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Top 8 Theft Deterrents: Boost Your Home Security in Every Way

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Actually, you don’t have to build a home like Fort Knox to deter burglars. You can just use some essential deterrent gadgets to stop thieves from breaking into your property.

We’ve made an ultimate list of best theft deterrents, just for you, who are looking for tried-and-tested burglar deterrent gadgets. We will also introduce some useful tips on how to deter burglars to safeguard your home.

Best Burglar Deterrents: Top 8 Picks You Should Never Miss

Best deterrent for burglars should be able to prevent an intruder from breaking into your home, or stop a crime as soon as possible. Now check the below effective theft deterrent systems to stop intruders invading your home, shop or car.

1. Security Cameras

Security cameras act as one of the most powerful tools to deter theft. Some of OPs asked questions on forums, like “Do surveillance cameras deter home burglars? Is CCTV a deterrent?”

You can check the below top 3 evidence to see the effectiveness of security cameras acting as a thief deterrent.

  • Evidence 1. According to the UNC Charlotte of Criminal Justice, 60% of convicted burglars would confirm if there is a home security camera before they broke into the house. And 40% of them would seek another easier target if there is a surveillance camera.
  • Evidence 2. From the survey of Electronic Security Association, about 83% of thieves would first determine whether a home has a CCTV camera before committing the intrusion. And 60% of them would typically avoid homes with security cameras.
  • Evidence 3. A home owner shared a video on YouTube, showing how the security camera Reolink RLC-810A captured a rude package delivery. You can watch the video below.

If the worst situation happens — a burglar breaks into your home, your security cameras can capture the thief’s face, and record the whole event for your later investigation.

With clear images, police can help you catch the thief much more easily.

Avoid using fake security cameras to deter a thief, since they are more like a “décor” instead of an intruder deterrent.

2. Alarm Systems or Sirens

Alarms and sirens are also useful anti-burglar devices. Audio or sound of home security deterrents would scare away those thieves. Burglars hate attention. That’s the main reason why burglar alarms and sirens are effective on deterring thieves.

Statistics show that 46% of burglars would tend to avoid homes with alarm systems or sirens. But wait. One of the biggest drawbacks of alarm systems and sirens is that they could not record videos for evidences.

If a thief breaks into your home, you could not get images or videos of the intruder. It would be extremely difficult for the police to catch the bad guy without any evidences.

So the best solution is to install both security cameras and burglar alarms.

Thanks to the advanced technology, some innovative security camera companies have developed all-in-one security cameras.

Take Reolink Argus® 3 Pro as an example. This security camera can record motion detection events and offer instant voice alarms automatically when there are any dangers. With the two-way audio function, you can even scare off the thieves by shouting at them.

Reolink Argus 3 Pro

2K 100% Wire-Free Spotlight Camera

2K 4MP Super HD, Battery/Solar Powered, Person/Vehicle Detection, 5/2.4 GHz Dual-Band WiFi, Color Night Vision, Two-Way Audio.

3. Outside Lights

Outdoor security deterrent lights that stay on periodically transfer a signal to the burglar that this home is occupied. Burglars would tend to skip occupied homes with auto deterrent LED lights.

Motion-sensing lights would be a better option, since they can alert you when someone is trying to approach your home. And those coward burglars might be scared away by the suddenly bright lights on your porch or driveway.

Do Outdoor Lights Deter Burglars

4. Security Signs & Stickers

Burglary deterrent signs and stickers is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to deter burglars.

For example, after you’ve installed a security camera, you can put up a sticker near the entrance of your property, such as your garden, driveway entrance, back door, etc. saying that “This Home Is Under 24/7 Surveillance”.

Such a deterrent option can deter quite a number of opportunistic thieves. You can even DIY a homemade sign with some hardboards.

Fake Security Signs

If you have the same questions as the below posters, like:

  • Do security company yard signs (ADT, etc.) actually deter criminals from breaking into a home?
  • How effective are alarm yard signs in deterring burglars?
  • How effective is a mere sign of home security system in reducing the risk of being broken into?

An excellent home security deterrent idea is to install real security cameras and put up the stickers of the security camera brands. A mere yard security or decal would not be enough to deter thieves.

Also avoid using fake security signs since veteran burglars sometimes can easily recognize the sign is dummy, which would make your home a welcomed target.

5. Burglarproof Spike Fences

Your fences, especially with spikes or thorny bushes, is a useful way to stop burglars climbing your fences, which can deter criminals invading your home.

