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How to Choose a Best Dog Camera & Monitor to Watch Your Dog

Looking for a dog security camera or dog security system to monitor your dogs while you are at work? Hoping to find an interactive pet monitor camera or dog treat camera with treat dispenser to watch over your dog? Or need recommendation on a home security camera to keep an eye on your dog sitter? Read on to learn how to choose a best dog security camera to monitor your dogs and find out

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How to Prevent Package Theft during Holidays: Top 8 Effective Ways

Are you tired of your UPS packages keeping getting stolen from your front door or porch? Or sick of tedious and lengthy recovering your missing FedEx package? Or frustrated about dealing with endless and fruitless USPS delivery complaints? You are not alone. Nearly one-third of American (shocking) suffered from package theft in 2017, according to a n

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7 Quick Solutions to Keep Trespassing Kids off Your Property When You Are Not Home

Are you deeply annoyed by unruly neighbors' kids trespassing your yard while you are not home? If yes, you are in good company. Thousands of people confront with the unwanted trespassing by kids, neighbors, and other trespassers. So in this article, we share some useful tips to help keep them out of your property (like yard and driveway) legally. When you try to keep annoying trespassers

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8 Best Tips to Protect Outdoor Security Cameras like a Pro

When it comes to outdoor security cameras and systems protection, people often ask these common questions: how do people keep bugs or spider away from security cameras? How do people protect CCTV camera from rain? Or, how do users protect outdoor security cameras from theft or damage? Today we share some easy fixes to these common issues and some great tips to protect your <a href="https://stor

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Amazing Tips to Place NVR or DVR & Prevent Them from Being Stolen

New users of security camera system will have to decide where to place/hide the security camera network video recorder (NVR) or digital video recorder (DVR), and figure out how to prevent the CCTV DVR or NVR from being stolen. Today we share some awesome tips to help homeowners decide where to place/hide their DVR/NVR, how to secure the NVR/DVR and prevent them from being stolen. <h2

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Construction Site Security Cameras & Systems: Best Picks, How to Choose & Protect

Looking for construction site security cameras or systems to prevent building site thefts and robbery? Hoping to find jobsite security camera systems to monitor the progress of jobs without having to physically go there? Read on to find the best construction job site security cameras and systems to keep an eye on the construction job site, building materials and construction tools. <

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Home Security Drones: How They Work, Drone Security Systems vs Surveillance Camera Kits

Home security drone system has been creating enormous buzz on social media in recent years, bringing new leaps toward home security and home surveillance. Today we delve into all the hype and help you better understand the differences between home surveillance drones and smart home systems. How Do Ho

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Vandal-Proof Security Cameras: Meaning & Best Picks with Videos

Are you afraid of having your outdoor security cameras vandalized or destroyed by intruders? That’s where the vandal proof security cameras come in. In today’s post, you’ll learn what is a vandal proof camera and how to choose the best vandal resistant dome cameras. What Is a Vandal-