Elderly security cameras have made it a reality for you to watch your elderly parents and grandparents from afar anytime on your phone or computer, which are especially useful if you don't live with them.

Statistics show that about 28% (12.5 million) of non-institutionalized older persons live alone in the US. Approximately 1 in 10 Americans aged 60 or more have experienced some form of elder abuse.

Given this, the importance of elderly monitoring systems is increasingly prominent. And here are some examples of the typical usages of elderly monitoring cameras:

  • You can install elderly security cameras to check on parents/grandparents with Alzheimer's or mobility issues.
  • A two-way audio camera monitoring system for elderly allows you to listen and talk to your loved ones.
  • The nanny cameras for elderly parents or grandparents can be used for watching caregivers or monitoring nursing homes to ensure they are away from elderly abuse.
  • If you are a retiree and live alone, a simple monitoring system for elderly in the home will secure your home and provide you with around-the-clock peace of mind.

Now, lets' dive into the video surveillance for elderly monitoring and safety, and learn how to choose the best security cameras for the elderly.


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Can You Install Elderly Monitoring Cameras/Systems? That Depends

Before installing a video monitoring system for elderly in the home or in assisted living facilities, you may concern whether you have the right to do so.

Well, the legality of video monitor for elderly varies with different circumstances.

1. Monitoring Systems for the Elderly in Home

Some seniors regard room monitor for elderly as an intrusion of right while others appreciate the idea of video surveillance for elderly monitoring and safety.

It is wise of you to consult with them first on installing security cameras for elderly apartment. Never act on your own without obtaining the consent of your parents or grandparents.

Even the seniors agree on the elderly monitoring systems, you cannot place the nanny camera for elderly parents in places where your family members, guests and caregivers have an expectation of privacy, such as the bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, etc.

Besides, you must make sure your elderly monitoring cameras and systems are secure, in avoidance of leaking any private information (click here to learn how).

 Elderly Alone in Home

2. Nanny Cams for Elderly Parents/Grandparents in Nursing Homes

The legality of nanny cam systems for elderly parents in nursing homes varies from state to state.

In Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas, you can legally put a granny cam system in your senior's nursing-home room. And several other states have been considering following suit.

In addition, a notice of a granny cam system in use must be placed outside the room and the nanny camera for elderly parents should be in plain sight. If your senior has a roommate, the roommate must grant permission to the elderly video monitoring systems.

How to Choose Best Elderly Security Cameras

Just start to research elderly security camera options and don't know where to start?

When you select a camera monitoring system for elderly, consider the following questions first to locate the right elderly monitoring systems.

What Are the Required Features of Elderly Monitoring Camera Systems for You

Firstly, you need to figure out why you want an in home monitoring system for seniors and where you intend to place the elderly security cameras.

For example, if you simply need a video monitoring system for elderly in the home that can allow you to check up on the seniors when you are not there, easy remote viewing and high-quality video quality would be the essential features.

And the two-way audio can be a huge highlight if you want to talk to your beloved elderly parents or grandparents, like inquiring about their health conditions.

Or if you are a retired senior citizen living alone and want a senior monitoring system to protect your home against burglaries, easy installation, smart motion detection and high resolution are the can't-miss features for you.

Is It Difficult to Install & Maintain Home Monitoring Systems for Seniors

The best cameras for elder care should be as simple as possible, so that your parents/grandparents (or yourself) can install them independently without the need to hire professionals.

Ongoing maintenance of in home monitoring systems for seniors will be another factor you should consider.

The truth is that those reliable elderly monitoring cameras and systems require little maintenance.

And even in the unfortunate case that your security camera for elderly goes wrong, you may contact the camera seller and usually the reputable brands would get back to you responsively within 24 hours.

Can Elderly Monitoring Systems Work Without Internet

The answer depends on how you expect your elderly security cameras to "work".

Elderly monitoring cameras with a memory card (slot), like Reolink E1 Pro, can still record motion events onboard if your parents' home (or your home) has no network.

And the elderly motoring systems, which work their proprietary network for video transmission, are also able to record continuously even without Internet.

