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Will Your Dog Protect Your Home — Shocking Truths Revealed

Will Your Dog Protect Your Home — Shocking Truths Revealed

Will your dog protect your home against intruders?

The answer is YES and NO.

Your family dog would defend you if you're attacked in some cases. But most of the time, your dogs would fail to prevent burglaries.

You can check the statistics and facts below to see would your dog protect your home from intruders.

#1. Your Dog Will Protect Your Home — Check the Truths & Statistics

Dogs can protect your home and defend you when there are dangers — well, keep it in mind — only in some cases.

Some of you may ask "Do burglars really avoid houses with dogs".

Check the top 5 facts below for deep insights.

Proof 1. About 34% convicted burglars surveyed said that a dog inside would change their mind before breaking into a home.

Proof 2. A report of the US Department of Justice concluded that:

"On average, burglarized homes are less likely to have dogs than non-burglarized homes, suggesting that dogs should be a substantial deterrent."

So your big & barking dog would be an effective theft deterrent in deterring those coward burglars.

Proof 3. True stories. A great number of posters shared their stories on how their dogs protected their homes against burglars.

For example:

"When he was about 7, my mum was home alone one evening when she answered the front door to a stranger… Our dog went utterly berserk, hackles and fur raised, lips pulled back, teeth all on show, barking and growling like mad… She has no doubt that if the man had got in, or if she'd let the dog out, our boy would have attacked the intruder."
— From a Reddit poster

Proof 5. Video recordings. There is a video that records how well-trained or untrained dogs protected their little owners.

So the answer to "Will an untrained dog protect its owners from an intruder (such as Border Collie, German Shepard)?" is "Yes" in some cases.

Conclusion on Can Your Dog Protect Your Home & Defend You from an Intruder

Some loyal dogs, especially the well-trained dogs, can prevent burglaries if someone broke in.

You can view the below circumstances to see when your dogs can protect you and act as a useful burglary deterrent.

Your dog barks at right times. Some burglars would avoid homes with dogs since barking dogs would draw attention.

Your dog protects you at once if you are in danger. For example, if you were robbed by a bad guy, the sign of your dog protecting you is that it will bite or attack the bad guy at once, instead of hiding itself.

In such a case, your dog would be quite effective on defending you during a break-in.

Have you ever come across any events that well-trained or untrained Rottweiler dogs protect its owner?

Did you have any videos that your friendly dog tried its best to protect your home? Has your Husky ever protected you? You can share your stories in the comment below!

#2. Now … For Some Bad News on Will Your Dog Defend You and Your Property

It would be generally accepted for you that having a dog could prevent burglaries, and reduce your chances of being victimized.

But in looking at the cases below and digging further into the available resources, the possession of a dog clearly won't stop all criminal attacks.

Fact 1. Intruders or burglars would take down your dog pretty easily with just a piece of tranquilizer-drugged meat.

Well, you may hold against my opinion with this point that trained dogs would refuse any food from strangers. But is it the truth?

According to some tests, even trained guard dogs fail this distraction — the delicious, big and drugged meat.

In some extreme cases, the dogs would be even killed by the intruders. In a tragic story from Orlando, a two-year-old Boxer was stabbed by a burglar during a break-in.

So if you ask "Can a human get through your guard dogs using sticks, knives, etc. (no guns) if you got an aggressive dog", the answer is probably "yes".

Fact 2. Real tests. If you want to know the answer of "will your dog prevent a home burglary", you can get the details you want in the quiz.

A TV show staff did a "would my dog protect me" quiz. The staff tested 5 protection dogs.

All of the dogs failed to stop the intruders from breaking into homes and houses. Some of the dogs even played with the intruders. You can click here to watch the video on YouTube.

So what would your dog do if someone broke in? The fact would be that your baby pet would just play games and have fun with the intruders, like you see in the video above.

Fact 3. Over 60% of convicted burglars would NOT skip homes with dogs. Thus, you could not just only rely on your dog to protect your home from intruders.

So if you are looking for the quick answer to "will the family dog protect your home", the answers would be "No" in most cases.

Conclusion of Dogs Failing to Stop Intruders and Protect Homes & Houses

Dogs could only deter some of crimes. Thus you cannot 100% rely on your home dogs to protect your home from intruders.

You'll need backup plan. Check your best solution to secure your home from break-ins in the Part 3.

Now let's do a quick overview on the circumstances that dogs fail to protect your home during break-ins.

• Dogs are quite easy to be taken down, even a well-trained police dog. Just a piece of tranquilizer-drugged meat is enough (as mentioned above). And the tranquilizer is very easy to get.

• Burglars and intruders act extremely fast. As you may know, it only takes several minutes for a thief to grab some precious and easy-to-take properties, such as cash, jewelry, etc.

Even if your dog keeps barking at the intruder, the thief would be able to keep your dog calm long enough to grad your valuables.

Bump: You can learn some helpful tips on securing your cash, jewelry and other valuables here.

• Thieves can gain the trust of your dog by being nice to your puppy. Thus your dog is totally useless on protecting your home while you are away or on vacation.

#3. Best Solution to Secure Your Home from Intruders & Burglars

You cannot put all the eggs into one blanket, so does your home security. You'll need more powerful tools to help you watch for your home, besides a dog crime deterrent.

