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Top 8 Theft Deterrents: Boost Your Home Security in Every Way

Actually, you don’t have to build a home like Fort Knox to deter burglars. You can just use some essential deterrent gadgets to stop thieves from breaking into your property. We’ve made an ultimate list of best theft deterrents, just for you, who are looking for tried-and-tested burglar deterrent gadgets. We will also introduce some useful tips on <a href="https://reolin

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Home Security FAQs


Do Outside Lights Deter Burglars? Probably Not!

At the very first beginning, I wanna do a research: How many of you still leave a light on at night to deter burglars? You must have been immersed in safety tips like: “outdoor lighting deter crimes and does a good job in protecting your home. Do remember to leave it on while you're away or at night.” But does it really help? How effective is porch lighting? Savvy thieves w

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Home Security FAQs


Do Fake Security Signs Really Deter Burglars? Some Important Factors to Consider

You probably already know that installing a home security system is one of the best things you can do to keep your home and your family protected. Chances are, you simply cannot afford that kind of cost, or you are wondering if you are getting true value for your money. Then here comes the thing: You put fake security window stickers or yard signs saying “Under 24 Surveillance”, wishing