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Reolink - Be Prepared, Be Reolink
Amanda LiA blog writer and content marketer by day, and a reader by night. A coffee addict, and lover of cool stuff and new tech. She's been diving into home security industry from the last two years, and sharing practical security tips and tricks. Love the idea of being warm and secure, that's exactly what home should be.

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How to Hide Security Cameras: Best Outdoor & Indoor Ideas 2023

Want to hide security cameras in plain sight creatively without anyone’s notice? Today you will learn how to hide security cameras outdoors, indoors, in a window, etc. (with pictures and videos), get bonus tips on hiding security camera wires and the DVR/NVR, and find the best hidden security cameras for outdoors and home. Please check out our comprehensive guide on <a href=

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Repeat Burglaries: The Truth and How to Prevent

You come home, only to find your house has been burglarized. It’s miserable. But what’s worse is, you fall victim into a repeat burglary. Do burglars strike the same house twice? What’s the likelihood of repeat burglaries? Do burglars come back after failed attempt? This post will show you how to prevent repeat residential burglary victimization. To keep your home from becoming a

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Security Camera Blind Spots: How to Find and Avoid Them

Summary: One big challenge a security camera has is the blind spots, regardless of the quality or cost of it. Therefore we round up the best idea for how you can avoid blind spots in your security camera. Read on. “I went tonight to case everything out my final time before attempting to lift. I noticed an isle that has no camera that could see. You can’t even see a c

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Deal with an Intruder in Your Home? Smart Tips and Tricks You Should Know

How should you response when someone breaks into your house in the late of the night, or worse, you are at home alone? Read on to know what to do and not to do in a home invasion, how you can deal with an intruder in your house, so as to protect yourself and your family from a home invasion robbery. Here are some useful tips. <h2 id="how-to-deal-with-home-burglars-when-you-are-not-at-home"

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How to Choose a Reliable Baby Monitor to Know Your Baby is Safe and Sound

Thanks to technological development, you no longer have to worry about what your baby is doing in another room. It used to be very troubling for parents to leave their kids alone and unwatched until baby monitors are invented. With the use of these handy devices, you can now keep an eye on your baby with ease from the comfort of your PC, smartphone or tablet. Here are more details about how to

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Best 20 Back to School Safety Tips for 2023: We’ve Ever Heard

The back-to-school rush is nothing new; it happens every single year. Still, it goes without fail that we struggle to keep safety front and center as students pack up their bags and head back to school. There’s just so much to consider, and so many people who have an impact on the safety and well-being of a child. In this guide, we will offer some tips to help everyone – from parents to drivers

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HD Security Cameras: 1080p vs 4MP vs 5MP vs 4K, What’s the Best Choice in 2023

Gone are the days when HD security cameras are costly with like 720p grainy analog resolution, barely enough to see things clearly meters away, let alone recognize the human faces and plate number! These days, the HD security cameras, mostly IP cameras, are developing rapidly with the high definition of 2MP, 4MP, 5MP and even 4K to suit your diverse monitoring needs. However HD se

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Top 6 Common Problems of Security Camera Systems and How to Fix

Have a security camera installed in your home, and then you have nothing to worry about? Things can’t be so easy. While you might think that your security system is top-of-the-line, experts say that most actually aren’t. Even the best security systems could use a little shoring up, and the fixes are usually fairly simple. Here are some common problems with home security systems an