You may even use an electric privacy security fence as a theft deterrent to burglarproof your backyard, garden, driveway, etc.

Do put up extremely obvious warning signs visible on the fence, warning people about the danger of the electric fences.

You can also use theft deterrent paint or thorny and hederiform plants for your fences, which will make your fences and hedges hard to climb.

Home Fences

The answer to OPs’ questions like “Do privacy fences deter burglars or crimes? Will it deter burglars if I have a fence between my driveway and back yard?” is definitely “Yes”!

6. Barking Dogs

Some of you may ask, “Does having a dog deter burglars?” The answer is yes and a dog can be effective as burglary deterrents in some cases.

As mentioned above, burglars hate attention. A barking dog may force the thief to find another “quiet” target. Some homeowners may even use fake dog barking recording radio to deter the would-be thieves

About 34% convicted burglars surveyed said that a dog inside would change their mind before breaking into a home.

A barking dog should be a compliment deterrent instead of your ONLY choice, since some training dogs would even fail to stop burglars in some circumstances.


If you want to get the best dog for burglary deterrent, you can pick one from the follow guarding dogs:

  • Bernese Mountain dog
  • Boxer
  • Bullmastiff
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • German Shepherd
  • Great Dane
  • Rottweiler

After you’ve got a dog to protect your property, you can add a sticker, indicating that your house is under the protection of a dog, which can deter at least some of the burglars and thieves.

7. Fake TVs

Fake TVs can also be used as burglar deterrent devices since they can simulate the light of a television, making it look like someone is watching TV at home.

When you turn on this TV simulator with sound, you can only see the LED lights blinking through the curtains, instead of the real television picture. Some of thieves would not take the risk of breaking into a home with someone in.

8. Steel Bars or Dowels in Doors & Windows

Steel bars in your doors or windows transfer a signal to the intruders that all entrances are firm and secure.

Thieves hate spending a long time in prying doors and windows. The longer time they stay in a property, the higher chance they would get caught.

If a thief or an intruder encounters a door or window reinforced by steel bars, he or she may choose to walk away and search for other easier targets.

We list some questions asked by active homeowners about the effectiveness of window and door bars acting as a deterrent, and provide the detailed answers after the questions.

  • Do dowels in window and slider tracks provide adequate burglar deterrent?
  • Which one is better for deterring burglars: a safe with 6 big bolts on the left and a plastic bar on the right like Sentry Safe SFW205FYC or a safe with 7 smaller bolts all spread on top, left, bottom and right like Sentry Safe OA5835?

The answer to the questions is that your windows or doors are secured by firm bars and/or dowels are undoubtedly a useful burglar deterrent to stop larceny.

You can try the above top 8 anti-burglary devices or tips to secure your home, which can boost your home security in every way.

Bonus Tips: How to Deter Burglars at Night

Although these gadgets can be useful when you are not at home. But homeowners are also concerned about possible burglary at night. Here, we also offer some tips on detering burglars during this period.

  1. Set up motion-activated lights at night. Use timers to turn lights on and off inside your home while you're away, or use motion-activated lights. Visible lights give the appearance that someone is home. Motion-sensor lights can also detect movements inside a particular range.
  2. Use surveillance cameras with night vision capability. Cameras with night vision functionalities can record footage even without adequate light. Camera footage can help identify the intruder if a burglary occurs at night.
  3. Lock up all the doors and windows at night. Remember to lock all doors, windows, and garage doors before bed. It's a simple step, but it can make a big difference in preventing nighttime burglaries.

Home Burglary Frequently Asked Questions

We always try to answer as many questions as possible so that you can get every detail about home security.

So we collect the below hottest home burglary questions from the communities or our readers’ emails, and write down the detailed answers.

If you have other questions, or any burglar deterrent tips you would like to share with us, please leave them in the comment below! We will feature your ideas here!

1. What Time Do Burglars Break in at Night?

According to FBI, 65% of burglaries occur between 6am and 6pm. And nearly 80% of burglars would choose either front/back doors or windows to break into a home.

Entrance Burglars Enter

2. How Do Burglars Pick a House to Enter?

Burglars and thieves prefer looking for the specific targets that are:

  • Low-traffic areas
  • Empty
  • Easy to get access
  • Poor security features (no security cameras or alarm systems)
  • Rural areas


There are many deterrents to keep your home from potential burglars, the installation of security camera systems is one of them. So in your opinion, what are the best deterrents to potential burglars and what are the best burglar deterring devices for cars & homes? Now it’s your turn to add your unique insights. We will feature your points here!


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