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Top 7 Reasons to Buy and Use Dome Security Cameras

Are you toying with ideas whether to choose dome security cameras or bullet cameras for home surveillance? First-time buyers, who are trying to find the exact surveillance cameras for house defense, very often, will inevitably run into such issue. Today we share some insights on what a dome camera is, how it works and th

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How to Connect a DVR/NVR to the Internet & Set Them Up for Remote Viewing

You have a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) recording and storing all your surveillance footage while you want to access their video recorder remotely over the internet from a mobile phone, web browsers or a computer at another location outside your home. So how do you connect NVR/DVR to the internet and set up or configure them for remote vie

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Best Wide-Angle Security Cameras (Systems) Buying Guide

People who look for wide-angle security cameras or CCTV cameras with a wide field of view are in the hope of using one or two cameras to cover large areas, like a front door, parking lot, or detached garage. As people's needs increase, there are many kinds of wide-angle security cameras on the market, some of which can provide a 150-degree viewing angle. Furthermore, the newest security

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A Complete Guide for Car Security Cameras Capturing Vandalism While Parked

This article is a comprehensive guide to car security cameras for monitoring parked cars overnight and capturing car vandalism in 24-hour recordings. Many cars on the road these days are often equipped with a camera, and for a good reason. Besides creating memories when driving, the cameras also play an essential security role for both car and driver. To avoid being a victim of ve

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How to Solar Power Your Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

How can you turn a wireless outdoor camera into a solar-powered security camera that works wirelessly? How to DIY solar-powered security cameras? Or to use a solar panel to power security camera, what factors need to be considered? <h2 id="What-You-Need-to-DIY-Solar-Powered-Outdoor-Security-Cameras" title="W

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How to Deal with Your Crazy and Abusive Ex: Top 6 Easy & Useful Tips

Picture this. You are coming home from work at night, extremely exhausted and maxed out. Suddenly a loud knock on the door startles you. Upon opening the door, your aggressive ex muscles his way into your house and violently attacks you to the ground before storming out the house. In reality, more females are targeted after an unpleasant breakup with their former spouse or intimate partn

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Amazing Tips to Place NVR or DVR & Prevent Them from Being Stolen

New users of security camera system will have to decide where to place/hide the security camera network video recorder (NVR) or digital video recorder (DVR), and figure out how to prevent the CCTV DVR or NVR from being stolen. Today we share some awesome tips to help homeowners decide where to place/hide their DVR/NVR, how to secure the NVR/DVR and prevent them from being stolen. <h2

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Newbies’ Guide to IP Cameras Storage: How Can you Store Video Recordings

It’s inevitable that you might grapple with IP camera storage problems if you are in the market for home security cameras. Say, how to record IP camera motion events? Where can I store the IP security camera footage? Or Is there a security camera that saves the footage on a host with FTP? Can I use my computer to store surveillance videos or footage? Are there any IP cameras with free cl