So if you simply want to record on-site, the elderly monitoring cameras and systems will work to your satisfaction without network.

However, the Internet connection for traditional senior monitoring systems is a must if you want to check on your elderly parents/grandparents in real time, or be alerted when the front, back or garage door opens.

Luckily, the 4G/3G cellular elderly monitoring cameras, like Reolink Go, have offered you an independent security solution if your elderly parents’ home or the senior living facility has no WiFi connection.

In virtue of the cellular-based monitoring systems for the elderly in the home, you can keep informed of what's happening to your loved seniors via smartphones anytime & anywhere.

Reolink Go

100% Wire-Free 3G/4G LTE Mobile Camera

No WiFi & Power Needed; Rechargeable Battery or Solar Powered; 1080p Full HD; Starlight Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; Live View Anytime Anywhere.

Do Elderly Monitoring Systems Require Add-on Costs or Long-Term Contracts

Add-on charges and a long-term contract of elderly monitoring cameras and systems make it difficult for you to predict costs.

Instead of being lured by the cheap price of certain elderly security cameras with hidden fees ahead, choose the reliable elderly monitoring system brands, like Reolink, which will offer you a clear price of surveillance cameras with no contracts or monthly fees.

Best Home Monitoring Cameras & Systems for the Elderly

Confronted with so many elderly security cameras available, you may wonder which the best camera for elderly care is. Below are the recommendations of some best in home monitoring systems for seniors.

1. Easy-to-Use Elderly Monitoring Cameras

If you want the best in home security cameras for elderly, Reolink is certainly your top choice. The products Reolink Argus 2 and E1 Pro are both great options as elderly monitoring cameras for you.

Reolink Argus 2 rechargeable battery security camera is a totally wire-free in home camera for senior citizens, which can be moved from room to room based on your needs. It can also serve as the best camera for elder care in the nursing home/facilities with its sleek design and versatility.

In virtue of the PIR motion sensor, this elderly monitoring camera features smart elderly monitoring, which enables you to receive real-time alerts in case of any emergencies.

Thanks to its function of two-way talk, it is also an ideal security camera for elderly companion. You are free to speak and listen to your elderly parents or grandparents anytime and anywhere, expressing your deep concern.

No need to worry that your seniors may have difficulty in the installation or use!

Reolink Argus 2 is truly an easy-to-use elderly monitoring camera with its plug and play feature. And the video below would be the most convincing proof:

Reolink Argus 2

100% Wire-Free Starlight Camera

Rechargeable Battery & Solar Powered; Outdoor/Indoor Protection; 1080 Full HD; Starlight Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; Live View Anytime Anywhere.

If you want a plugged-in version of elderly security cameras, Reolink E1 Pro is a perfect option as a monitoring camera for elderly in the home with its rich features and easy installation.

Its sleek design, PT function and 1440p high definition also make it the best video monitoring system for elderly in the home and a hidden nanny camera for nursing homes. You can easily log into the free Reolink App/Client on your smartphone or computer to keep tabs on your parents/grandparents or caregivers.

It is also a simple security camera for elderly who are not a tech savvy. The setup can be completed in just several minutes – an optimal option as a elderly monitoring camera for technically challenged parents.

Reolink E1 Pro

Wireless Pan-Tilt Smart Home Camera

Smart, Powerful and Affordable All-Round Home Protection. 355° Pan and 50° Tilt; 4MP Super HD, Two-Way Audio, 2.4/5 GHz WiFi, with Google Assistant Integration.

2. Best Simple Elderly Monitoring Systems

If you prefer an elderly monitoring system to keep tabs on multiple areas, Reolink can also provide a variety of choices to you.

Reolink RLK8-410B4 is one of the easy-to-use in-home monitoring systems for seniors with four 4MP/5MP high definition PoE IP cameras. You can place the nanny cams for elderly parents in different rooms based on your needs.

For example, the home monitoring system for seniors can be installed in the kitchen to see whether your elderly parents or grandparents are eating or taking medication on time.

