Is a home security system really necessary? Do I need a home video security system to put outdoors? What are the pros and cons of security systems? If all the questions about the importance of a home security system are bobbing in your mind, you are in the right place to figure out the answers here.

When it comes to your family and your home, safety is the number one concern. In the past decades home security systems have come a long way. Today, home security systems do more than just protect a home from intruders.

From controlling the lights in the home on your smart phone to calling emergency responders on your behalf, you should have a security system in place. Here are 10 reasons why every home should invest in and have an security video system today.
Secure Home with home Security System

10 Reasons Why You Should Need a Home Security System

As a home owner or a renter, you should consider the reasons below to install a home video security system. The pros are far more than the cons. If you have any other options in the topic “do I need security systems”, share with us in your comment.

Top 1. Protect and Secure Your Home with a Home Security System

The first reason why you should install a home security system is to secure what you care about. Installing a home security system means to protect your home and valuables, and to keep your family safe from potential break-ins by burglars.

In the United States, there is a home burglary that takes place every 13 seconds, 4 burglaries a minute, 240 an hour and nearly 6,000 a day! In the newest home burglary report, we’ve covered how often, how, and where the burglary would happen around you house and why home security is important. You can check to see all the statistics.

Many of you think that you are safe and that a burglary will never happen to your home, but with the number of burglaries so high, chances are that at some point in time everyone is likely to have their home or vehicle broken into. The best way to deter burglars from entering your home is by installing a home security system.

FBI burglary rates of homes state that 1 in 3 homes without a security system will fall victim to a burglary as compared to 1 in 250 homes that do have a security system.

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Top 2. Good for Fire Protection if You Have a Security System

While most people think of home security systems as a way to protect their homes from burglaries, what many people may not realize is that these systems can also protect homes from fires as well – a must, literally, to have a home security camera system.

About every twenty seconds a home fire is reported. A home security system can provide an early warning system for smoke in the home as well as warn of sources of the heat and contact the appropriate authorities. Heat detectors can be added to a home security system. These detectors can determine if a fire is building in the area of the home and provide advanced notice of even the smallest of changes in heat. And that can prevent further damage from fire.

Fire Protection with Home Security

Top 3. Manage Electricity with a Home Surveillance System

The third reason why you need a home surveillance system is that it helps to manage electricity. A home security system can be used to monitor your home’s energy use. How many times have we left our homes and realized that we left a hall light on or some appliance running? Remote access through the use of the home security system allows you to shut off the appliances no matter where you are. It can also be used to shut down heating or cooling devices when no one is home and to turn them back on just before you arrive.

Manage Electricity with Home Security

Top 4. Lower Home Owner’s Insurance Premiums

When you own a home, homeowner’s insurance is a necessity. And that’s closely related to the reason why you should need a home security. The cost of homeowner’s insurance varies based on coverage, payment options, location, insurance company, the type of home, as well as several other factors. A homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to cover losses or damages that may occur as a result of several types of devastating events. While many first time homeowners do not pay much attention to the cost of their home insurance policy, it is important to note that most insurance companies will provide a large discount to home owners who have a home security system installed.

Lower Insurance with Home Security

Top 5. Protect You from “Odorless” Gas with the System

Another importance of home security system is that it can protect you from potential risks. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is odorless and colorless, and it is found in combustion fumes. This gas is released from heating systems, stoves, burning wood, and among other things. Since human senses cannot detect carbon monoxide in the air, people are often blind-sided by carbon monoxide poisoning that can build up over time. Severe cases of carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death. A home security system can be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector as well. These alarm systems will detect high amounts of carbon monoxide in the home and alert the home owners, so that they can get out of the home right away and seek medical treatment for the possible side effects of this poisoning before it’s too late.

Gas Protection with Home Security

Top 6. Remotely Monitor with Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras

When traveling, you may worry about your home a lot. How to protect your home while on vacation? A home security and surveillance system provides homeowners with the ability to monitor your homes no matter where you are. This can provide a feeling of peace as you will be able to check on your home wherever you may be in the world.

Remote Monitor with Home Security

Top 7. Promote Home Automation with the System

Another reason why you should need home security camera systems is that they can help your home to be smart. In addition to the interactive services offered by home security system companies, there are now even more home automation services being offered as well. These systems include light controls, door locks, thermostats, etc. all of which can be put on your schedule providing an additional level of security. You can learn how to automate your home security system.

Home Automation with Home Security

Top 8. Constantly Monitor Your Home for 24/7

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of having a monitored home security system is that your home is being monitored at all times even when you cannot do it yourself. These systems offer 24/7 monitoring, and can track any significant events that occur at the home while you are away and dispatch emergency personnel if necessary.

Constant Monitor with Home Security

Top 9. Useful for Medical Assistance

Many home owners, especially those who live alone or are of an advanced age, may have concerns about medical conditions that they suffer from. A home security system can be equipped with emergency pulls or medical alert pendants that can be used in order to have emergency vehicles dispatched directly to the home when they are pulled. And that’s the importance of a home security system.

Top 10. Provide Peace of Mind with a Home Security Camera System

Overall, the main reason why we need a home security system is simple — it provides you with the peace of mind in knowing that your family and your home are secure, whether you are at home or on the road. When you are at home you can fully relax knowing that you are safeguarded from theft, vandalism, fire, and other threats. When you are traveling you know that your alarm system will alert the authorities should any problem occur at your home.

Other Reasons Why You Should Have a Home Security/Surveillance System

• Protect your pet. It also helps to keep your pet busy while you’re not home.

