A site linked to 73000 unsecured IP cameras in 256 countries has hit all of you. And stories about IP camera security vulnerabilities have been coming into light.

The unsecured IP camera list has been adding new members, due to the poor manufacturing and your improper operation. Through these insecure surveillance cameras, burglars and hackers get the hacked cameras live of your personal life, which is considered an invasion of privacy.

The core purpose of this list of unsecured IP cameras worldwide is to draw your attention to the IP camera security issues. Check it and then take proactive measures to prevent your camera from being hacked or watched by some bad guys.


Check out this infographic for a quick view of the alarming facts about the security camera hacking.

Unsecured IP Camera

Reasons Your Unsecured IP Cameras Got Hacked

Why would people take the time and effort to hack those unsecured IP cameras?

Some hack for fun. Hackers try to crack the unsecured security cameras in people's homes as a challenge — they do it just to prove that they can. There was a user once experienced a strange hack that all of his unsecured IP cameras got renamed "UPDATE" and "FIRMWARE". It seems as if the hackers were just announcing their success, that's all.

And some are after the private information through unsecured IP cameras. Some others may just enjoy the tedious yet exciting moments of preying on the innocent and the unknowing. They are fond of watching unsecured cameras lives like catching criminals in the act or finding hilarious anomalies.

How Does the Security Camera Get Hacked

Hacking an unsecured IP camera is alarmingly easy. You can view unsecured cameras with simple clicks.

Luckily, the hacking mostly happens to those unsecured IP cameras with default passwords. Generally, the online site just pings every device on the net and try if one of common default passwords works.

That's the way most websites get the hacked cameras' live. So remember to change the default username and password, and don't use the one that is too simple and easy to crack, like your birthday.

Bonus: Click here to find effective ways to tell whether your IP camera has been hacked.

List of Unsecured IP Cameras Categorized by Manufacturers

Unsecured IP cameras are accessible to everyone, making them pretty vulnerable to prying eyes.

By drawing data from Insecam.org, which claims to be the world biggest online cameras directory, we provide you a full list of hacked cameras from around the world.

The site finds unsecured IP cameras worldwide, classified by manufacturers, countries, cities, places, etc.

6 unsecured network cameras from each camera manufacturer are listed in every page. Click any of them, and you can start watching those hacked cameras live online.

And the following lists all the manufacturers of unsecured IP cameras.

  • Axis
  • Panasonic
  • PanasonicHD
  • Linksys
  • Mobotix
  • Sony
  • TPLink
  • Foscam
  • Netcam
  • Defeway
  • Webcam XP/7

The unsecured IP camera manufacturers have little incentive to spend time and money making their products safer. Experts, in a CNN news report, "blamed poor practice by low-end manufacturers making devices like internet-accessible baby monitors, cameras and thermostats".

But there are also manufacturers, like Reolink, devoted to taking advantages of the cutting-edge technology and strict manufacturing and testing process. Reolink security IP cameras feature advanced encryption, like the SSL encryption, WPA2, and AES encryption, making sure the live surveillance streams unable to be accessed by hackers.

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These Countries/Cities have the Most Unsecured Security Cameras

The Insecam contains 25 listed countries with the most unsecured IP cameras.

US leads the way, with the most open IP cameras, which are visible to all internet users all over the world. Other countries include South Korea, China, Mexico, France, Italy, UK and many more. The top 5 countries with the most unsecured cameras are:

  • US: 5907
  • Japan: 2429
  • Italy: 1486
  • France: 1213
  • United Kingdom: 911

The number of unsecured IP cameras varies according to different cities. Taking US as an example, cities with a high population density tend to have more insecure open IP cameras. San Francisco, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami have more unsecured home cameras than other cities do.

Unsecured IP Cameras List: Where and How They are Used

While unsecured IP cameras in public places, such as parks, parking lots, restaurants, streets, supermarkets, are not going to really alert you, unsecured security cameras in people's homes let you worry about privacy issues.

