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1440p Security Camera VS 1080p Security Camera VS 720p Security Camera

1440p Security Camera VS 1080p Security Camera VS 720p Security Camera

When choosing an HD security camera for your home or for your business, you will see different high-resolution cameras: 1440p HD security cameras, 1080p HD security cameras and 720p HD security cameras. This post will detail what the high-definition security cameras are, the differences between the security cameras, which one is best for you and how to buy these CCTV cameras.

What is a 1440p Security Camera, a 1080p Security Camera and a 720p Security Camera

What is high definition (HD)? When all the image resolution formats can reach up to 1280x720, they are high definition. It commonly refers to an increase in display or visual resolution over a previously used standard.

What is a 720p Security Camera

720p refers to 1 MP (1 Megapixel) in security cameras, and it stands for the resolution of 1280x720. For the past few years, 720p has been the standard resolution for HD IP cameras. Nowadays, there are fewer 480p security camera offerings, but 720p CCTV security cameras are still available.

What is a 1080p Security Camera

1080p is higher definition of 720p, and it means a resolution of 1920x1080. In HD security cameras, 1080p also refers to 2 MP (2 Megapixel). In other terms, you may see 1080p (1920x1080) is marked as Full HD.

What is a 1440p Security Camera

1440p is much higher definition of 1080p, and it means a resolution of 2560x1440. A 1440p super HD security camera also refers to a 4 MP (4 Megapixel) video security camera. It enables you to view sharp and supper clearer images with live video streaming. Compared to a 1080p and 720p IP camera, it's a huge step forward for a 4MP security IP camera to offer higher definition videos.

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Not all brands offer 4MP security cameras nowadays. You should choose a reliable one for your home security and business surveillance.

4MP VS 2MP VS 1MP Security Camera
Note: You may see other HD security cameras with different resolutions, like 1.3 MP security cameras, 2.1 MP security cameras, 5 MP security cameras, 8 MP security cameras, 10 MP security cameras, 12 MP security cameras, 16 MP security cameras, 20 MP security cameras, and even 29 MP security cameras.

Differences among 1440p Security Cameras, 1080p Security Cameras and 720p Security Cameras

Which one to choose among 1440p security cameras, 1080p security cameras and 720p security cameras? Which one is best for you?

See the parameters of 1440p surveillance video cameras, 1080p surveillance video cameras and 720p surveillance video cameras.

Resolution Frame size in pixels Pixels per image Scanning type Frame rate (Hz)
1440p 2,560×1,440 3,686,400 Progressive 24 (23.976), 25, 30 (29.97), 50, 60 (59.94)
1080p 1,920×1,080 2,073,600 Progressive 24 (23.976), 25, 30 (29.97), 50, 60 (59.94)
720p 1,280×720 921,600 Progressive 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60, 72

The main differences of those HD security cameras lie in the resolution and the result that comes from the resolution.

1440p Security Camera Versus 1080p Security Camera

1440p (4MP) security cameras are much better than 1080p (2MP) security cameras, in terms of the images. All 1440p security cameras record super HD video, which has twice the detail of the 1080p. For example, 1440p security cameras can capture a vehicle's license plate number even when it's in long distance like 70 feet or 80 feet away. And the 1080p and 720p security cameras can do that.

A 1440p (4MP) security video camera enables you to choose from 1440p resolution, 1080p resolution and 720p resolution, according to your needs. 4MP IP cameras are an important emerging trend in video surveillance.

To prevent burglars from your house and to catch the criminals with clear evidence, you'd better install the 1440p security cameras.

Note: Some of you may pay attention to the price. In the previous time, the 4MP security cameras were much expensive than 1080p security cameras. Nowadays, there are many cost effective and cheap 4MP super HD security cameras. Visit the security camera online store to get a high-quality super HD 4MP securiy camera.

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1080p Security Camera Versus 720p Security Camera

A 1080p CCTV security camera has twice as much image detail as a 720p security camera and produces images that are twice as larger in terms of overall pixel count.

A 1080p (2MP) security video camera allows you to choose from 1080p resolution and 720p resolution.

Compared with 720p IP cameras, 1080p IP cameras will be a better choice. And they have a very nicely respectable price.

About a 1440p Security Camera System

A 1440p security camera system (also called a security NVR kit) includes 4MP security cameras and a 4MP NVR. The 4MP security cameras record videos and capture images with 4 Megapixel high resolution, and the 4MP NVR fully manages the cameras and saves all the recordings.

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According to the FBI, homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into. Try to install a 1440p security camera system, so that your home won't be the easy target of criminals.
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Where to Buy a 1440P Security Camera

There are many places to buy a reliable 4MP security camera. You can visit Amazon, Best Buy, or security camera online store of 4MP IP cameras.

To end on a good note, those 4MP security cameras should have acceptable or good technical support. Although the security cameras or the security camera systems become much easier to set up and operate, you, as the end-users, may encounter technical problems and you may need assistance from suppliers. It's good to receive technical support in time or within 1-2 working days. Place an order from the one you trust.


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