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The Top 6 Solutions for Rural Home Security System

Amanda Li12/7/2023
Rural Home Security System

Whether you live in an urban city or a rural area, home security matters as always. But while people enjoy a peaceful and idyllic life in secluded country homes, they are also exposed to potential security and property risks. Fortunately, we can protect rural homes with a bundle of security solutions.

You’ll learn the best security systems for rural homes, with or without WiFi and power outlets, along with other rural security ideas to keep your rural property safe from burglars and break-ins!

6 Simple Ways to Improve Rural Home Security

1. Install Rural Security Systems to Protect Your Property

Setting up a rural home security system is no doubt the best security solution for people living in rural or country areas.

Since houses in sparsely populated areas are usually located on large tracts of land, getting a security camera system would be the best choice. A heavy-duty rural security system allows you to monitor multiple places at the same time, including the front door, backyard, barns, farms, etc.

Furthermore, modern technology makes rural security systems more efficient as it allows you to access your system at any time with your mobile device. It's quite convenient for you to view live streams of your property and keep an eye on your valuables.

It doesn't matter even if your rural homes have no WiFi, Internet, or 4G network because rural security systems can provide you with 24/7 protection with NO internet connection.

Rural home security systems, coming with an NVR, will build their own subnet where the cameras and NVR can communicate with each other. And that means the cameras can record and save footage to the NVR without Internet! So you will never miss a thing on your rural property.

2. Use Smart Cameras to Ensure Rural Home Security

Some people will confront embarrassing situations like there being NO WiFi or power available in their rural homes.

In this case, a 4G security camera is the ideal option. The best rural security camera can work in all possible country conditions!

Running on a 4G LTE network and powered by a rechargeable battery (or solar panel), this rural security camera is independent of the WiFi network and electric outlets. It works for cabins, farms, beehives, or any isolated, rural houses.

With onboard detecting technology, Reolink Go Plus is smart enough to distinguish people/vehicles from other objects. In this way, it offers you accurate alerts instead of bothering you when wild animals pass by.

This advanced rural camera can be accessed via your smartphone as well. You can get real-time videos whenever you want and receive notifications if any questionable activity is taking place on your property. This means you can take swifter action in the event that criminal activity is detected.

3. Install Heavy-Duty Doors and Locks

Your doors are not only an entry point for you and your loved ones, but they are also an entry point for any possible intruders. The flimsier the doors and locks are, the greater the chance that your rural home could be broken into.

To buff up rural home security and prevent a possible intrusion, make sure that you have heavy duty doors that are made out of durable, high quality materials. All your exterior doors better have strike plates with four 3-inch screws, which can penetrate into the door. Besides, make all the door hinges face inward.

Also, make sure that your heavy-duty doors are secured with high-quality and solid locks. You can invest in a heavy-duty deadbolt lock with a throw bolt that's at least 1 inch. And use cylinder guards to prevent burglars from destroying the lock with a hammer or prybar.

For enhanced door security, consider installing advanced locking mechanisms, such as smart locks. Some smart locks will only open with a unique passcode while others require an approved fingerprint.

4. Light up You Rural Home

Rural properties in secluded remote areas and locations often have limited lighting once the sun goes down, thus facing a great risk of invasions and burglaries. With limited lighting, intruders can easily hide in the darkness and break into your home.

To ensure home security in rural areas, it's better to install a smart lighting system, such as motion-activated lights. Should any motion be detected, the lights will automatically turn on, which will help deter criminals and can help you see any criminal activity.

The smart lighting system should be installed in dark areas that tend to be entry points, such as corners of your home, barns, detached garages, sheds, wooded areas, and any other location that will be the hiding place for burglars.

5. Put Security Signs and Build a Fence

If you live in a small town far away from urban areas or police stations, you can also protect your rural home from intruders by putting security signs along with rural home security cameras.

Rural home security signs, like “Security camera in use” and “You are not lost. You’re trespassing”, can be put in your yard, driveway, etc. These warning signs can deter some opportunists with bad intentions.

Also, building a fence on your rural homestead helps protect your property from theft. The fence clearly defines the extent of your private property, which must not be invaded by strangers. Furthermore, it can prevent wild animals from entering your property and harming the livestock.

There are several kinds of fences to choose from: wooden fences, wire fences, electric fences, aluminum fence, chain-link fence, etc. You can choose the one that suits you best. To step up home security in rural areas, you can grow thorny bushes around the fence.

6. Keep a Dog to Watch Your Rural Property

Dogs can be your guardians more than friends. Keeping a dog can reduce your rural home's risk of burglary.

A dog with sharp teeth and noisy bark can deter would-be criminals. When a stranger comes near your rural property, the dog will bark fiercely and attract other people's attention.

Generally, there are two kinds of dogs you can choose from. One is a watchdog. Most breeds can be watchdogs. They are sensitive to unusual activities and will make continuous noise till the stranger leave or the owner is aware of the event.

The other one is a guard dog. Guard dogs are usually trained to protect homes. They will attack the intruder more than just making barks. Only some breeds can be guard dogs, including Akita, Bullmastiff, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, etc.

Whichever dog you choose to keep, do cherish its life. You need to be patient to raise it as a family. Love and care will make your dog more loyal and willing to protect your home from invasion.

One last thing to mention is that don't be too independent on your guard dogs. They can only stop some crimes but not all. Dogs are vulnerable to criminals with poisoned meat and weapons. Thus, you'd better take other actions to protect your rural homes besides keeping a dog.

Why Rural Property Security Matters

Let's learn some facts about home security in rural areas, so that we are able to take proactive actions to deal with it.There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to rural home security, one of which is that rural and off-grid homes are less prone to crime than urban cities.

While it is true that crime rates tend to be higher in more densely populated urban areas, the numbers don't differ by much. That is, rural areas do not face a very low risk of crimes due to their smaller populations.

Some people redeem that big cities are safer than small towns. Reasons include that there are more people in cities who can actually witness an invasion and the police nearby can provide timely support.

On the contrary, rural homes far away from neighbors and police stations have to wait longer times for assistance when crimes occur. This means that rural residents have to take more care of their properties.

So if you live in a remote, rural area that isn’t highly populated, do check out the following rural home security tips for you to keep your home, your loved ones, and your valuables protected.

Hottest Questions about Rural Home Security

Here are some questions people are most concerned about regarding rural home security.

How to secure a home in a rural area?

Here are the top 6 ways to secure your rural home, farm, ranch, and other properties.

  1. Install a security system to protect your property 24/7;
  2. Use smart cameras with person/vehicle detection;
  3. Replace wooden doors with heavy-duty metal doors and change locks
  4. Put motion-activated lights around your property
  5. Put security/alarm signs and build stronger fences
  6. Keep a watch/guard dog as an assistance

You can take one or more of these measures to make your rural property more secure.

What is the best security camera for a rural area?

Reolink provides some of the best security cameras/systems for people living in rural areas like farms and ranches. Its 4G cellular cameras like Reolink Go Plus are perfect choices because they don't need WiFi or Internet. These 4G cameras offer you live streams, remote access, person/vehicle detection with no monthly fees, and many other features.

Also, security camea systems like RLK8-800B4 from Reolink can watch your rural property 24/7. It has multiple cameras to cover your whole property and can work without WiFi. All the footage is saved to a local NVR for you to check recordings at any time. You can go to Reolink's official website for more detailed information.


How would you secure your rural homestead? Please share with us if you have more rural security solutions.


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