Security camera remote viewing will be a basic need when you are away and, at the same time, need to keep an eye on your house through the mobile phone, PC or laptop, or want to watch your business remotely for peace-of-mind, or eager to know what your loved ones are doing.

The security camera with remote viewing enables you to see what is going on in your home and business via apps and browsers. Read on to find the best remote monitoring security camera.

Editor's Note:

The remote viewing of security camera is all about data transmission from the security camera to your phone or PC by using the P2P technology. And that means you must gain network access (either WiFi or cellular data) to realize it.

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Security Cameras with Remote Viewing: Which One to Choose?

Remote security cameras are the best choice to keep an eye for your home, business or both. There are three remote video camera solutions for you to get the most use of remote viewing function:

1. Wireless Security Camera with iPhone/Android Phone Remote Viewing – Reolink Argus 2

Remote viewing of a security camera is intuitively easy with Reolink Argus 2 via iPhone or Android phone. Let me show you how it works in this remote CCTV camera and the super clear image you'll get.

You only need to put the batteries in, download the free Reolink app and launch it on your iPhone or Android phone, set a password for it, and then the live view appears. That's it!

After that, you can get security camera remote monitoring on the mailman, your beautiful garden, cutest pets, best friends' visits, activities of the poultry, family's coming home, and more whenever and wherever you want.

Note: Generally, the battery-powered CCTV camera with remote viewing could not be accessed on the PC, tablet or browser in order to save its battery life, since this type of security camera remote monitoring will always on even when you don't actually do the remote viewing on PC.

2. Wireless Home Security Camera with Remote Monitoring — Reolink E1 Pro

Work overtime again and miss the big hug for your child coming back from school? Curious about what your family members are doing during your absence?

Family is always the primary concern when you are not around.

Reolink E1 Pro could keep tabs on your loved ones no matter where you are with remote control function. There are parents who found out that their children skip sleep to party in bedroom through security camera remote viewing video. Thanks to the security camera remote control, the parents discovered the toddlers' "little secrets" and know the reason why their kids are always tired at day time.

The remote CCTV camera will be more effective for home with the supplement of other features.

For example, the two-way audio provided by the remote surveillance camera is always helpful in keeping your loved ones company and protecting them even when you are miles away. See what you can do with this kind of remote security camera:

When your kid broke the vase when playing alone and didn't know what to do, you can then comfort and give instructions to him/her remotely; when intruders break into your house, you can then give them verbal warnings wherever you are; when your kid's birthday party is held on the same day as the scheduled business travel, you can then be in there at once by iPhone (or other devices) remote viewing and send your best wishes by talking to him/her.

3. Outdoor HD WiFi Security Camera with Remote Viewing — Reolink RLC-410W

Worried about the intruders when you are away? Want to catch the one sneaking into your house and making a mass of your belongings?

The unattended possessions and empty house are always tempting to burglars.

If you get a security camera with remote viewing in place, you can remotely access the camera to get live streaming, monitor the outdoor conditions wherever you are and whenever it is.

This remote security camera offers you remote video viewing functionality, and more features for better viewing experience of outdoor:

The wireless waterproof and remote control enabled security camera suits outdoor environment perfectly. With Wi-Fi connection, you shall avoid drilling holes in the wall, and the waterproof feature makes it possible for 24/7 security camera remote control.

Check the image quality of this remote surveillance camera through the video clip shared by a Reolink wireless security camera user.

To make the remote video camera better protect your home, high definition and good night vision are also essential. The higher resolution the camera is, the more helpful the captured image will be in catching the culprit. After all, you could not rush home from distance to catch the burglar on the spot, even if you know something is going on out there.

4. PTZ Security Camera with Remote Control – Reolink RLC-423

Want wider range remote viewing of security camera? Try RLC-423 with PTZ function. The PoE camera with only one cable for both power and data transmission is just as convenient as the wireless remote security camera which still needs at least a wire for power.

With this remote surveillance camera, you could join the winter fun at fingertips inside your warm house!

*Also check other security camera remote viewing clips via Reolink Video Channel.

5. Best Remote Video Monitoring System — Reolink RLK8-410B4

Except for the excellent quality of images (1440p), good night vision and PoE feature (plug and play), this remote video monitoring system offers you up to 8 channels in case that you need to add more remote surveillance cameras into the system. You will not want to bother with another NVR and switch back and forth between them in the software to monitor all places.