This remote elderly monitoring system also helps you stay visual contact with the seniors while you are living miles away. You can watch live videos from afar anytime on your phone or computer to see if there are any concerns.

In case you are an aged person and want to secure your home against break-ins or thefts, you may place these simple elderly security cameras in those critical entrances, like your front door, back door, garage, etc.

Reolink RLK8-410B4

8-Channel PoE Security System

4 pcs 5MP/4MP Security Cameras; 2TB HDD 8-Channel NVR for 24/7 Reliable Recording; Plug & Play; 2 Network Solutions.

If you want a wireless elderly monitoring system, you may set it up with all types of Reolink wireless IP cameras and the Reolink NVR. Installation of this DIY project is a cinch even for the seniors. Just power on and it can start to work.

The DIY wireless home monitoring system for elderly also supports 24/7 continuous recording. If you miss any live videos on your phone or computer, you can replay the footage on different days or hours.

If necessary, video surveillance for elderly monitoring and safety can serve as evidence to prosecute those potential thieves or abusive caregivers.

How to Keep Tabs on Your Elderly Parents with Elderly Monitoring Cameras

"I'm setting up an elderly monitoring camera for my mother in her apartment. I need to connect remotely to view the camera and make sure everything is all right."

Maybe this is one of the main purposes for you to install a monitoring system for elderly in the home, that is, for remote surveillance.

And it can be quite easy for you to monitor your elderly parents via the elderly monitoring systems.

Normally when you buy a senior monitoring system, you'll be offered with free security camera software (like Reolink App and Client) to access the camera remotely on your smartphones or computers.

You simply need to download the free software of elderly security cameras, enter the UID and password to add your cameras, and then you can tap into a video feed to keep tabs on your loved ones remotely. (Click here to learn the detailed steps.)

Elderly Monitoring System Reviews

"We used a granny cam system for my father who was developing dementia, he approved it at the time and it was a big help in monitoring him while we were not with him."

As is said above, many of those who have installed in home monitoring systems for seniors regard the elderly security system as a Godsend.

Want more information on elderly monitoring system reviews to find a useful one? Here is a look at the reviews of a monitoring system for seniors, Reolink RLK8-410B4 recommended above for your information.

"The Reolink RLK8-410B4 NVR kit is ideal for those who want a plug and play system. Since the cameras and NVR are from the same manufacturer, you will not face any compatibility issues."

Before purchasing granny cam systems, it is also important to figure out what kind of elderly monitoring cameras or systems suits you best.

The indoor elderly security cameras are generally great for general surveillance in kitchens, bedrooms and hallways. While the weatherproof elderly monitoring cameras are ideal for monitoring front and back doors to see who's coming by and to ensure your elderly parent isn't wandering off.

If you want to have a record of all activities inside and outside the home in case you need to review it later, or one camera alone fail to meet your needs, an elderly monitoring system is absolutely a good choice.

Note: If the budget is your main concern, you can grasp some practical tips on how to save money when buying a monitoring system for elderly in the home.

For those who are still hesitating about choosing the best home monitoring cameras and systems for seniors, hopefully you can find a suitable one from the recommendations above. And please feel free to comment below if you need any assistance!

  • William Filipiak

    I need a system for my parents home. My mother is elderly and forgetting things all the time. My father is still quite active and does lots of wood working projects in his detached garage to make some money. Us kids want a system of 2 or maybe 3 cameras inside the house to keep an eye on my mother and they would be fed to a TV in the garage so my dad can keep an eye on her while he is out there working. He is not tech savvy and cannot use a smart phone. We don't mind if the cameras are wifi compatible so our family can log in and see how she is doing but we need a system that will display the feeds on a TV in his shop. recording is not necessary just a live feed. He needs to know she is ok while he is not in the house. Can you help me???

