Where can I buy branded CCTV home security cameras in UK? Where can I find wireless security cameras in the United Kingdom?

You might be frustrated by choosing the best home security cameras in UK from tons of IP camera brands and types.

Trust me. From now on, all your frustration will be cleaned.

#1. Best Security Cameras & Systems for Your Outside Home in UK
#2. Excellent IP Security Cameras for Your UK Home Inside
#3. Where to Buy Home Security Cameras in UK
#4. How to Install Home Security Cameras for Your Home UK
#5. Home Security Cameras UK Laws

#1. Buy Best Outdoor Home Security Cameras & Systems UK for Your House Styles Outside

Best HD security cameras and systems for your home UK would fit your house décor perfectly. Now pick the best home security CCTV cameras (systems) in UK based on your house styles.

Main types of houses in England or UK:

1. Outdoor Home Security CCTV Cameras UK for Your Semi-Detached House

When you install an outdoor security camera for your home in the UK, the first place should be the front door or porch of your nice semi.

According to the statistics, the front door is the thieves’ favorite target — 34% of burglars enter through the front door. So your front door security cameras in your UK home is really important.

You can buy an IP65 or IP66 outdoor wireless or PoE security camera for your semi-detached home in London, Wales, Birmingham, North Ireland, etc. in the UK.

Take Reolink Argus 2 IP65 wireless battery powered security camera as an example. It can stand firmly even on rainy or cold days. You can take a look at the below video to see how this camera can brave the cold weather (shared by a customer).

IP66 outdoor home security cameras are also a good investment. This type of security cameras can withstand powerful water jets and sand, so you can monitor what's going on at your front door or outside your home without worrying about the weather.

When you install an outdoor home IP security camera for your UK home on the front porch, garden, etc. you'll know when your friends and family are arriving, or get alerted when any unwanted guys approaching your home.

Don't forget your second story home security. Remember to add an outdoor surveillance camera on the roof. For example, RLC-410 outdoor night vision home security camera for your UK house would be a good option. You can connect this camera to your home network router with a Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable. So it would be easier for you to install this camera on the roof of your UK duplex home.

2. Versatile CCTV Home Security Camera Systems UK for Your Detached Home

When buying the best home CCTV security cameras UK for your detached house, you can consider a security camera system for continuous or 24/7 surveillance.

You can try a WiFi 1080p home security cameras system for your UK detached house. A WiFi house security system usually includes multiple external or internal CCTV cameras and 1 NVR or DVR for video recording. Thus you can cover wide areas of your property (such as your farm) with an all-in-one home IP camera system.

With a complete home IP security camera system, you can check multiple areas of your UK home, such as your front porch, your back garden, driveway, or garage with a tap on your iPhone or Android smartphone screen.

If you want an 8 camera security system for your UK home, try RLK8-410B4. This 8-channel security system has 4 Internet security cameras, and you can add another 4 IP cameras later.

If you have a limited budget, you can try a standalone outside home security camera with SD card for your UK house. Security cameras with SD cards can offer you motion detection recording for your home or business with or without Internet access, so you won't miss any important moments.

3. Buy Dome Home IP CCTV Security Cameras UK for Your Terraced House

When you look for the best CCTV home security camera in UK for your terraced house, dome IP security cameras would be one of the most suitable security camera types.

Your terraced house is situated in a long row of houses, and all the houses look the same — pretty much identical structurally.

Dome home security cameras for your home in England, Wales, etc. UK is rather covert, so this type of security cameras fits your terraced home outdoor décor perfectly. Plus, dome IP security cameras are not easy to be detected and tempered by those vandals.

Buy IK10 vandal proof dome IP cameras for your terraced home. An IK10 dome IP camera can sustain up to 20 joules external mechanical impact and be rendered as highly vandal-proof.

4. WiFi Home CCTV IP Security Cameras UK for Your Flat

It would not be suitable for you to install a home security camera UK for the front porch of your flat, since you will share the same main entrance with all of your neighbors.

The best security camera option for your UK flat is wireless IP camera type. You can hook up a wireless domestic security camera on your flat (apartment) door to monitor if there are any suspicious people hanging outside.

One of the biggest benefits of your home wireless security camera is that you can set it up only by powering it, so you don't need to pay extra security camera installation fees.

Go for dual band WiFi home security cameras with 2T2R MIMO antennas for your flat. The 2.4/5 GHz dual band WiFi offers you more WiFi channel options, and the antennas ensure strong network signal so you don't need to worry about network loss or interference.

If you worry about that a bad buy would cut the wire and then the security camera will be ineffective any more, it would not be the case.

The thief will be caught by your dual band WiFi home security camera once he or she appears within the detecting area of your camera. Your dual band remote WiFi camera can be linked to your iPhone or Android smartphones. With the motion detection, you will receive app push notifications, email snapshots or video clips when there are motion events.

