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11 Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

11 Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Are you planning to file a leave for a vacation mode? Well, taking a leave from work or at school is a great way to unwind. But, this comes along with a lot of things for you to consider. And of course, you need to secure your home while you are away.

Whether it is a quick or long vacation, you need to implement some precautionary measures to secure the safety of your property and other belongings. There are also a few things that you need to keep in mind in making your vacation stress - free and fun.

In connection with this, here are some of the important yet simple things that you need to remember before leaving for a short or long vacation. These 11 ways are proven helpful to prevent burglary and unauthorized entry.

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1. Put on a sign that someone is at home

Make sure that there is a moderate or a light noise as it may only discourage all those burglars. This will give an impression that someone is at home. This is also a simple and effective way to discourage burglars from entering your property without your authorization.

Sign on Door

You can also put your lights on at home on a time alert or timer. In addition, you can also set the radio and television on a timer for all of those flickering lights and typical noise. Hire someone to mow your lawn at least once or twice a week. During the winter season, you can hire someone to remove the snow.

2. Do not announce your vacation dates

Are you one of those people who often announce the details of their vacation? If yes, all those bad guys may just enter your house. You might be overwhelmed with your approved. And, you let everyone knows about it on the social media.

Bear in mind that posting such information online means putting your property at risk. Placing a sign outside your house is simply like saying ‘’I’m not home, Welcome Burglars!’’. Always stay on the safe and secure side. It is also best to mention about the trip. But, this is until you are finally back. Keep in mind that burglars nowadays prefer to target people who are simply on a vacation mode.

3. Spare a key to someone you trust

It is highly recommended for you to give your trip contact information to any of your family member, neighbor or a friend whom you trust. This way, they can contact you especially during emergency situations. If possible, it is also good to ask a trusted person to monitor or watch your house from time to time while you are away. As a return, you should do exactly the same to them when they go out on a vacation. This will serve as a win-win situation.

Spare a Key

4. Remember to unplug all of the appliances

Don’t forget to unplug appliances before leaving your home, except those appliances on timers. This is the only way to ensure that your home will be protected from any power surge and electrical fire. Apart from the safety purpose, unplugging some appliances while you are away helps you further in saving some money.

5. Talk to your trusted alarm company

It is important for you to also contact your home security service provider to let them know that you will leave. Don’t forget that all window and door alarms should work. These should also be ready when you take your vacation.

By contacting them, you will simply be guided in dealing and setting your alarms at the house. It is also good if you will contact them to check the overall performance of your alarms. This way, you will know which of these alarms work well.

6. Install a home security system

According to the FBI, in 2014, there were an estimated 1,729,806 burglaries in United States. Statistics indicated that homes without security systems are up to 3 times more likely to be burglarized. We suggest to install a home security system as you will be able to view live video of your home on your phone, and receive alarms of incursion.

7. Keep your belongings and valuables

Do you want to enjoy more of your vacation travel alone or with companions? For sure, you want to have a memorable and stress-free vacation. Well, you can enjoy more of your vacation. This is simply because you have known from the start that your property is protected against harm and unauthorized entry.

Enjoy your vacation by means of having an assurance that all of your valuables at home are placed at their safest places. Well, you can easily secure all your valuables by implementing all of the security measures. Regardless of a short or long trip, make sure to lock up all important documents, sensitive documents, wills, jewelry and other valuables in a safe and fire-proof area.

8. Check the doors, windows and other entry points at your house

It is essential for you to check the functionality of all doors, windows and entry points around your house. Make sure that burglars will find it hard entering your house. Put necessary and additional security tools at different entry points at your house.

9. Position your curtains just like when you are at home

Is it best to close or open your curtains before leaving? By means of closing your curtains, this helps in preventing people from scrutinizing your house. This also helps avoid those people (police, neighbors and friends) from monitoring your house. Thus, this is simply a good idea that you should not miss out. Bear in mind that noticeable changes may give some hint to burglars that you are not home.

10. Ask someone to monitor your mails or send "Stop" order on newspapers and mail

With all those piled newspapers and mails in front of your house, these may give a hint to burglars that no one is at your house. It is essential for you to also ask a friend to monitor your mails or newspapers. Better yet, inform the company that is responsible in the newspaper delivery.

11. Don’t forget to move out the spare key

The usual instinct of burglars is to check for the spare key. So, it is important that you move out your spare key before you go out or leave for vacation.

Now, you have learned more about the ways to protect your home while on vacation!


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