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello William, Reolink RLK-410B4, an 8-channel PoE security kit that comes with 4 PoE IP cameras, would be an ideal option. This security system features plug & play easy configuration so even beginners can set it up on their own, which suits your needs perfectly.
      After connecting the NVR to the TV with a VGA/HDMI cable, your father will be able to watch the live view of cameras installed indoors and outdoors.
      Also note that this security system is now available with 25% off and you may learn more here, https://reolink.com/product/rlk8-410b4/. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  • Andrew McBride

    I have 4 Reolink Pro cameras which I want to install on the ceiling to prevent my elderly father (ex engineer) with dementia from dismantling them which he normally does with electronic devices. However the power cable is only 3 metres. I have serached in local shops & online but can not find an extension cable for the E1 power adapter 5V1A jack size 2.8mm *0.65. Can you direct me where I can source an extension for the Reolink E1 Pro?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi Andrew, we have forwarded your case to our R&D team and they don't suggest that you add an extension cable for the E1 Pro security camera since it may lead to some potential issues. You may consider using a power strip instead.Hope this helps. 🙂

  • Nancy Jacque

    I live in Cleveland, Ohio and my elderly mother lives in Rochester, New York. She has dementia and I have been taking care of her long distance (phone conferencing) for the past several months. I am planning to return to Rochester to care for her, however, in the meantime, I am searching for a camera/video system that can be used so I can see her and talk to her without her having to operate the system; something that I can turn on and off from where I am and my family can do the same to assist with taking care of her. Is there such s system that has a big enough monitor for her to see and talk with us and vice versa? Please help I am at a loss 🙁

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello Nancy, thank you for reaching out. You may take a look at E1 series cameras, which feature 2-way audio and allow you to listen in and talk back via the mobile app. Please note that none of our cameras come with any monitor. Learn more, https://reolink.com/product/e1-pro/.

  • Heather Jackson

    I would like a simple system that would allow us to check on my mom, who still lives independently but has dementia and is up and down at night. Do any of these cameras have motion detectors that can notify us if she is up in the middle of the night?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi, Heather. Take a look at RLK8-410B4 camera systems, which features high-quality night vision, real-time motion alerts and 24/7 recording. Set the cameras to cover your mom's house. Once the camera system catches her motion at the night you will immediately receive a notification via phones. Check it here https://reolink.com/product/rlk8-410b4/.
      Or you can just simply have a few E1 cameras without an NVR, which are good room monitors for the elderly and are easy to install. Click here to know more https://reolink.com/product/e1/.

  • Jeff

    Hi. Our Dad is living in a memory care facility. We aren't interested in monitoring him as he is well cared for. What we are looking for is a simple method to call him with a two-way video call but that is very simple (for obvious reasons) to operate on his end. It seems all the elderly communications are focused on invasive sort of technology which may be appropriate in most cases. But for us, we just want him to be able to easily call and answer with a Skype-like program and easy screen that doesn't cost a lot of money.

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi, Jeff. Reolink security cameras that supports two-way audio can meet your need. You can try Reolink E1 series cameras. They are affordable and can work with Google Home and Alexa. So if you put one in your place and another in your dad's place, either of you can have two-way video call by just saying ”Hey Google, show me...” or ”Alexa, show me...”

      • Jeff

        Thanks for your reply, Jenny! We're looking into it.

      • Jeff

        Hi again, Jenny. That camera (Reolink E1) looks perfect. So we would need a screen for him to look at. I guess, but don't know for sure, that that would probably be a computer, which he is unable to use. Do you know of some sort of dedicated non-computer monitor that would pair with the camera and not need to have computer? I'm guessing not, but if I didn't ask I'd wonder! 🙂

        • Jenny Hu

          Hi, Jeff. If you have an Amazon Alexa device, like Alexa Echo Show, you don't need an extra screen. You just speak ”Alexa, show me the E1″ or words like that, the live view will be displayed on the Alexa Echo Show.

  • Dan Stolze

    Hi. We want to set up a camera for our elderly aunt. She has 24-hour caregivers (rotating) who are in the house, but not in her bedroom at night. We would like the caregivers to get a notification if she gets up in the middle of the night, but not necessarily during normal activity during the day. Can you recommend the best way to set it up to facilitate that?



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