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Top 6 Common Problems of Security Camera Systems and How to Fix

Amanda Li5/5/2023
Top 6 Common Problems of Security Camera Systems and How to Fix

Have a security camera installed in your home, and then you have nothing to worry about? Things can’t be so easy.

While you might think that your security system is top-of-the-line, experts say that most actually aren’t. Even the best security systems could use a little shoring up, and the fixes are usually fairly simple.

Here are some common problems with home security systems and some easy fixes that you can implement right away, so that your home is as safe as you can make it.

1. Problem and Fix of Home Security Systems

Problem: Piecemeal Security Products

One of the security system problems is that sometimes people put several pieces of security equipment together. Different security equipment may not be compatible with each other, causing problems.

Fix: Get Entire Security Systems from the Same Company

To solve the incompatibility problems caused by piece meal alarm system components, you can simply spend a bit more and get your entire security system from the same company installed at the same time. That way you can be sure that all of the components will work together perfectly. Security cameras from reliable and highly acclaimed security companies will give you more confidence in product quality and more sense of safety. If you want some recommendations about top security camera systems, Reolink is a good choice.

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Home Security System Problems

2. Problem and Fix of Home Security Cameras

Problem: Use Security Camera’s Default Password or Easy Codes & Passwords

News reported that certain private video streams from IP cameras are open to all on the internet. Those unsecure IP cameras will leak your private information for anyone to view, which is pretty dangerous. This is partly due to the reason that users didn’t change their cameras’ default username password.

Fix: Change Default Password and Make Codes & Passwords Difficult to Guess

Security cameras are made to offer security, not to let anyone view your surveillance footage. To prevent other people from peering into your private life, you ought to be sure to change the default password for your security camera and create a new one.

Not only do you want alarm system passwords and passcodes difficult to guess, but you want them to be completely different from any other passwords or codes that you use. If someone can find out about you on social media, they will be able to brute-force your password if you make it easy. Make sure you use passwords that are not based upon information available online.

Problems with Security Camera Systems

3. Problem and Fix of Security Camera Systems

Problem: Security Cameras Have Incomplete Alarm Coverage

This is another common problem with home surveillance cameras, namely: the limited surveillance area. Having the best alarm in the world does no good if someone decides to enter your home through an area not protected by the camera.

Fix: Shore up Security Gaps

The installation of a security camera, to some degree, decides if it can work for its best. Choose a high and broad angle when installing a home security camera. Make sure that all entryways are covered and that your surveillance camera grid does not have any glaring open spots.

Make sure that every window and door is fitted with an alarm and that includes the second floor, since doors and windows are the most vulnerable parts which are mostly like to be intruded.

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Security System Problems Fix

4. Problems and Fix of Surveillance Cameras

Problem: Home Security System False Alarms.

False alarms are an extremely common problem of home security cameras. It is annoying to constantly receive alarms just because trees move in the wind or birds fly past your window. Human error, false installation, and malfunctioning security system, etc. can lead to false home security alarms.

Fix: Create Masking and Set Motion Detection Sensitivity

One of the best ways to troubleshoot false home security alarms is to use mask feature to avoid motion detection in certain areas. For example, if you install an outdoor security camera in your backyard, where there is a large tree. Then you can add a mask to the tree, so that motion detection will not be activated because of tree waving in the wind.

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Another way to prevent false alerts is to set motion detection sensitivity. Usually set lower motion sensitivity for your security camera in the daytime, while in the night time, set higher.

5. Problem and Fix of Home Security Systems

Problem: Security System Lacks Regular Maintenance

Not replacing batteries or doing regular maintenance will affect your security system to function properly. Older surveillance systems without regular check often fail to work because individual components don’t work effectively with each other.

Fix: Do Regular Check to Your Home Security System

Get maintenance performed regularly before you think you actually need it. This costs little but it could be the difference between your camera system working properly and failing completely. Make sure that all battery-operated devices are checked and the batteries are fresh. Immediately call for repairs on any component that isn’t working. Evaluate old security systems and upgrade to a new one if necessary. This could be one of the best ways to prevent some common problems with your home surveillance system and make sure it works at its best.

Problem of Home Security System

6. Problem and Fix of Home and Business Security Camera System

Problem: Leaving Your System Open to Hackers

Your security systems are usually vulnerable, which can be easily hacked just like your computers. Hackers can bypass your camera to steal your privacy and monitor your life remotely.

Fix: Protect Your Security System from Being Hacked

There are three types of home security systems when it comes to hacking: wired, unencrypted wireless and encrypted wireless. Encrypted wireless is secure but not 100% safe. Wired cannot be hacked, but the wires can be cut. Unencrypted wireless cameras are mostly likely to be hacked. Ideally, create redundant systems with a wired and an encrypted wireless connection will help protect your camera. Refer to 10 easy tips to secure your WiFi home security camera for more practical and useful ways to safeguard wireless security cameras.

Security System Repair


Take these fixing solutions to most common security camera problems, and you will make your surveillance system much more effective. However, just like the saying goes that “don’t put all eggs in one basket”, you should combine common sense with security systems to better protect your home.


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