Besides, the extra channel leaves you enough flexibility to cope with any uncertainties and business expansion in the future. It is really useful for home and business security camera remote monitoring.

Perhaps, you could witness and keep a fun Halloween story as this remote video monitoring system Reolink RLK8-410B4 captured.

Note: The NVR provided works perfectly with all Reolink PoE remote security cameras. You are free to add any type of remote video cameras as your demand. And you may also design your own remote video surveillance system by using other remote security cameras and a NVR.

How to Set up Remote Viewing Security Camera

To remotely control the security cameras and systems mentioned above, there are 3 ways: via PC & Mac (by using free software: Reolink Client), iPhone &iPad (by downloading free mobile applications: Reolink App) or via a web browser. You can choose among them freely at your convenience.

You can use a web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge) to get remote viewing of security camera for your home/business with no plug-ins.

You are also free to use the third party software (like Blue Iris) if you already got other cameras and do not want to download another, but the free Reolink software (Reolink App and Client) are more advised for better security camera remote control experience with no monthly fees.

You need only 3 steps to get remote viewing of security camera both online and on mobile:

Remote Viewing Elderly at Home

#1. How can I see my security camera online?

To get remote viewing of security camera online, you can either do it via a PC client or web browser.

For PC client security camera remote control, you only need to download the remote controlling software, log in, and then you can see live view. That's it. Or you can type the IP address of your remote security camera in Google address bar, log in to the camera, and the live view will appear.

Note: Generally, you'll be required to set a new password for the first time use to keep your video clips safe.

#2. How can I see CCTV on mobile?

To get security camera remote control on the mobile phone, you need to download an app first, like the Reolink App. And then, launch the remote surveillance camera app, set a password (for the first-time use), and then you will see the live view of all the remote video cameras available on the LAN.

#3. How to configure the software to remotely view security cameras?

If you choose Reolink remote cameras or systems, you will need no other necessary configurations than simply set a password to get security camera remote control, and get professional and step-by-step instructions on the configuration of Reolink Client and app as well as browser if the above.

*You may also refer to How to Get Security Camera Remote Access for your remote cameras and systems.


To conclude, choose a 100% wire free remote CCTV camera to get remote control for home, an HD remote surveillance camera to monitor your outdoor area, and set up a remote camera system to gain access to your home, business as well as other places together.

If you have other demands, please leave us a message on the comment area, we will definitely find a customized solution for you.

  • Flora

    Hi Jim, you can access the security cameras across borders. And it's easy to realize that with Reolink cameras and the companion Reolink app, which is free to use.

    You only need to launch the Reolink app, login with the camera UID (unique ID number) and its password, and the live view appears. And remember to make sure the camera has a working Internet connection to your router.

    If the router network is not available, a cellular security camera like Reolink Go ( ) can easily help you get connected outside your country.

    If you have any further questions regarding the security camera remote viewing, please feel free to let us know.

    • Elizabeth Lindsey

      When I hit the push button it says "Failed to setup"

  • Elizabeth Lindsey

    I have the Reolink Argus 2 hooked up and on WiFi, but I can't see it when I'm away on my phone,no alerts. Nothing. Need instructions for dummies PLEASE.

    • Flora

      Hello Elizabeth, thanks for reaching out. Please make sure that the WiFi your camera uses is working properly, and that you've turned on the push notifications on the Reolink App.

      If the Reolink Argus 2 still doesn't work, you may contact our support team by submitting a quick online form via , which will help you troubleshoot and find a best solution with step-by-step guide.

  • Susan Carter-Joyce

    Can I use the system in more than one location at the same time if I add cameras?

    • Flora

      Hi Susan, sure, you can use the security cameras at any place as long as the network is avaliable. Hope this answers your question. : )

  • Ernest Steinmetz

    Do you sell a camera that can read a car license plate at 100 feet

  • Usman Hijazi

    Hi Flora, I am looking for a simple camera I can connect to my wifi which will give me alerts on any movement plus allow me to live stream of required. Which one would you suggest? Happy to have it plugged in for power supply

    • Flora

      Hi Usman, the Reolink RLC-410W would be a good fit in your case – it does everything you need with 4MP/5MP super HD resolution and dual-band WiFi for stronger network signal. Check it out here:

      Pls feel free to let me know if you have other questions.