From the convicted burglars and thieves, the presence of a home security camera ranks top among all of the theft deterrents, including a barking dog.

Reolink RLC-810A

4K PoE IP Camera with Person/Vehicle Detection

Smart Person/Vehicle Alerts; 4K UHD Day & Night; 100ft Night Vision; Time Lapse; IP66 Certified Weatherproof; Audio Recording.

Over 80% of the burglars would think twice if a home security camera was presented. And if a home break-in happens, your security camera can record the face of the thieves clearly.

The police can help you catch the bad guy more easily with such evidences. You can get more details on the effectiveness of security cameras here.

Security Camera System Statistics

In some cases, the thieves would attack your dogs. With security cameras, you can see who hurt your baby pet, and then send the videos to the police for their investigation.

One of our users was testing his camera's motion activation in the car while his dog came out of nowhere. Luckily, the dog is totally fine and the camera has captured the scene.

Besides your dog, you'll need a security camera to be your most powerful tool to secure your home and your family.

A lot of OPs left many questions on forums and communities, asking whether their dogs can protect their home and defend owners from intruders.

We always focus on what readers want and always try to feature the readers' insights and questions on our posts. So we've written down the questions.

• Will my Pit bull/Rottweiler protect me if I get attacked? • Should dogs protect and guard his owner and property? • Will a normal happy dog protect a home against intruders? • Can a Golden Retriever protect me? • Will my Boxer protect me and my kids? • Would most dogs protect your home from burglary? • Will my Cocker Spaniel protect me if I am attacked? • Would my Siberian Husky protect me? • Do Beagle protect home or me if I am getting hit? • Will my pet dog protect me from intruders? • Can dogs really keep thieves away from your property? • Will a Rhodesian Ridgeback protect me? • Would my Keeshond dog protect me if I was in danger? • Will my Dalmatian dog protect me from an intruder? • Will my untrained Cane Corso protect me?

Hope you've got your answers to the above questions. If you have other questions or any stories you wanna share, please leave them in the comment below.

Besides the above questions, we also make a specific Q&A list below to answer as many questions as possible for our readers. You can keep reading for more insights on "Will your dog protect your home".

#4. "Will Your Dog Protect Your Home" Hottest Q&As

If you want to know whether your untrained dog will defend you if you are attacked, or if you want to know what kinds of dogs are the most suitable crime deterrent, etc. you'll get all the answers you want here.

Q 1. Will your dog protect you naturally?

Will dogs instinctively protect their owners? Will dogs instinctively protect their owners? Will a German Shepherd Dog naturally guard my house?

Answer: Well, it totally depends on the individual dog breed and the relationship between the dog and the owner.

For example, Labradors are very loyal and would tend to protect a threatened owner when he or she is attacked.

However, other dog breeds might also protect their owners if something usual happens, say, an intruder breaks in.

If you want to find what dog breeds would be the most effective to deter burglars and defend you, keep reading the below question to get the answer.

Q 2. What is the best in-home dog to protect your house from theft?

Answer: If you want to get a dog to protect your home, you can choose one of the below top 7 guarding dogs for your property.

• Bernese Mountain dog
• Boxer
• Bullmastiff
• Doberman Pinscher
• German Shepherd
• Great Dane
• Rottweiler

After you've got a dog to protect your property, you can add a dog sticker, indicating that your house is under the protection of a dog, which can deter at least some of the burglars and thieves.

Q 3. Would an untrained dog protect me from an attack?

How likely is it an untrained Pit, GSD, Dobe or Malinois would protect its family from a threat or attack?

Is a Rottweiler a natural guard dog that can protect you without any training if you raised him?

Answer: It highly depends on the individual case. Compared with the untrained dogs, trained dogs tend to protect their owners if attacked.

But it doesn't necessarily meant that a normal family pet dog would do nothing when a break-in happens. Some of family dogs would also try their best to defend their owners.

Also, with some trainings, the likelihood of your dog protecting you would typically increase.

Q 4. How to train a dog or puppy to be a guard dog?

Answer: Training your dog means teaching him or her to protect you if you get attacked, alerting you to danger, warning off strangers, etc.

Never teach your dog to be aggressive. If your dog barks or bites someone, it can result in fines, lawsuits, or even euthanasia.

You can try the below steps to teach your dog to be friendly, loyal and firm to protect you if dangers happen.

Step 1. Socialize your dog or puppy. Wander with your dog so that your puppy can adapt to the environment quickly. So your dog will be less fearful and more relaxed.

Step 2. Pick a trigger word. You can coach your dog to bark with a trigger word so that he or she can come to defend when you say the word.

Also, you can use this way to teach your dog to bark on command.

Step 3. Teach your dog to protect you. You need to find someone your dog doesn't know to help train your dog. The "stranger" approaches, walks up and challenges your dog.

The "stranger" can wear a protection suit to prevent possible attack by the dog.

You can train your dog with the trigger word to protect you when you are in trouble.

Rome is not built in a day, so does training your dog. Always be patient. And repeat the raining steps for many times. With time going by, you are gonna turn your dog into a guard dog.

If you have anything you wanna share, or have any questions, please leave them in the comment below! We will reply to you ASAP!


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