According to Insecam, up to 15.4% of all the unsecured web cameras are from homes, following outdoor/parks (21.55%) and parking lots (21.18%).

List of Unsecured IP Cameras Due to Lack of Password Protection

A list of unsecured cameras includes those without a strong password to protect.

Sometimes you use a security camera without password protection, or forget to change the default username and password. IP cameras "protected" with the default username and password widely known to thieves are extremely vulnerable to be hacked.

Take a look at the unsecured IP camera list with default login username and password. If you are using one of these easily hacked IP cameras, make sure you have changed the login password.

Camera Manufacturer Username Default Password Default IP
Axis root Pass/EMPTY
Brickcom admin admin
Canon root Model # of camera
Dahua admin admin
Dahua 888888 888888
Dahua 666666 666666
DVtel Admin 1234
HIKVision admin 12345
Honeywell administrator 1234 DHCP
Panasonic admin 12345
Panasonic admin1 password
Samsung root 4321
Samsung root admin
Samsung admin 4321
Samsung admin 1111111
Sanyo admin admin
Sony admin admin
Toshiba root ikwb

It is impossible for us to cover all the insecure IP cameras in this passage, due to the limited data and information source. But we'll keep updating the unsecured web camera list. And it is highly appreciated if you can add more unsecured video cameras we fail to mention by making comments below.

Unsecured IP Camera Reddit

Top 4 Tips to Secure Your IP Cameras

So how could you avoid being a victim of the prying eyes?

Here we list top 4 effective ways so that you can stay away from the trouble of unsecured IP cameras.

#1. Buy a security camera with advanced encryption.

Many high quality cameras will provide multi-level security features to keep your footage from prying eyes. For example, the Reolink wireless security cameras and PoE IP cameras are secured with SSL encryption, WPA2-AES encryption, and SSL-TLS enabled to make sure that your recordings are indeed secure.

#2. Change the default username and password as soon as you setup your camera.

Input a username and password that is 6 characters or longer. It's highly advised to use a combination of lower-case and upper-case letters as well as numbers and special characters.

#3. Make sure your camera has the latest security firmware installed.

The latest security camera firmware will always provide protection to any new method of hacking into your cameras. And there is usually a page that you can find all the latest firmware for upgrade.

#4. Change the security camera default port.

Hackers often target default ports, which is usually within the 8100 range. You can manually change the security camera default port to a non-standard port. This will make it more difficult for hackers to find your camera.

If you have more ideas to address the IP camera hack issues or more insights into the unsecured IP cameras, you're very welcome to share with us by leaving a comment down below!

  • Own Ly

    Amanda great article. Thanks for sharing these vulnerable IPs that people can use to check their home and office security. It's also unfortunate that sometimes manufacturers are very tight lipped about these security issues, choosing to not report it until they have found a fix. Do you think in this industry there should be more public disclosure?

    We've also done an article on top security camera vulnerabilities, feel free to let us know what you think and also to amuse yourself at some unfortunate camera hackings

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    I am not accessible on rstp and not recognized sd card. I've try multiple sd card but option formatting on app isn't disponible, how do resolve this?i am not accessible on rstp and not recognized sd card. I've try multiple sd card but option formatting on app isn't disponible, how do resolve this?

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  • Deb

    HI. I am awaiting delivery on reolink c1 pro and plan to buy the reolink E1 too. My question is regarding security. In watching youtube videos it didn't seem to ask for a username but it asked for a camera name. I was just planning on naming them Livingroom and Kitchen to identify which camera they were. Where do I put username and can I use same username and password for both cameras or do they need separate ones?

    • Bruce

      With the Pro series you will need to put in the camera information first such s model and serial number. After set up you will then have the option to edit the identifying username and password to anything you wish them to be.

