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Off-Grid Security Cameras: Secure Remote Properties with No Power Supply & Internet

Off-Grid Security Cameras: Secure Remote Properties with No Power Supply & Internet

According to NFU Mutual’s 2021 rural crime report, the cost of rural crime in the UK has hit £43.3 million in 2020. With off-grid security cameras, luckily you are able to enjoy peace of mind in remote cabins, camps and even boats where power outlets and the Internet may not reach. To better protect your properties in remote areas, dive in and learn how to choose and set up the best off-grid security systems without power supply and network connection.

If you want to buy off-grid security cameras, here is what you need to know:

Benefits Cut down burglaries/energy-saving
No Power Battery/solar powered cameras
No Power & Network 4G security cameras
Recommended Camera Reolink Go Plus/Go PT Plus

Benefits of Off-Grid Security Cameras

Off-grid security cameras, as keen guards, are able to watch over your property when you are away from your cabins, camps and yachts.

In fact, these CCTV cameras come with more benefits that you may be unaware of.

And here are some of the examples:

Benefit 1. Off-Grid Security Cameras Cut Down Burglaries in Remote Properties

With off-grid security cameras for boats, camps and cabins, you are able to secure rural home and properties when you are absent and receive instant alerts when someone attempts to intrude.

Secure Remote Properties with Off-Grid Security Cameras

The rural crime report also points out that off-grid CCTV cameras are the most common security measure to beef up security in offline properties. And they are effective as well: such security cameras can reduce break-ins by about 72%, according to the trails in Aberdeen.

The following video footage is a good example that proves the importance of installing off-grid surveillance cameras for rural homes:

Two thieves entered a rural property when the owner was far away. However, they didn't know they were caught on a security camera and ended up being caught by the police soon.

The property owner said:

"Thieves came to my rural property watched by Reolink cameras. Police responded and caught them down the road. Without Reolink they would’ve never been caught."

Benefit 2. Off-Grid Home Security Cameras Work in Case of Power Cuts

Off-grid security cameras are standalone security devices that work with independent power sources, such as batteries or solar energy.

In other words, such IP cameras will continue to protect your off the grid sites during a power outage and even artificial power cuts caused by thieves or other intruders, which make them reliable options for the isolated camps and cabins.

Benefits 3. Off-Grid Security Cameras for Remote Areas Keep Energy Costs Low

By installing off-grid security systems in offline properties, you can reduce the dependence on the local power grid, lower the electric bills and save money.

Moreover, this type of wireless off-grid security cameras for sale are generally featured with plug & play so that you won’t have to spend on the installation and cable management.

Benefit 4. Off-Grid Wireless Security Cameras Are Environmental-Friendly Options

Without a doubt, solar energy is a renewable and eco-friendly resource. Nowadays, off the grid solar-powered security cameras are popular among customers and they will be a future trend as well.

That is because using such security cameras will do the minimum harms to the environment and it is also a way to live a healthy and green lifestyle.

Off-Grid Security Cameras Without Power Supply (Network Connection is Available)

When choosing off-grid security cameras for remote areas, you may be limited by the availability of power source and network connection.

And now let’s start from the first situation: the network connection is available in your campsites, cabins and other remote places but you don’t have nearly power sources there.

In fact, there are three feasible solutions for you to set up off-grid cabin security systems and monitor your cabins and camps without power supply:

#1. Choose Solar-Powered Off-Grid Security Cameras with Rechargeable Batteries

Security cameras with solar panels shall top the list of off-grid security cameras for remote areas where the power supply is not available. Under this circumstance, these CCTV cameras are capable to capture images and send instant alerts when detecting motion events.

Solar-Powered Off-Grid Security Camera

Supposed that you visit the cabins frequently or just camp for a couple of days, battery-powered IP cameras shall meet your short-term security needs as well.

Compared to that, solar-powered security cameras with non-stop power like Reolink Argus 2E are more flexible options when you can’t get back to isolated cabins or rural home until months later.

Reolink Argus 2E

Wire-Free, Battery or Solar Powered IP Camera

Rechargeable Battery & Solar Powered; 1080 Full HD; Stunning Night Vision; Built-In Siren; 120° Wide Viewing Angle; Two-Way Audio.

With connected solar panels, these off-grid security camera systems will charge themselves before their rechargeable batteries drain and stop charging when the batteries are full. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the power shortage without your conscious.

A Reolink user has already put that into practice - installing the solar-powered Reolink Argus 2E to watch the birds. It looks great!

Off Grid Solar Powered Security Camera

#2. DIY Solar-Powered Off-Grid Wireless Security Cameras

Aside from the all-in-one solar-powered IP cameras, you can also solar power off-grid wireless security cameras on your own.

If you are interested in this DIY project, you may take the tutorial offered by Open Green Energy as a reference and learn how to do so.

However, it won’t be an easy task. You have to purchase all the components and deal with the complicated power supply issues concerning voltage stability and DC-AC converting before setting up the DIY solar-powered off-grid IP cameras successfully.

#3. Power Off-Grid Home Security Cameras Up with Battery Banks

Another option is to power the off-grid security camera systems with battery banks installed in your off-grid properties.

