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Choosing the Best Security Camera for Your Daycare Center: Must-Have Features to Look For

Amanda Li4/28/2023
Daycare Security Cameras

While searching social media, I came across a photo of a girl’s injuries, which were from being bitten and hit in a daycare center.

It is shocking to see those daycare abuse cases and news. When leaving your kid in a child care center, you’ll have doubts like: is my kid really safe and secure?

Now with daycare security cameras, parents who drop off kids in a child care center, will be able to view live videos of kids wherever they are.

Here in this post, I’ll dig a little deeper into daycare security cameras, including pros and cons of daycare with video monitoring, features of a best security camera for a day care center, and guidelines about security cameras daycare centers should follow.

Pros and Cons of the Daycare Center with Video Monitoring System

As an indespensible daycare security measure, video surveillance in a childcare (daycare, preschool, community, etc.) center benefits children, parents and daycare employees.

More and more parents prefer day care centers instead of hiring a nanny, for the professional and structured environment. But parents still wonder if the kids are taken good care of when they are not with them.

With a security camera system installed in the child care (daycare, preschool, community, etc.) center, parents get a long peace of mind by staying informed what the kids are doing.

A child care video surveillance system also helps to protect children and daycare center employees. Monitor the daycare center 24/7 makes it easy to keep intruders and other unwanted visitors away.

While installing security cameras in daycares benefits a lot, the privacy leakage is the thing that most parents are concerned about. The abuse of daycare security cameras and video recordings will not protect children and employees. Child care centers should take this seriously by taking proactive security measures.

Remote Monitoring Matters Most for Choosing the Best Security Camera for Daycare Centers

Daycare video surveillance cameras are mainly used as a direct supervision system for kids, i.e. staff in child care facilities will not monitor the children via security cameras installed. This is also the main factor that will distinguish day care video monitoring systems from normal security camera systems for home and business.

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Daycare beating caught on tape and child beaten at daycare canters make parents worried if their kids are treated well. Personal visits in daycare centers are not always possible with parents who are filled with bustling work schedules. Therefore, remote viewing is quite essential for day care cameras. In daycare centers with remote video surveillance, parents will not need to make phone call inquiries to stay informed if your kids are doing well.

Instead, daycare security cameras make it convenient for parents to gain access to the camera so that they can live view their kids from work.

Generally, remote viewing can be realized by using a daycare security camera app on mobile devices, like iPhone, iPad, Android devices. Most surveillance cameras have their own app software, like Reolink. Install free Reolink App on your iPhone, scan the QR code on the camera to add the camera, and then you can click the camera to get live view. Done!

Besides remote access, parents may also want more for a day care security camera:

1. HD video quality

Super HD videos or images lay the foundation for remote monitoring. Most daycare cameras are HD security cameras, reaching 1080p or even 1440p resolution.

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2. Audio

Instead of just seeing live streaming videos of your kids in a child care, daycare security cameras with audio let you hear and communicate with your children and staff in the day care center.

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Note to Follow Child Care Policies with a Daycare Webcam Installed

Due to privacy issues and the prevention of personal information divulgement, the following are laws about daycare surveillance cameras a daycare facility should follow:


Daycare security cameras can be installed only in common rooms and spaces, like play areas, and hallways. Bathrooms and exchanging rooms are not allowed to place surveillance cameras. Daycare facility violating this rule may be involved in lawsuits.

Unauthorized visitors prevention

Generally, childcare centers will give parents and daycare employees access to the installed video cameras. And they’ll also be informed of the intended use of each camera. In the meanwhile, the daycare center should also set access restrictions to unauthorized visitors. Therefore, day care centers are suggested to take adequate internet security measures, and secure the security camera from being hacked, especially if it is WiFi enabled.


Daycare security cameras can offer peace of mind and increased safety for children, but it's important to consider privacy and trust issues. When selecting a camera, prioritize high-quality video, secure access, and compatibility. Daycare centers should follow guidelines and regulations for proper use and protection of footage.

If you have other ideas about "Daycare Security Cameras", share your ideas and experience with us in the comment section!


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