  • Amanda

    Hi Deb, after you log into the Reolink app successfully, we don't require you to enter the username again. You can learn how to add Reolink cameras to the app with this tutorial, https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015776493-Initial-Setup-for-WiFi-camera-via-Reolink-APP.
    Also, you can use the same username and password for both cameras and name them with the position where you plan to place them in. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • Сергій Лукащук

    I am your regular customer (at Aliexpress), I have been selling and installing your cameras for over a year. Like everything, the product is super. But, really lacking a simple DVR – WITHOUT PoE !!! For example: You need to connect internal cameras to the NVR – E1 (8 pieces). Why do I need a DVR with power?
    The second option, for example, NVR for 16 channels. It is in the house. What do you think, to bring 16 cables into the house, is it convenient and beautiful? Believe me – no !!!! We need a separate switch PoE ((installed in the attic, an example), one cable goes to the house from it, the problem with the cables is solved.

    • Amanda

      Hi there, thank you for sharing your ideas with us. Please note that even a WiFi NVR without PoE ports requires a proper power supply to function as well. Or else, the NVR cannot process and record the video footage to the HDD. You may take a look at this guide on how to connect WiFi cameras to PoE NVR, https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004346714-Make-Reolink-WiFi-Cameras-Work-with-Reolink-PoE-NVRs.
      In terms of the PoE switch, we don't have any plan to release a PoE switch or injector designed for our cameras and systems as of now. We would recommend our customers to use PoE switches or injectors that comply with IEEE 802.3at standard. Hope this helps.

      • Snafuperman

        So assuming you had a 802.3at 8-port PoE switch in your attic that the wired PoE cameras were connected to, you then just bring down a Cat 5E or 6 cable and plug into one of the PoE ports on the back of the NVR, and then configure normally as if you had 4 or 8 cables in the back? No extra configuration work? I haven't bought a system yet, but like the poster above, I'd rather drop one cable rather than 4 or 8.

        Just doing my research first and really liking your offerings.

  • Matt

    How do Reo-link cameras ensure end-to-end encryption?

    The claim of WPA2-AES being a security feature is silly. Every wifi device supports this.

    SSL is obsolete.

    If you use SSL-TSL, how can vustem certificates be set? If these all use pre-set certificates, it means reolink can decrypt and see all the video footage going through their servers!

    • Amanda

      Hi Matt, we apply the three security features that you mentioned to secure our security cameras. You may click here to learn more, https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/reolink-secures-ip-cameras-by-enabling-multi-level-security-features-300368634.html. Note that custom certificate settings are not available now.
      Video data transmission through the Internet are encrypted as well while Reolink doesn't have the keys to decrypt and see the video footage going through the servers. Also note that all the video footage on Reolink Cloud is stored on Amazon AWS S3 servers and only the users have access to the video footage uploaded by their own security cameras. Hope this would clarify.

  • Matt

    How can u get your danle cloud footage if u paid for cloud playbaclk

    • Amanda

      Hello Matt, you can still download the footage uploaded to the cloud. This would apply for Reolink products and its cloud services but we are not sure if it applies to other cameras or not. If you are using products or cloud services from any other brands, it is best to consult them for more detailed info. Hope this helps.

  • Johnny Rubber

    MOBOTIX cameras can only be broken into if you do not change the default user name and password (admin – meinsm). There has never been a hacked MOBOTIX camera. Do an internet search on that, you won't find anything. They are THE most secure camera on the market. How do I know this? I work for them. We have partner conferences and invite hackers to break in to any of our devices, in my 7 years and since the company started in 1999, there has not been a breach. I've never had a call stating someones camera has been broken into. Prove me wrong.

  • Hi Amanda.
    What about the critical Hikvision flaw that could be used be remotely exploited to hijack cameras, DVRs and accounts that was exposed a few years back. I know a firmware patch was quickly released to secure the breach.
    With the IoT expanding at a rapid rate, these hacks will become more common place as points of infiltration become more expansive.



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