Still, powering off-grid home security cameras with battery banks will cost you much, with a price tag of over $4,000. Also, it is a skill-demanding task to set up battery banks (i.e. the power rating must be the same as that required by your CCTV cameras).

Takeaway: For better understanding, we have made a chart below to compare the three solutions above in detail.

Solutions Elements Installation Difficulties Price
Off-grid solar-powered security camera Wire-free security camera + solar panel Easy $100 -500
DIY solar-powered off-grid wireless security cameras Wireless security camera + solar panel(s) + a solar charge controller +a solar battery/battery pack + DC converter/inverter Difficult $400-1K + $100 -500
Power off-grid home security cameras up with battery banks Wireless security camera + a solar system (with battery bank) Difficult $4K-5K + $100 -500

Though the last two options are practical in theory, it requires professional knowledge and also more expenses. So, if you are not professionals or DIY enthusiasts with sufficient budget, it is best to install the off-grid security cameras with solar panels in your remote properties.

Off-Grid Security Cameras/Systems Without Power Supply & Network Connection

As noted above, you can choose solar-powered off-grid security cameras if there are no power sources.

So when the situation becomes harsher, with no power supply and network connection, are there are any self-supporting off-line security cameras that may work?

The answer is definitely yes!

#1. Choose 4G Solar-Powered Off-Grid Security Cameras

Game cameras, cellular trail cameras and cellular security cameras, these off-grid IP cameras in fact refer to the same thing: security cameras with 4G service.

More specifically, this type of CCTV cameras is designed to meet the security needs for hunting, camping and living in remote areas where power supply and network may not reach.

4G Off-Grid Security Cameras With Solar Panel

Such solar-powered off-grid cellular security cameras for sale like Reolink Go Plus fit in such cases perfectly – they can be powered by solar panels and transmit data with cellular data.

Reolink Go Plus

Smart Wireless 4G Battery Camera

Rechargeable Battery/Solar Powered, Person/Vehicle Detection, 2K 4MP Super HD, Two-Way Audio, High-Quality Night Vision, Live View Anytime.

Below is a video sample captured by Reolink Go Plus, which monitors the horses in an off-line stable.

Put it simply: You are able to access the off-grid security cameras remotely and receive instant alerts with no concerns about the power drainage.

Updated, July. 2022: If you want to cover a larger remote area with only one camera, the latest off-grid pan-tilt camera Reolink Go PT Plus would be an ideal option.

Reolink Go PT Plus

Wire-Free 4G LTE PT Security Camera

No WiFi or Power Connection Needed; Rechargeable Battery or Solar Powered; Person/Vehicle Detection, 355° Pan & 140° Tilt, 2K Super HD.

#2. Set Up Network Connection for Off-Grid Security Cameras

In addition to installing 4G wireless security cameras for off-grid areas, you may also set up the network connection on your own in places where both power sources and internet are not available.

To do so, you may purchase a portable 4G WiFi router or utilize the hotspots from your cellphones, which can be a little more complicated than using 4G cameras solely. Note that the 4G WiFi routers require data plans (sim cards) before running remote solar cameras properly.

Takeaway: We have made a simple comparison on the three solutions above based on their basic elements and price for your reference.

Solutions Elements Price
4G off-grid home security camera 4G wireless camera + data plan $100-500 + sim card fees
Off-grid security camera with a 4G WiFi router Wire-free camera + 4G WiFi router + data plan $100-300 + $50-200 + sim card fees
Off-grid CCTV camera with hotspots Wire-free camera + a cellphone + data plan $100-300 + over $100 + sim card fees

As you can see, it would be complicated to operate off-grid security cameras with 4G WiFi router or cellphone hotspots. On the contrary, standalone solar-powered 4G security cameras are more flexible in installation and come with less requirements and lower price.

Hottest Questions of Off-Grid Security Cameras (with Solutions)

We have also collected some of the frequently asked questions on off-grid security cameras and offered our solutions here.

Question 1. Can You Set Up Off-Grid Security Cameras If There Is No Network & Cellular Service Coverage

If there is no network connection or cellular service available in your installation spots, you can also store the recordings off-grid security cameras locally to SD cards. However, without network connection, you will sacrifice some of the features like remote viewing and instant alerts.

Mind that the recording stored at the SD cards will hit the upper limits and previous recordings can be overwritten. To better save the recordings, you can back up the recordings by copying them to your computers or Cloud from time to time.

Question2. How Much Data Does an Off-Gird Cellular Security Camera Consume

The data that an off-grid solar-powered cellular security camera consumes depends on multiple factors, including its default bitrate, live viewing duration and frequencies and so on.

Taking the solar-powered cellular security camera Reolink Go Plus as an example, its default bitrate is 3Mbps (for the mainstream, up to 4Mbps) and 384kbps (for the substream, up to 512kbps).

Supposed that you access this remote solar camera for live view in the mainstream for about 1 minute a day (or in substreams for 12-15 minutes per day), you will need a data plan with around 1GB data monthly.

Takeaway: You may check here to learn how to maximize the data usage of 4G off-grid security cameras.

Now we would like to hear from you! Do you have any new ideas or concerns about off-grid security cameras? Please let us know by leaving your comment below.


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