  • Flora

    Hi Richard, the operative distance generally depends on the WiFi coverage of your router and can be affected by the working environment. And for Reolink cameras, you may refer to this FAQ article for the exact testing data and detailed info Hope this helps 😀

  • Jim Stroh

    Flora. We want to monitor the front door of our church building from inside the foyer and when motion is detected alert a few cell phones as well as stream the video to a PC or 2. I guess the PC app would be running, but I need it to come forward on the user's screen. What setup might you suggest.

    • Flora

      Hi Jim, the best selling Reolink Argus 2 would be a good fit. You can view the security camera live & footage via phone app or PC client, and set push notifications on your mobile phone to be alerted if something happens. However the pop-up message alert on the PC is currently not available (if that's what you need). Let me know if you have further questions 😉

      • Jim Stroh

        Thanks for your reply. I am going to go with one of the powered units to avoid the battery recharging issue.

        • Flora

          Hi Jim, in that case, I'd recommend the PoE camera RLC-410 . It's powered with an Ethernet cable, easy to use and install. Let me know if you have other requirements.

  • Flora

    Hi Seaver, you don't need to subscribe to the cloud or any other services, and the videos can be stored in the PC or NVR (here is how ) . And all Reolink cameras can be accessed via mobile app.

    The only thing you need to notice is that the Reolink cameras only work with Reolink NVR. And avoid the battery powered types if you want to record to the NVR (They store footage to the SD card).

    Here is a page that we'll keep updating the latest software and manual for users to download So don't worry about it.

  • wxman

    I need a motion activated video cam to watch a remote business stall and I need to access it from my android

  • SHAHID Rana

    If PTZ camera is to be needed for remote surveillance or viewing whether on day or night, then what would be the solution or modified form of your pesented solution???

  • Kevin Profota

    Flora, I have a few questions, looking for a system to use in a business application. Can I bounce a few questions off you?

    • Flora

      Hi Kevin, sure! You may leave your requirement of a system in the request here,, and our pre-sale team will come back to you asap. We are now offering special discounts for business applications as well! Please contact our pre-sale team for further info. 🙂

  • Robert

    I currently have the Argos 2. I need a camera to scan and have better picture quality (more definition). What do you recommend?

  • Robert

    I'm looking for camera with scanning, zooming and better clarity than the Argos 2 I presently have. What do you recommend?

    • Flora

      Hello Robert, are you looking for an indoor or outdoor security camera? E1 Zoom, a 5MP indoor PTZ camera, would be an ideal option. It comes with a pan-tilt feature and 3X optical zoom and 1920p sharp image quality. You may click here to learn more, Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  • Petrocelli Pete

    Hi Flora, I am looking for a camera, probably like the Argos 2 where I can record the motion activated video clips to my android device automatically. Presently, it seems that the record icon in your app must be pressed to record. Is there an automatic record feature in the app that will automatically record the video without manual input?

    My second question is can I automatically record motion activated video clips remotely to my PC via the internet. I would like to install the camera at our vacation property, and record the video clips automatically to my computer at home. Any links would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you, all the best, Cheers.

    • Flora

      Hello there, Argus 2 will record motion-triggered events automatically to a SD card when it detects any movement. If the camera is connected to a stable WiFi network, you will be able to view the camera remotely via Reolink app on your phone and Reolink Client on your PC.
      Also, you can download the recordings on the playback page via Reolink app/Client as long as you have inserted an SD card to the Argus 2 camera. You may use Reolink Cloud services as well. With Reolink Cloud services enabled, the Argus 2 camera will upload the recordings to the Cloud automatically . Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  • Joe Duke Skelton

    I need cameras for my shop that have remote view on iPhone, not sure if i'll have landline internet or satellite, will these work either way?

    • Flora

      Hi Joe, you may check if it is possible to add a WiFi router at your shop with the landline internet or satellite. If yes, you are able to set up cameras there and have remote viewing on smartphone. Hope this helps.

  • Flora

    Hello Steve, if you were purchasing Reolink cameras, you don't need a contract and no monthly fee is required. You just buy the camera that you are looking for and download the software,, to use the cameras. If you are planning to purchase any other brands, it is best to confirm if there are any contracts or monthly fees required before making a purchase. Hope this helps.



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