY mode systems, WiFi type security products, etc. In the near future, perhaps only by using your mobile phone can you manage every home security product. This technology has already thrived, but it will never be an end since there are always new needs coming out continuously.

• Make your privacy more secure. Cyber security is always a hot topic when video surveillance is everywhere. The government will establish more regulations to secure the citizens' privacy. But it can't be a one-size-fit-all proposition. You will see more strict laws and regulations soon.

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