All-in-one security cameras (systems) are becoming more and more popular in the market right now, since they combine multiple functions in a single device and offer you much easier management.

Now you can just buy an all in one security camera (system) to get almost all the features you want.

Well, title pretty much says it all. You will get a detailed and useful all in one security cameras (systems) buying guide here.

All in One Security Cameras Systems

How to Choose the Best All in One Home & Business Security Cameras (Systems)

Being bombarded by tons of information about all in one IP security cameras (systems)? Now we are here to drag you out of the mess. We are spotlighting 4 important elements for you when you buy all in one video security cameras (systems).

#1. All in One Security Cameras (Systems) with Remote Access

Remote live view would be one of your priorities when you are searching for best wireless/wired all in one home/business security camera monitor systems. When you are working in the office or enjoying your vacation, you don’t need to worry about your home security. You can just use your iPhone or Android smartphones or other devices to get remote live streaming.

An all-in-one security camera (system) with remote live streaming allows you to peak in and see if there ‘s a break-in anytime, so you can call the police at the right moment.

All in One Security Cameras with Reomote Access

Remember to get an all in one security camera (system) with 1080p or 1440p HD, so you can see all things very clearly.

#2. All in One Home IP Security Cameras (Systems) with Motion Activated Function

Motion detection function of outdoor/indoor smart all in one security cameras is necessary. You can get instant alerts (such as email alerts, sound alarms, app push notifications), when there are motion events.

If there is anything unusual happened, you can see what’s going on by checking the recorded videos captured by your all in one motion activated surveillance cameras (systems), so you can see who and what triggered the alerts and decide how to act.

#3. All in One IP Security Cameras (Systems) with Waterproof

Weatherproof/waterproof design is necessary when you install the all-in-one CCTV security camera recorder systems outdoors. For example, if you install one outdoor all-in-one surveillance alarm camera system for your front door, the camera will give you a warning if someone is approaching your house.

All in one day and night HD IP cameras (systems) with waterproof design offers you almost no limited placements. You can install them outdoors/indoors without worrying about the weather.

#4. All in One Wired & Wireless Video Cameras (Systems) with Easy Setup

Not a tech-savvy person? Doesn’t matter! You can go get one all-in-one video security surveillance monitor system with easy setup.

There are 3 popular all in one security cameras (systems) with easy installation: PoE, traditional wireless (WiFi) and battery powered/operated all-in-one home/house security solutions.

PoE all in one security cameras (systems) only need one cable to provide data connection and electric power.

Traditional wireless all-in-one security cameras only need one cable for power supply. Plug in and all is done.

100% wire-free battery powered all in one security cameras offer you the easiest setup since this kind of all in one security camera don’t need any cables. Just place them anywhere you want.

Our battery powered security cameras buying guide is a great resource for you to learn more about wire-free battery operated security cameras.

Best Do-It-Yourself All in One Security Cameras (Systems) that Can Meet Your Needs

I bet you’ve read hundreds of all in one security cameras (systems) reviews. Definitely you’ve tired of this tedious process. Well, now here are some good recommendations that you can take into consideration.

1. Reolink Argus® 2

The driving factor behind Reolink Argus® 2 is its simplicity. This all-in-one wire free security camera packs nearly every standard security system features, such as high definition, advanced starlight night vision, remote live streaming, real-time alerts, etc. This all in one security camera has a PIR motion sensor, which can detect human movement and offer more accurate alerts.

You can watch the video of Reolink Argus® 2 battery powered wireless outdoor security camera review for more information.

2. Reolink Go

This cute all-in-one 4G/3G rechargeable battery powered security camera is extremely easy to install. The invincible feature of this wire-free security camera is that you can get remote access even without Internet and power supply. If you need to put a camera in a location your WiFi network or power outlets just can’t reach, or if you’d like to install a security camera in your RV, vacation home, etc. this security camera is your best choice.

Now watch the video to get more excellent features of this all-in-one security camera.

3. Reolink Keen™

Reolink Keen™ is the “sister” of Reolink Argus® 2. This battery operated WiFi camera features its pan/tilt function, and can be placed anywhere. This indoor all-in-one security camera is equipped with everything you need for securing your indoor home security.

Learn more in this Reolink Keen™ battery powered WiFi camera review.

4. RLK4-210WB4 Wireless NVR All in One Outdoor & Indoor Security Camera System

This all-in-one wireless security system has 4 video monitoring cameras, so you can cover more areas of your home or business. You can view all security camera channels at the same time on your iPhone or Android smartphones or other devices, which is quite easy for you to manage all of your all-in-one security camera system.

5. RLK8-410B4 All-in-One PoE NVR Security System

This 8-channel all in one PoE NVR security camera system is really popular in the market. It uses Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable to power all in one security cameras. It supports up to 8 cameras recording at the same time. This system has 4 security cameras, and you can add another 4 security cameras later. Thus you can view multiple areas of your home/business via a single device.


If you are just entering the world of home security, you have a small place or just rent an apartment, the Reolink Argus® 2, Go & Keen™ wire-free security camera are great all-in one home security options. The convenience and high quality and other excellent features of these 3 battery powered security cameras are hard to beat.

If you have a large home, you’ll need to invest in multiple devices, so an all-in-one security camera system with multiple security cameras is a better option.

What’s the best do-it-yourself all in one home security cameras (systems)? Got your answers yet? If not, leave your questions in the comment below!