Argus Eco

Wire-Free Wireless Outdoor Battery Security Camera

  • Battery/Solar Powered
  • 1080p Full HD
  • 2-Way Audio
  • IP65 Certified Weatherproof

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Accessories - More Possibilities for Your Argus Eco

2-year warranty for these accessories See details of Warranty Policy.

Micro SD Card

Have your cameras record to micro SD cards with or without Internet connections. Never miss out anything.

Designed for: RLC-822A RLC-822A RLC-1210A RLC-1220A RLC-1220A Argus 2 Argus 2 Argus 2E Argus 2E Argus 3 Argus 3 Argus 3 Pro Argus 3 Pro Argus PT Argus PT Argus Eco Argus Eco Argus Pro Argus Pro Reolink Go Reolink Go Reolink Go PT Reolink Go PT RLC-410 RLC-410 RLC-422 RLC-422 RLC-423 RLC-423 RLC-511 RLC-511 RLC-511WA RLC-511WA RLC-520 RLC-520 RLC-522 RLC-522 RLC-510A RLC-510A RLC-520A RLC-520A RLC-810A RLC-810A RLC-820A RLC-820A E1 E1 E1 Pro E1 Pro E1 Outdoor E1 Outdoor E1 Zoom E1 Zoom Reolink Lumus Reolink Lumus RLC-510WA RLC-510WA RLC-410W RLC-410W RLC-511W RLC-511W RLC-523WA RLC-523WA RLC-811A RLC-811A

What's included: micro SD card x1



Your Powerful Protector - Argus Eco

100% Wire-Free WiFi Solar Powered Rechargeable Bullet Security Camera
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