Looking for cheap security cameras? Wondering the cheapest way for your home or business security? If you are searching “best fake security cameras”, and considering installing the fake stuff for your house, stop there. Cheap doesn’t mean fake. You should get to know fake security cameras, or fake outdoor security cameras.

What is a Fake Security Camera

A fake security camera is also called a dummy camera, a simulated camera, or a decoy camera. Whatever the name is, it is a non-functional surveillance camera. The fake security cameras are specially designed to look like the real security cameras (in appearance), but never have the functions of the real ones.

Some of you may prefer fake outdoor security cameras to install outside your house, because you think they can fool intruders and stop break-ins. They can’t, however.

Fake Security Cameras

Should You Buy Fake Security Cameras

“Should I buy dummy security cameras”, “Do fake security cameras really work”, “Where to buy a dummy surveillance camera” ……

Those are some of the frequently asked questions about fake security cameras. There are pros and cons of fake security cameras. The pros, however, matter little to your security. Fake security cameras, or fake surveillance cameras, don’t work to secure your house and your business, but the real outdoor security cameras will do. Do not buy or use fake security cameras. See the reasons below.

Reasons Why You Should Not Buy or Use Fake Security Cameras

Here are top 10 reasons why you should not buy or use fake security cameras. Please note that fake security cameras, dummy security cameras, fake surveillance cameras, simulated security cameras, and decoy security cameras are the same thing.

1. Fake Security Cameras are Easily Identifiable

Burglars or thefts are much cleverer than you think. It only takes about 60 seconds for a burglar to break into your house. A knowledgeable or experienced criminal can easily identify a dummy camera, because almost all the fake cameras feature blinking light, the single-wire connection (missing wires) and the arbitrary movement of the lens.

When a burglar knows all are fake security cameras, you house must be the target, seriously.

2. Fake Surveillance Cameras Can’t Record and Catch Anything

All criminals are afraid of being caught “in the act”. A real surveillance camera can record for 24/7 or anytime you want, and it will catch whatever happens around your home, while a fake surveillance camera is only the decoration. Fake security cameras won’t help to record anything, even a theft is breaking into your yard and ready to invade into your house. This is too bad, especially when you are on vacation. See top 11 ways to protect your home while on vacation.

Dummy Camera Can't Catch Burglarss

3. No Remote Access with Dummy Security Cameras

One of the supper excellent features of real security cameras is that you can remote access your home. On your mobile device, you can get live views inside and outside your house wherever you are and whenever it is. However, dummy security cameras offer you nothing.

You won’t know who is in your house, if your children are back from school, does the baby wake up, what the dog is getting into, and whether your package arrives. Nothing in mind, and no peace of mind.

Remote Access of Security Cameras

4. Dummy Surveillance Cameras Never Push Alerts When Danger Occurs

What if someone breaks into your house? Fake security cameras can never inform you. You don’t know what happens in your houses and don’t know when it happens. However, a real surveillance camera can tell you and show you all – it will push alerts to you, both notifications and emails, when it detect motions and find dangers. Therefore, you can take actions to deal with the events, like call 911, to reduce your loss.

5. Fake Security Cameras Create a False Sense of Security

It’s dangerous when someone takes undue advantage of fake security systems. You can’t stop one or some of your neighbors leaking out the fake camera information. When that happens, it can open up scope for crime in your area. Some unpleasant neighbors could use your fake security cameras to commit crimes for setting their personal scores.

6. Dummy Security Cameras May Buy You a New Lawsuit

Dummy security cameras can cause legal issues. No joking. Several home and business owners have been sued for using fake security cameras over the past years. They were said to have provided a “false sense of security”. Here is the case:

An employee parks his cars and leaves his valuables intentionally within the company premises in the full view of the security camera. He returns to find that the car and the valuables have been stolen. When he asks to take a look at the video footage, his employer has nothing there because it’s a fake security camera. The employer has to battle a lawsuit.

7. Dummy Cameras Reveal Too Much

You may think you are clever to mix real and dummy cameras together in your security system. It’s not, actually. When the dummy cameras are put together with the real ones, they are more obviously identified as the real “fake” ones.

8. Fake Cameras Can’t Prove Anything

Unfortunately, when the crook commit a crime, the fake cameras can never prove any proof. There is no face to identify, and no solid evidence to help the police catch the bad guy. Your valuables will never come back.

9. Real Security Cameras are Not That Expensive

Many of you prefer the fake security cameras because they are inexpensive. Actually, there are many cheap actual security cameras that really save you a lot of money. Take Reolink as an example. It offers supper good 4MP HD IP security cameras with respectable & affordable prices. Moreover, it also provides amount of coupons every mouth, which means you can get the best security cameras for free!

10. You Can Get Real Security Cameras Very Easy

Real security camera purchase is quite easy. You can buy security cameras from retail stores, from Amazon, from eBuy, from Walmart, or from some companies’ official websites. Do remember to select a reliable brand and company. P.S, installing an actual security cameras system is quite easy.

You Should Buy and Use Real Security Cameras

Homes without security camera systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into. Do not make your home or business the target of crimes, and never put your family and property into the risk of being robbed just because you use fake security cameras for your house.

Do remember, your security should not equal to or mean “fake”. Some people may persuade you to use fake security cameras (or fake surveillance cameras) for some purpose (like they want you to buy their fake products), and you may find fake security cameras in Canada, UK, United States, or in other areas. Do stay clear-minded when choose your own security cameras.

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