What are the best deterrents to potential burglars? What are the best burglar deterring devices for cars/homes?

No worries at all! We’ve got your back!

To help you buy the best theft/burglar deterrents, we summarize 7 most effective theft deterrent products.

Most Effective Theft/Burglar Deterrent Devices for Your Reference

What’s an effective theft deterrent for your home?

An effective burglar deterrent should be able to stop the intruders, before they break into your home.

Top 7 Useful Burglar Deterring Products
1. Security Cameras & Systems
2. Alarm Systems/Sirens
3. Barking Dogs
4. Outdoor Lighting
5. Security Signs/Stickers
6. Burglar Deterrent Hedges/Fences
7. Steel Bars in Doors/Windows

Best Theft Deterrents

Top 1. Security Surveillance Cameras/Systems — One of the Most Powerful Burglar/Intruder Deterrent Gadgets

Are security cameras a deterrent? Do security cameras really deter burglars or thieves? Are security cameras really worth the money?

The answer is definitely YES!

You can check the statistics below to see the effectiveness of security camera burglar/theft deterrent system.

There are a number of researches and studies supporting the point that security cameras are one of the most powerful and best (auto Toyota) theft deterrents in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

A “burglar deterrents” survey states that 43% of convicted burglars/thieves would bypass a property with home security surveillance, since they don’t want to be caught in the act.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte interviewed 400 convicted offenders/criminals. They found that 83% of convicted thieves would take steps to find out if there was a security camera before they broke in. If they found one, they would tend to stop their invasion/intrusion.

Security Camera System Statistics

FBI police also encourage citizens to install security cameras to protect their homes from intruders/burglars.

If a thief breaks into your home, your security camera anti burglar crime deterrent can record evidences. You can keep the videos/images for investigation later. Outdoor motion activated security cameras will send you real-time push notifications if someone is approaching your property. You can check who and what trigger the alerts and decide how to act.

Some of you may ask, “Can I install a fake security camera as a burglar deterrent for my home?”

Well, based on our investigation, it is NOT a smart decision. Fake security cameras are more like a “décor” instead of a burglar deterrent.

Big Hit: If you want to buy best auto/vehicle theft deterrent devices, security cameras would be your NO.1 choice. You can get some insights to buy an excellent car security camera to thwart car theft here.

Top 2. Burglar Alarm/Siren System Deterrent — An Effective Anti Burglar Deterrent

The noisy sounds or audio of burglar alarm deterrents would scare away those awful thieves.

People of burglary hate attention.

Statistics show that 46% of burglars said they would tend to avoid homes with alarm system theft/burglar deterrent, since that alarms would draw people’s attention.

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However, the biggest weakness of burglar alarms/sirens is that they could not record videos for evidences. If a thief breaks into your home, you could not get images or videos of the intruder. It would be extremely difficult for the police to catch the buy guy without any evidences.

Security cameras plus burglar alarms would be the most powerful smart burglar/theft deterrent. Thanks to the advanced technology, some innovative security camera companies have developed all-in-one security cameras.

Take Reolink Argus® as an example. This security camera theft deterrent can record motion detection events and offer instant voice alarms automatically when there are any dangers. You can scare off the thieves with the two-way audio function.

Top 3. Barking Dog Burglar Deterrent — A Helpful Home Invasion Deterrent Tip

Are dogs a deterrent to burglars? Will your dog protect your home?

Well, barking dogs would be effective in some cases.

According to a research, about 34% of burglars would look for another easier target if there is a big and fierce dog inside a home.

Training dogs would be much more competent as one of the best deterrents for home in larceny. However, the cost of training a dog would be thousands of bucks. With the same money, you can buy an extremely professional security camera system burglar theft deterrent.

All in all, a barking dog would be an effective theft/burglar deterrent to prevent home vandalism, and stop retail shoplifting. Some home and business owners even use fake dog barking recording radio to deter the would-be thieves. Adding a sign telling burglars that you have a dog is even better.

Top 4. Outdoor Lights — An Easy & Budget-Saving Burglar Deterrent

Do outside lights deter burglars?

The truth is that burglar deterrent lights can thwart those foolish burglars to some degree. However, savvy burglars would not be fooled by your outdoor porch lights.

One deterrent to burglary is to leave your porch/driveway lights on all the time. Outdoor sensing lights enable you to know who’s approaching your property. Thus you can take precautions.

Outdoor lighting burglar deterrent should be a complementary of your security alarm system theft deterrent, instead of the main home theft security deterrent.

Top 5. Burglar/Theft Deterrent Signs — A Cheap and Simple Burglar/Theft Deterrent

Burglar deterrent decals/posters might deter those “coward” thieves. In some cases, a fake security sign/sticker burglar deterrent saying “24/7 Surveillance” would stop some intruders.

We strongly recommend you to put up a security sign in your garden or window after you install a CCTV security camera system burglar deterrent. Usually, there will be several security stickers that come with the security camera package. If you need more, you can buy the security sign theft deterrents on Amazon or DIY.

A (homemade) security sign burglar deterrent is an effective way to protect your garden, and secure your back door and home from intruders, when using together with a real security surveillance camera.

Top 6. Burglar Deterrent Hedges/Fences — A Green & Effective Larceny Deterrent

Burglar deterrent spikes in your hedges would be one of the best deterrents for burglars.

Burglars and larceners like easy targets. It might take a certain time for them to walk through your burglar deterrent fences with spiky plants or bushes. Those burglars who look for quick money would usually bypass your home, since they are not willing to spend too much time on a home.

Burglar deterrent hedges/fences around your property are your first line to deter thieves. And the plants can also decorate your home.

Top 7. Steel Bars in Doors/Windows — A Useful Burglar Deterrent Product

Steel bars in your doors/windows transfer a signal to the intruders that all entrances are firm and secure.

Thieves hate spending a long time in prying doors and windows. The longer time they stay in a property, the higher chance they would get caught. If a thief or an intruder encounters a door or window reinforced by steel bars, he or she may choose to walk away and search for other easier targets.

Remember to lock your doors/windows with robust locks. Otherwise, the steel bar burglar deterrent is useless.

The top 7 anti burglar deterrents will undoubtedly play an important role in securing your home/business from intruders. There are other theft deterrents, such as theft/burglar deterrent paint, theft deterrent bike lock, that could do you a favor.

Now…It’s Your Turn

Based on our detailed investigation, we recommend security cameras and alarms/sirens as your top picks, if you are looking for theft deterrent devices.

We bet that you would have some “funny” burglar deterrent ideas in your daily life!

What effective burglar/theft deterrents you would like to add? Share with us now!