If you prefer a battery operated WiFi security camera UK for your flat, you can buy Reolink Argus 2 wire-free security camera, so you don't need to worry about the wire issue.

Reolink Argus 2

100% Wire-Free Starlight Camera

Rechargeable Battery & Solar Powered; Outdoor/Indoor Protection; 1080 Full HD; Starlight Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; Live View Anytime Anywhere.

This camera is a toddler to install and it's designed to be clever enough to know the difference between a branch swaying and person coming into view. Once an intruder approaches your flat, the camera will wake up at once without any delay, send you instant alerts, and record the motion videos to the SD card (after you've inserted an SD card to the camera). You won't miss any important events.

5. Home Security Cameras & Systems UK for Your Cottage & Bungalow House

Your cottage or bungalow home usually comes with one and a half storeys, which might be easy for thieves or burglars to sneak into your home via the windows, and other easy entrances.

Since your cottage and bungalow might be located in rural or semi-rural areas, your need to be more cautious about your home security.

You can install PoE security cameras to monitor your whole cottage and bungalow homes in UK. However, for ensuring your all-round home security, you need to install several PoE cameras to cover all of your property.

You can try a PTZ PoE security camera. With its 360-degree rotation and patrol function, you can monitor wider areas compared with fixed security camera types.

If you want to manage several security cameras more conveniently, a high-quality security camera system installed in your UK home would be better. All the videos will be recorded to the NVR so you won't miss anything. Advanced security camera systems can offer you 24/7 recording for your UK home even without Internet.

Security Camera Systems

Stay Protected with Security Camera Systems; 24/7 Video Recording and Monitoring; 2 Network Solutions – with or without network.

So you've already know what types of home security cameras you should choose for your UK home outside. Now it's time to consider what security cameras would suit your inside home most.

#2. Choose the Best Home Security Cameras UK for Your Home Inside

Want covert or hidden outdoor or indoor security cameras in UK for your inside home? There are some good options.

For not ruining your home indoor aesthetics, you can buy battery powered home security cameras for your UK home inside.

Well, you can buy mini Reolink Argus® 2 battery powered security camera for your UK home inside or outside.

This security camera combines two-way audio, excellent night vision, and motion-activated function in this all-in-one tiny security camera, and offers almost every function you need in a home smart security camera for your UK home.

Reolink Argus 2

100% Wire-Free Starlight Camera

Rechargeable Battery & Solar Powered; Outdoor/Indoor Protection; 1080 Full HD; Starlight Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; Live View Anytime Anywhere.

The bonus point of Reolink Argus® 2 is that with its IP65 weatherproof, you can place this camera outdoors or indoors, anywhere you want. You can connect the Reolink Argus® 2 to the solar panel to get continuous power supply, so you don't need to worry about the battery life.

Portable battery operated home security cameras are also ideal for in-car security cameras in UK. You can just place this camera in your car. If there is a thief smashes your vehicle windows to steal your stuff, the camera can capture it with its motion detection function.

Reolink Argus 2 is really suitable for the elderly. The setup process is just a piece of cake with the verbal instruction. And with the two-way audio or sound, you can communicate with your elder grandmother, your child, etc., in real time.

#3. Where to Shop Home Security Cameras Online in UK

Wanna buy the best wireless and wired security cameras and systems UK only online? Why not go to security camera online store that sells security cameras shipped directly to UK?

The security camera suppliers, manufacturers, companies and online shops that sell security cameras to UK can offer you the best after-sale service and product warranty. You can get 1-on-1 support when you need any tech help.

No matter what types of security cameras you want to buy in UK, you can buy them in official security camera online store, wherever you live in UK, Manchester, Birmingham, Lancaster, etc.

For example, you can buy Reolink Argus® series security cameras in UK on the official online store, or from Reolink UK distributors.

You can also buy home security cameras in UK at Amazon, Costco, BestBuy, wholesalers, eBay, etc. Please note that the security camera prices in UK would vary among different online platforms.

If you want to buy fake or dummy security cameras in UK to save your budget, it's definitely NOT a smart choice. Fake security cameras, after all, are ”decorations”, and they cannot offer you actual protection and surveillance. You can put up the security camera signs in your UK home, after you've installed REAL home security cameras.

You can check these best cheap security cameras with high quality in UK for your property here>>

#4. How to Install CCTV Home Security Cameras in UK

You can install the security cameras for your UK home by yourself if you choose DIY security camera type.

There are 3 most popular DIY home security camera types in UK for your choice (as recommended above): battery powered security cameras, traditional wireless IP cameras and PoE CCTV cameras.

Battery-powered security cameras: You can get them work simply by inserting the batteries into the cameras. Make sure that you choose battery operated security cameras that can work standalone. Otherwise you are gonna have another device to worry about.

