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Top 8 Effective Burglar Deterrents to Boost Your Home Security in Every Way

Actually, you don’t have to build a home like Fort Knox to deter burglars. You can just use some essential burglar deterrents to stop thieves from breaking into your property. We’ve made an ultimate list of best theft deterrents, just for you, who are looking for tried-and-tested burglar deterrent gadgets. You can also take a look at our recently launched <

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Top 24 DIY Home Security Tips and Tricks You Need to Defeat Master Burglars

You, a home owner or a renter, must love the idea that your home is safe and secure. BUT, peace of mind should never cost a fortune or come with a monthly price. Here we collect the top 24 easy and simple DIY home security tips and tricks without the need to shell out big bucks. And you are welcomed to add more DIY home security tips that we may miss out. <blo

Expert Safety Tips


Top 5 Easy & Effective Solutions to Secure Your Shed

If you tot up the value of the items stored in your shed, chances are that it would come to a higher sum than you think. That's why your shed security should receive the same level as your home security. A research revealed that the average British homeowners stores over 2,000 pounds worth of valuable furniture, tools, bikes, motorcycles, etc. in the sheds and outbuildin

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Best PoE Bullet Cameras & Systems for Home & Business – Buying Guide

Recently, tragic stories start pouring in with some claiming they were robbed or houses being invaded. Many are turning into hard-wired home security cameras and systems like 4MP bullet type wired PoE cameras and systems. Today, I write this article to help homeowners and business owners to choose best PoE bullet cameras and share some tips to use PoE IP bullet cameras or systems

Expert Safety Tips


Protect Your Laptop and Electronics from Home Theft – Smart and Easy-to-do Tips

A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, revealed by laptop theft statistics. Residential property is among the list of top 10 places from which laptops are stolen. Still have no ideas how to protect your laptop and other personal electronic devices from home theft? Read on, and you’ll be capturing the best laptop and other electronics theft prevention tips. Burglars are usually targeting at

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How to Stay Safe When Living in a Bad Neighborhood

You might be one that doesn't get on with next doors. Yet, you are not the only one. More than 60% people hate their neighbors. How to stay safe if living in a bad neighborhood? What to do to survive in a bad neighborhood? It's not a funny joke or dumbest question. Most of the time you never realize your neighbor could be a murder like in the <a href="

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Top 3 Clever Tips to Keep Your Vacation/Second Home 100% Safe

Worry about the burglary and break-ins to your remote vacation home during your absence? Having suffered numerous losses in natural disasters when you are away and want to make the vacation/second home safe & secure with quick tips? I’ve got you covered! This post will give you advanced winter/summer vacation home safety tips. Go through with it now to grasp all the detailed informat

Expert Safety Tips


Top 10 Creative Ways to Prevent Employee Theft

Do you know that employee theft is even more common than customer theft? In fact, 95 percent of employees were reported stealing from employers, according to a research study about internal theft. It’s absolutely frustrating to