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How to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed

Keeping your belongings safe is a top priority, whether traveling to a new city, attending a crowded event, or simply going about your daily routine. However, pickpocketing remains a prevalent concern. This article represents a collection of tips that can help you protect yourself from pickpockets and safeguard your property from burglaries.

How to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed in Festivals

Ensuring your safety and the security of your belongings is essential to maintaining a positive vibe throughout the festival. You can follow these suggestions:

1. Leave valuable items at home

Attending a music festival is always exciting, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you become a target of pickpockets. Therefore, please avoid bringing valuables to the event. Showing off your new watch or expensive jewelry to the public may satisfy your vanity, but it's not worth the risk.
Pickpockets are always in the crowd looking for victims, and the more valuables you have on you, the more likely you are to attract their attention. Therefore, think twice before you take valuables with you. If you must carry valuable items or accessories, ensure they are placed inside a bag with a zipper or combination lock.

2. Use a lanyard

Lanyards are the perfect alternative if you don't have pockets but still need to carry some essential hanging items. For example, some keychains or card cases can tuck in small items and can be easily ripped off by pickpockets. Although your valuables might be visible, consistently keeping them within your view makes it more challenging for thieves to target them, as they know the heightened risk of attempting to steal such items.

3. Rent a locker

Renting a locker could be a fantastic solution to your concerns. You can rent a locker if you carry many items but want to avoid taking a decent bag. You can rent lockers at most festivals, either in advance online or upon your arrival. You can also use the locker to keep your phone while it charges. It also can serve as the fixed meeting location of your group.

4. Stay together with your mates

Attending festivals with friends or in a group is a great way to ensure everyone looks out for each other and keeps an eye on each other's money and valuables. If, by chance, a pickpocket is caught in the act, having your friends by your side means you'll have extra hands to help bring the person to justice, and you won't have to handle the situation alone.

How to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed While Traveling

Avoiding pickpocketing while traveling is essential for financial security, personal safety, and overall journey enjoyment. The following tips are not foolproof but can help you avoid becoming a target.

1. Keep your phone hidden in public

Pickpockets always wait in the street corners and look for potential targets. They will follow their targets, walk by them, and grab their valuables. Showing off your cell phone on the street will let thieves notice you more easily.

2. Avoid high-theft zones

Avoid some high-theft spots, as many people have fallen victim to pickpocketing in these places. Typically, these locations exhibit similar traits: inadequate security, a noticeable presence of street troublemakers, and, at times, an overabundance of illegal substances. Therefore, you should omit routes leading you through these areas when making travel plans.

3. Be cautious when talking to strangers

When you appear more like a tourist, you become the primary target for pickpockets. No one will approach a tourist for assistance. Pickpockets may have already identified you as a tourist and might attempt to confirm it. They could engage in conversation to make you feel at ease or distract you while their accomplice carries out the theft.

4. Carry less cash

Remember to take only one debit card, one credit card, and some cash (not all) when you're out. If you are pickpocketed on the street, your backup card and cash will remain in your hotel room. If you must carry some money and cards, keep them in different places, such as your backpack, fanny pack, money belt, or suitcase. If you take too much cash, the target becomes noticeable, and more pickpockets will notice you.

Tips for Preventing Pickpocketing Around the World

Beautiful places of interest may draw your attention when you travel the world, but your belongings and valuables also deserve your sight. The sad truth is that pickpocketing has hit some of the most beloved cities for all travelers.


Unfortunately, no matter who you are, how many places you've traveled, or how alert you think you are, being pickpocketed is inevitable in Europe. You might believe you can spot a pickpocket from a mile away, but London pickpockets, especially those professionals, conceal at blending seamlessly into the crowd.

For example, a woman in disguise stands next to a tourist at a train station with her suitcase in her hand, lulling others into a false sense of security by dressing up as a tourist. And she may take others' belongings without being noticed. These pickpockets can be women working with children, teenagers working in gangs, or scantily clad men gliding past on buses.


With 60 million tourists annually, Italy is a prime spot for pickpockets. The standard advice to "dress like a local" is not so helpful in Italy. Dressing up like an Italian is a good choice, but well-dressed Italians get pickpocketed too. However, developing situational awareness and confidence will be more helpful.

Pickpockets will look for inattentive people, such as those exhausted after a long flight, weighed down by heavy baggage, or not fitting in well with their surroundings. They can be distracting, such as faking an argument to create chaos or spilling drinks or ice cream on you. If you encounter such a situation, keep an eye on your bag and never assume the pickpocket is alone.


While Barcelona is generally regarded as a safe destination by international standards, it's essential not to underestimate potential risks. You can use the following methods to keep valuables in your pockets when traveling in Spain.
If you want to know how to avoid pickpockets, the tips are simple:

  1. You have to ensure your pockets are empty, with nothing to pickpocket.
  2. Keep all your valuables in your bag so that there is one more barrier to entry. Keep your wallet out of your back pocket, which is a common mistake. Professional pickpockets in Europe will recognize it right away.
  3. Investing in a crossbody bag might be a wise solution. In this way, everything is easily accessible, but you have an extra security shield. Many affordable anti-theft bags are available online; you can choose one from them.


Do pickpockets go for front pockets?

Pickpocket generally avoids front trouser pockets and especially buttoned or zippered pockets. The best place for valuables is on a chain attached to your clothing.

How do pickpockets choose their victims?

Pickpockets target individuals who appear lost, confused, or distracted, so staying alert and confident in unfamiliar surroundings is crucial. Those who exude self-assurance and remain aware of their environment are less appealing targets for these opportunistic thieves.

Can zipper pockets deter pickpockets?

Yes, zipper pockets can help deter pickpockets by providing an additional layer of security that is more challenging to breach quickly. The closed zipper makes it harder for thieves to access your belongings without your knowledge, acting as a deterrent. However, it's essential to remain vigilant and practice good situational awareness, as skilled pickpockets can still target zipper pockets if you're not careful.

Do pickpockets wear gloves?

No. The reason is simple: to act as a "claw," the hands of pickpockets must be completely free and flexible. A cane or an umbrella, strong cuffs, large rings, or wristwatches may hamper the pickpocket. Even the best pickpocket cannot wear gloves to "do their jobs." He may wear a top coat over his working arm as a disguise.


In this article, we've compiled many practical tips to help you avoid getting pickpocketed, no matter where you are. The key is to remain vigilant and take preventive measures consistently. I hope this article is helpful. Please share it with your friends and leave the comments below.

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