This wire-free security camera type is the most portable and easiest CCTV IP camera type for your UK home outside and inside. You don't need to worry about running wires or drilling holes when installing the cameras outdoors or indoors.

Traditional WiFi security cameras: You can just plug the cameras into the outlet to make them function. The cameras will connect to your home WiFi automatically without complicated setup. Please note that not all of the wireless security cameras are that smart, so remember to buy those plug-in-play WiFi home security cameras in UK.

PoE security cameras: You can connect this type of security cameras to your home router directly with a Cat 5 or 6 cable. The data streaming would be quite fluent and seamless since the cameras are connected to the router directly.

WiFi & PoE IP camera connection diagram:

If you need to install the traditional wireless and PoE security cameras outdoors, like mounting the cameras to the eave, you are gonna need several screws to make them stick to the wall.

In some cases, you'll need to drill holes to fish wires to connect your security cameras to the router or the power outlet. You can get a step-by-step guide here to run wires for your security cameras in your UK home.

Hiring professional security camera installers would be costly. The security camera installation cost in UK ranges from £100-£1000, which depends on the number of cameras and whether you would like to add NVR or DVR.

Another potential drawback of hiring installers is that your valuables in your home are in a risk of being stolen by dishonest staff or those awful thieves pretending to be the installers.

In order to save your budget and keep your home secure, DIY security camera type is the best way to go.

#5. Home Security Camera UK Laws and Regulations

How many security cameras in UK? What are the laws and neighbor privacy regulations on home security cameras in UK?

The number of security cameras in UK is between 4 million and 5.9 million, according to a new report from the British Security Industry Association. The massive security camera statistics raises a heated discussion on privacy.

UK has strict laws on surveillance cameras and privacy.

• It's illegal to set up security cameras in any areas where subjects may have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as toilets, fitting rooms, etc., in the workplace or other places in the UK.

• You can operate a CCTV security system to the outside of your home, provided it doesn't infringe on anyone else's right to privacy, such as your neighbors.

• You are legally obliged to let your neighbors know that you are using CCTV security cameras at your home.

• It is illegal to make sound recordings on CCTV networks.

• You cannot share footage from security cameras without the express permission from those captured unless as part of a legitimate criminal investigation.

• You should regularly swipe the recorded images and videos. You cannot store the images which may feature innocent visitors for any longer than needed to verify no crime was committed.

If you have any questions including home security cameras in UK, please leave them in the comment below!

  • Neil Peacock

    Hi Elvia, I am an experienced cctv installer and engineer, having fitted many systems over the years although its not my mainstream employment as I am a security consultant by trade, but I often am asked to spec and supply CCTV systems.
    One of the location I manage is my club boat yard, who are looking to upgrade the old cctv system to a newer digital IP one.
    What I like about the Argus2 cameras is the true wireless connectivity and independence of them in regard to power.

    However I will be looking for up to seven (7) cameras and cloud storage to record/store data.
    I will be installing a 4g router to the offices for internet/cloud connectivity.

    I can not see any article relating to the suitability of the Argus2 cameras to do this; please confirm.

    The reason why I am looking towards cloud storage and an app to control the camera viewing, is the simplicity of it.
    The current DVR does not have remote access and is not user friendly in regard to review history footage.
    Whereas I believe an IP system connected to the cloud and monitored via mobile devices, alerted by movement 'alert emails' would offer a more user friendly system.

    So questions.
    1. Does the Argus2 allow multiple cameras to conned to a Reolink app?
    2. Will this App then allow email alert to movement set up to be active at specific times?
    3. If not; is the ReoLink NVR user friendly and able to be connected to via mobile devices?
    4. Is there a trade price list available via a distributor in the UK?



    Neil Peacock

  • Elvia

    Hello Neil, Reolink Argus 2 supports cloud recording. You can get more details about Reolink Cloud service here: https://cloud.reolink.com/.

    And below are the quick answers to your questions:

    1. Yes, you can use the Reolink App to connect multiple Reolink Argus 2 cameras at the same time, and you can view up to 16 channel live streaming at the same time.

    2. Yes, the Reolink App enables you to set up the motion detection alerts at specific times.

    3. You can access the Reolink NVR with mobile devices.

    4. For any details about distribution, you can send an email to our sales team (sales@reolink.com). Our sales team will reply to you ASAP.

  • Neil Peacock

    Hi Elvia,

    I forgot to add some important information, I am based in the United Kingdom (UK).
    I noticed the cloud storage at the link is not available in the UK.
    is there another way to set it up with another provider?
    and is the sales email address still applicable to the UK


  • Elvia

    Hello Neil, currently Reolink Cloud service is only available in the US. You can follow our Facebook to the the newest updates on Reolink Cloud: https://www.facebook.com/Re....

    And yes, the sales email is also applied to the UK :)

  • Neil Peacock




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