Jake and Danielle, a sweet couple, quit their jobs and have started their Home on Wheels — a RV journey!

Jake will film their RV journey and adventurous trip. Follow Wanderlusting with Reolink series to enjoy the exciting van life!

Episode 1. Jake & Danielle Sweet Couple Finally Hit the Road

Episode 2. A Warm Goodbye to Parents & Carry on the Adventures

Episode 3. A Nice Coffee Shop Tour in San Diego

Episode 4. Don't Miss the Beautiful Scenery Along the Way


Episode 1: Jake & Danielle Finally Hit the Road

"We've been testing driving our RV like crazy to make sure all is good to go to hit the open road!", said Danielle.

After spending a long time testing the RV and preparing the necessities, Jake, a full-time RVer + an adventurer, and his wife Danielle, finally started their trip: a wonderful RV journey across the country.

Their adventure route is: Northern California -> Las Vegas -> San Diego -> … -> Nashville (destination). You might bump into the couple!


Before heading out on the trip, Jake has done detailed researches on the RV journey, and wanna get a security cam to film their RV adventures, and keep tab on his RV for security purpose, when nobody is around the parking or camping site.

Jake came across Reolink's website, and contacted Reolink to see if Reolink would love to cooperate with him on the RV life recording project.

Reolink was quite interested in such an excellent campaign, and decided to cooperate with Jake to do a Wanderlusting with Reolink series so that everyone can explore the RV trip together with Jake & Danielle and Reolink security cameras.

Reolink provides different types of security cameras for the couple so that they can use the cameras to cover more areas during their trip or camping, and satisfy various security needs.

Jake and Danielle will use different security cameras to record their travel adventures! Please stay tuned!

Now the couple and a lovely dog are crossing Las Vegas. You can take a look at the video below to see their driving route now.

Video credit: @DannieMarieOfficial

Episode 2: A Warm Goodbye to Parents & Carry on the Adventures

Previously on Wanderlusting with Reolink Episode 1: Last week, Jake and Danielle started their RV trip from home, and crossed Las Vegas.

After a run and gun, they arrived in California to meet their parents.

According to Jake, this was an official goodbye to their parents. After that, they will carry on their adventurous trip.

In the video (captured by the Reolink RLC-420 security camera attached on the RV), Jake's parents drove to the meeting point and they had a short conversation.

Jake's affable parents sent their warm wishes and greetings to the young couple, and gave them a long and tight hug.

Video credit: @DannieMarieOfficial

Before hitting the road, Jake and Danielle has spared no efforts on building their Home on Wheels, and Jake's father Wayne Szetela has provided a lot of guidance during the renovation.

Jake said in his Facebook, "Want to give a special thanks to my dad @WayneSzetela for guidance during this renovation, from helping me when my sewer system busted to having to drop a 75 gal full fuel tank to replace the fuel pump. Oh thats not all, from coming and working with me every single weekend to replace the entire roof, as well as painting the entire exterior 3x. Not to mention re-flooring, re-plumbing, re-wiring the entire rig. "

Jake's warm mom also provides her best care to the whole family, and loves her son' and her new daughter-in-law Danielle with all her heart.

The young couple expressed their special and sincere thanks to their parents and friends and other people who have helped them a lot so that they can now start their amazing journey!

Episode 3: A Nice Coffee Shop Tour in San Diego

Previously on Wanderlusting with Reolink Episode 2: Jake and Danielle drove their RV to California to meet their parents. After saying goodbye to their parents, and a warm hug, the young couple continued their Home on Wheels trip.

This week, Jake and Danielle got to San Diego to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

While stopping at a parking position, the couple took their cute dog to take a walk and maybe go to a restaurant to savor the local cuisine to combat the fatigues for the long driving journey.

San Diego almost had it all: beautiful beaches, cool mountains, delicious food, etc. But a new market opened up here: specialty coffee.

Danielle said in her Instagram, "San Diego got me like ?????? but when are they gonna come out with a Venti Iced Latte emoji?"

"No such thing as too many Açaí bowls I have a feeling that San Diego will be my favorite stop on the #RoadToNashville!"

There are many specialty coffee shops in San Diego. You may bump into Jake and Danielle and drink a cup of coffee together!

The couple now is so excited for their RV trip. Jake said, "The surreal feeling when your finally on the road."

Jake also welcomed anybody to share the crazy "on the road "stories.

If you have any fantasy adventure stories, you can share your stories in the comment below!

Episode 4: Don't Miss the Beautiful Scenery Along the Way

Previously on Wanderlusting with Reolink Episode 3: After savoring the specialty coffee and enjoying the beautiful beaches in San Diego, Jake and Danielle carry on their RV trip.

This week, the cute couple drove the wheeling home to their next adventurous place.

Jake set up the camera and recorded the blue sky, the endless highway, the unceasingly traffic stream, the vast greensward, etc.

You can watch the video below to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way with Jake and Danielle.

Video credit: @DannieMarieOfficial

The couple stopped by Death Valley National Park to enjoy the nature's masterpiece. There are a lot of amazing places that are worth your time visiting.

Jake and Danielle shared some photos of the Death Valley National Park on their Instagram.

During the driving trip, Jake shared a story, and said ”Reolink cameras, keeping us safe on the road!”

In Jake's RV, there is a monitor displaying all of the streaming channels of the Reolink cameras. The couple can see what will keep up with them by a glimpse of the monitor.

That's how Jake can record the beautiful scenery along the driving way!

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