• Increase your home value especially when it comes to selling your house.

• Home security systems with indoor and outdoor cameras enable you to view the inside and outside space of your home

Pros and Cons to Have a Security System at Your Home

Pros: All the reasons listed above are the pros for a security system at home. You may figure out more.

Cons: Some security systems may cost you every month for maintenance (while some are not), and you may need to secure your home security cameras for better safety consideration.

Conclusion of Installing a Home Security System

Network video recorders and IP cameras can provide all of the information that is necessary about the happenings in and around your home. Adding a home security system is a good idea for any home for the above reasons and many more. Take the time to do some research and then choose the home security system that best meets your needs. Any type of security system for your home should be seen as an investment and is worth the money spent.

  • Faylinn Byrne

    My husband thinks that we need more protection in our home and we have been debating about whether or not to get a home security system. I have been hesitant about it, because I didn’t think that it was too necessary. However, I really like the idea that it would help us to detect odorless gas, because one of my worst fears is that something could happen if carbon monoxide wasn’t detected.

    • If you install a home security system, you can equip it with a carbon monoxide detector as well. Thus it will detect high amounts of carbon monoxide in the home and alert you.

  • Very informative article! Yes to make home more protection then you need to installed a home security system.

  • nicely explained, great information

  • David Cole

    Very informative! nice job

  • Vandy Vincent

    Νίκαια για να διαβάσετε αυτό το write-up, τα συστήματα ασφαλείας στο σπίτι είναι πραγματικά απαραίτητο να εξασφαλίσει το σπίτι γραφεία και άλλα κτίρια. Θα ήθελα να μοιραστώ το blog μου σε ελληνικές λέξεις διαβάσετε αυτό:

  • […] Many of you are caught on cameras for about 70 times and that happens mostly in workplaces, shops, or other public places with surveillance cameras installed. And the number will increase largely because more and more residents are installing home security cameras outdoors to prevent and catch burglars (see Top 10 Reasons to Install a Home Security Camera System). […]

  • francisco

    Always remember to call a local security company instead to do it by your self, that will cost you more money at the end if Insurance company find the owner did it by it self, is like running a cable from a main electrical panel to a washer machine you want to install in some area where you don’t have an electrical outlet. If this start a fire later on and if the authorities found the installation in that outlet was wrong and cause the fire, the investigation will end on you will pay because to fix your home because you did it by your self, thinking you know it is easy and any one can do it, plus you will pay to the town because you did some thing with knowing the electrical code.
    the alarm system codes are the same and the reason a License for alarm system installation is required in most states is because you need to know what you are doing and how, more if this is for save life’s or keep the bad people outside your properties.
    A local security company will give you a better understanding of what you need, the extra $200 you may pay with a security copany is value if they are the ones who will handle you a 1 year warranty and if you have any issue after that they will be there. Keep in mind the license is because the F.B.I check background and they pass the state test to be installers.

    • You have raised a very good point. If the installation required is beyond your capability, you can certainly seek help from professional installers. But for some DIY security cameras and systems, there is no need to call a security company. The installation process is simple even for beginners.

      • francisco

        You hqve a good point here.
        For security cameras yes anyone can do it.
        For alarm systems where is involved lives, I am 100% people we love to know every thing works fine and it will be working agter is installed it, also people forgot the liability point of view of insurance. If you install by your self a new set of brakes in your vehicle to save some dollars and you got an accident and the accident was on investigations and show at the end it was because you forget to place the safetu device and the insurance found this issue and ask where you do your breaks so we can go and claim every thing we are paying to you…you will say, I did it by my self.
        Where you thing the investigations and suspicious will go.
        More and more people install alarms system by it self and more and more you see them in courts defendant their self from insurance claim they did it in porpuse, insurance think they did that wrong to claim millions. More you see on TV news about people who install alarm security by it self die because the CO sensors didn’t work.
        So this is the momentum for this wireless system companies for good or bad more insurance companies ask if owners did the job or a professional security company with license did the job.
        Nothing wrong to do all you can by your self and save money, just they are things what involve life, family, pets and you don’t want to play to be a license security technician for them.

  • Annika Larson

    Especially now that we have kids in the house, we want to make sure it is a safe place for them. We are thinking of getting a security system, but want to make sure this is a beneficial investment. I hadn’t thought about how a home security system could provide early warning for smoke in the home and contact authorities like you said, but this is a great benefit.

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  • This article brings up several great points. A lot of these items people never consider.I’ve been considering a home security system for quite some time. I’m especially interested in companies that allow you to control the system from your smartphone and give you the ability to lock down your home with a simple click of a remote located on your keychain.

    • Hi, yes, a home security system can bring you many benefits. And if you are interested in buying one for your home, here are two best wired and wireless security camera systems that you can control them from your smartphone: /product/rlk4-210wb4/, /product/rlk8-410b4/.

  • Bashir Ahmad

    Hello Dear Yolanda,

    my name is bashir, studying as a master degree in Japan.
    my research topic is deterrence of suicide attacks in Kabul city using detection technology such as surveillance cameras, and intelligent transportation applications and so on.
    as the security and government sectors are not functioning well in the city, i am suppose to ask people’s willingness to pay for a safer city. therefore i need a questionnaire which ask people for their willingness to pay.

    I think the idea of home security can be implement in the city in a larger approach with technological.

    off course asking information from people for their willingness to pay need basic information regarding the services you are proposing them, so please give me some information regarding the security system and packages.