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7 Quick Solutions to Keep Trespassing Kids off Your Property When You Are Not Home

7 Quick Solutions to Keep Trespassing Kids off Your Property When You Are Not Home

Are you deeply annoyed by unruly neighbors' kids trespassing your yard while you are not home? If yes, you are in good company. Thousands of people confront with the unwanted trespassing by kids, neighbors, and other trespassers. So in this article, we share some useful tips to help keep them out of your property (like yard and driveway) legally.

When you try to keep annoying trespassers off your property, the information below needs to be noticed:

Your Property Yard/driveway
Unruly People Kids/trespassers
Effective Tool Video surveillance camera
Effective Ways Warning sign/fence etc.

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1. Put up “No Trespassing” Sign & Warning Sign

Some people might say it’s futile to stop unruly kids running in your yards by simply posting “NO TRESPASSING” sign or sign of “PRIVATE PROPERTY ”.

Of course, it might not effectively stop annoying neighbor's kids or teens from coming over, trespassing, or vandalizing your property.

But it’s better than no sign at all.


Because A Keep Out or No Trespassing sign can control access to land by identifying it as private property. Kids or neighbors entering and playing in private lawn or yards without authorization and permission is called trespassing, which may be considered a crime, a civil wrong (called a "tort"), or both in some countries.

No Trespassing Sign on the Lawn

Under the trespassing law, an individual who sees a No Trespassing sign cannot enter, remain or participate in any activity on a property with this written notice, according to Laws for Posting No Trespassing Signs in Black's Law Dictionary.

No Trespassing sign could also serve as a reminder to unsupervised neighbors’ children or teenagers to some extends.

2. Install Motion Detection Surveillance Camera

Installing a smart outdoor video surveillance camera especially a camera with siren & 2-way audio like Reolink Argus 2 is effective to keep neighbors' kids off your property and deters potential trespassers.

Check out how this little security camera helps keep the trespassers and naughty kids out of your yard, front porch, driveway, and the houses.

The Reolink Argus 2 security camera with motion sensor can send alerts to you instantly when neighbors' kids, neighbors, or trespassers are in your yard, backyard, or front porch when you have them up on those spots.
Important notes:

When having a security camera on your front door, driveway, and backyard, try to make sure “No Trespassing” signs clearly visible in all recordings on your property.

It helps you to file a trespassing complaint and substantiate payment or repair on the property damage caused by the trespassers.

Another piece of advice is to have a surveillance warning sign (The IP cameras from top security camera brands normally provide such signs in the package) up in your property to remind trespassers, young kids, and neighbors.

For example, In New York, the Video Surveillance Statutes makes it clear that:

“Private property video surveillance is permissible with a "security system wherein a written notice is conspicuously posted on the premises stating that a video surveillance system has been installed for the purpose of security or video surveillance devices installed in such a manner that their presence is clearly and immediately obvious.”

CCTV Warning Sign in the Yard

3. Talk to the Parents in Advance

Once you move into a new neighborhood, you are concerned about neighbors’ kids playing outside your house uninvited or running wild in your backyard unsupervised while you are not home.

Before starting a feud, getting super edgy about the nuisance or calling the police, you should try to diffuse the situation by talking to your neighbor in advance.

Talk to Parents about Your Concerns

Knocking their doors and being frank about your concerns as well as acknowledging the big elephant in the house (no trespassing in your private property) matter-of-factly is a rational way to put an end to the nightmare before making relationship sour.

It’s important to clearly state your stance on unwanted annoyance, trespassing from kids or any family members, laying out boundaries and clear confusions.

You’re taking a hard-line approach, but it's really not their place to argue about it. If they don’t care, then you could always take some legal actions.

4. Good Fence Makes Good Deterrent

Many people are grappling with issues of nosy neighbors while at home, petty thieves, trespassers, or naughty kids while away, deeply plagued by consistent disturbance or cut-through into their private-owned property.

The old saying goes “ good fence makes good neighbor ”, erecting a reasonably tall fence will deter mischievous children and trespassers from messing around your yard.

Fence Helps Keep Kids out of Your Property

A fence around the house, close to the sidewalk, in the backyard, or around driveway is considered a reminder of boundary that states which area is private property and which is owned communally.

One advise-giver on Reddit said:

“Build a waist-high fence. There are some really inexpensive decorative ones you can install yourself. I have a split-rail fence all around my front yard. It keeps kids out and as an added benefit, it also keeps dogs out.”

Fence to Keep Kids off Your Property

Enclosed your front or backyard with a fence be it a decorative or steel fence would be an effective solution to deter kids riding their bikes in your yard, picking flowers in your garden, and prevent trespassing neighbors.

However, the construction of a fence should be compliant with the local fence law which strictly states the height and regulations surrounding fence-building. Or your overly tall fence will be legally defined as spite fence, a construction rendered as illegal, subject to forced teardown.

5. Plant Natural Barriers

You can grow natural physical barriers around your property, for example, a row of bushes or thorny plants like roses and blackberries to keep the handful mischief-maker out of your private zone and deter neighbor's kids from playing in your yards, for the thorny plants will keep potential trespassers at bay.

Natural Fence to Keep Kids out of Your Yard

Before you jump to purchase artificial fences or plant natural barriers around your house, it’s important to consult local government agency to get more information on that matter.

6. Get Guard Dogs or Watch Dogs

Guard dogs or watch dogs work well in protecting your front yard, back yard or house, barking loudly to scare would-be intruders or burglars.

Watchdog to Secure Your Yard

Their sheer body sizes and sharp teeth are a great deterrent to invaders and trespassers on your property be it pre-teens, teenagers or grown-ups. And their loud barking noise will alert your neighbors and passers-by, or possibly your alarm system.

One landowner shares her story, saying “I have a big German shepherd dog with a great big voice. When she barks, people scatter.”

There are different dog breeds suitable for guarding your house against unwanted trespassing kids, teenagers or neighbors, for example, Doberman pinscher, German shepherd, Rottweiler, or Scottish terrier.

7. Install a Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Motion-triggered sprinklers are not only designed to water your lawn but also to scare off any unwanted visitors, trespassers, and neighbors, including trespassing kids or teenagers.

Motion-Activated Sprinkler to Keep Kids off Your Lawn

Set these sprinklers up along the perimeter of your lawn or at any specific spot where annoying kids frequently trample your plants and put up a sign of warning.

As teenagers or kids step on the sprinkler, the motion sensors will trigger a quick spray of water which is enough to startle most kids and scare them away.

Before taking these measures, if possible, try talking to their parents first and let them know you don't want any kids or teenagers getting hurt, but you do hope they respect your rights.


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