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Best Doorbell Camera 2024: Recommendations & Reviews

Best Doorbell Camera

If you're curious about making your home safer and smarter, you're in the right place. This article will explore some of the best doorbell cameras available. We'll dive into their features, see what makes them stand out, and check out what real users say. If you're searching for the best doorbell camera to keep an eye on your front door, keep reading!

How Does a Doorbell Camera Work?

Have you ever wondered how a doorbell camera—often called the best video doorbell—works? It's pretty neat and straightforward. A doorbell camera is a small, smart device that you place near your front door. Here's a quick rundown of its general working process:

  • Motion Detection or Doorbell Ring: The camera activates when someone comes close to your door or presses the doorbell.
  • Video Recording: The camera then starts recording a video. This can be a live feed or a recorded clip.
  • Notification: You get an alert on your phone or another device. This lets you see who's at your door, no matter where you are.
  • Two-Way Audio: The best doorbell cameras also allow you to talk to the person at the door through the camera, adding an extra layer of convenience.

The combination of different technologies has made the best video doorbell essential to home security systems.

When choosing the best wireless doorbell camera for your home, especially for apartments, the Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi is a standout choice. This model is particularly appealing for its combination of advanced features and the convenience of not requiring a subscription. It is the best doorbell camera for apartments and anyone seeking the best wireless doorbell camera without a subscription. Let's delve into the key features that make this doorbell camera a top contender in the market.

The Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi comes packed with features that set it apart:

  • 2K+ (5MP) HD Video Quality: Offers superior clarity and detail in video footage.
  • Dual-Band WiFi Support: Ensures stable connection with support for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands.
  • Person Detection: Smartly identifies human presence, reducing false alarms from pets or moving objects.
  • Infrared Night Vision: Provides clear images even in low-light conditions, ensuring round-the-clock security.
  • Wide Field of View: The 180° diagonal view comprehensively views your doorstep.
  • Rich Notifications: Sends snapshot alerts directly to your phone, so you're always informed.
  • Two-Way Audio: Communicate with visitors directly from your phone.
  • Flexible Storage Options: Supports local storage on a microSD card and Reolink Cloud storage.
  • Weather Resistant: Designed to withstand various weather conditions.

Reviews & Ratings

Customers have praised the Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi, highlighting its reliability and excellent features. Here are some reviews:

  • "The image quality is outstanding, and the person detection feature works like a charm. It's the best wireless doorbell camera without subscription I've found." – Jane.
  • "I live in an apartment and was looking for something easy to install and use. This doorbell camera exceeded my expectations. It's the best doorbell camera for apartments," said Alex.
  • "Having a doorbell camera that sends me video alerts is reassuring. The night vision feature is impressive too." – Sam.

These reviews underscore the Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi's reputation as one of the best doorbell cameras in the market, especially for those seeking a high-quality, subscription-free option for their apartments.

Let's switch gears and talk about the best-wired doorbell camera. If you prefer a camera connected directly to your home's wiring, the Reolink Video Doorbell PoE is a standout choice. It's especially great for those who want a reliable, always-connected camera without the hassle of a monthly subscription, making it the best-wired doorbell camera without a subscription.

The Reolink Video Doorbell PoE is not just any doorbell camera. It's packed with features that set it apart. Let's take a closer look:

  • High-Resolution Video: Offers crystal-clear images, so you see every detail at your doorstep.
  • Direct Power Connection: No worries about batteries; your home's wiring powers it.
  • Advanced Motion Detection: It's smart enough to detect movement and alert you.
  • Night Vision Capability: You can see who's at your door, even in the dark.
  • Weather Resistant: Designed to withstand various weather conditions, keeping your home safe, rain or shine.
  • Easy Integration: Works seamlessly with your home network for constant connectivity.

People who have used the Reolink Video Doorbell PoE are singing its praises. Here's what they have to say:

  • "Installation was a breeze, and the video quality is amazing. The best-wired doorbell camera I've used." – Mark
  • "I love that I don't need a subscription, and it's always connected. It gives me peace of mind." – Sarah.
  • "The night vision feature is a game-changer. I can see everything clearly, even late at night." – Alisha.

These reviews highlight that the Reolink Video Doorbell PoE is not just a good choice; it's one of the best doorbell cameras for those who prefer a wired connection.

Best Home Security System with Doorbell Camera

You might want more than a doorbell camera to keep your home safe and sound. That's where the best home security system with a doorbell camera comes into play. A system that includes a doorbell camera and other security components can provide comprehensive protection for your home. Let's explore one of the top picks in this category – a bundle that stands out as the best doorbell camera system available.

Components of the System

This excellent bundle includes several key components:

  1. Doorbell Camera: The system's centerpiece, offering front door monitoring.
  2. 4K Security Cameras: Four 4K 8MP cameras for comprehensive coverage around your home.
  3. Network Video Recorder (NVR): A device that records and stores all camera footage.
  4. Hard Drive: Pre-installed in the NVR for convenient video storage.

Key Features of the Bundle

The features of this bundle make it the best home security system with a doorbell camera:

  • High-Definition Video Quality: Crystal-clear footage from all cameras.
  • Easy to Install: Designed for hassle-free setup.
  • Reliable Recording: With the NVR, you can record and store footage securely.
  • Remote Access: Monitor your home from anywhere using your smartphone or computer.
  • Night Vision: Keep an eye on your home, even in the dark.
  • Weatherproof Cameras: Durable and designed to withstand different weather conditions.

Comparison of Best Doorbell Cameras

Choosing the right doorbell camera helps to compare the top options. Look at the Reolink Video Doorbell PoE and the Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi.


  • Wired Connection: Reliable and constant power supply.
  • High-Quality Video: Offers excellent video clarity.
  • No Subscription Needed: Operates without monthly fees.
  • Advanced Motion Detection: Accurate alerts to movement.
  • Weather Resistant: Durable in various weather conditions.


  • Requires Wiring: Installation may need professional help.
  • Limited Flexibility: Fixed position due to wiring.
Reolink Video Doorbell (PoE)

Smart 5MP Video Doorbell with Chime

5MP Super HD, Person Detection, Power over Ethernet, 180° Diagonal Viewing Angle, Two-Way Audio, High-Quality Night Vision.


  • Wireless Design: Easy to install and relocate.
  • Dual-Band WiFi Support: Stable and versatile connectivity.
  • Smart Features: Including person detection and night vision.
  • No Monthly Fees: Cost-effective in the long run.
  • Remote Access: Monitor your door from anywhere.


  • Battery-Dependent: Requires regular charging.
  • Limited Range: Effective within the WiFi range.
Reolink Video Doorbell (WiFi)

Smart 5MP Video Doorbell with Chime

5MP Super HD Day & Night, Person Detection, 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band WiFi, 180° Diagonal Viewing Angle, Two-Way Audio, Rich Notification.


Which Doorbell is Best for Home Security?

When looking for the best doorbell camera for home security, it's all about finding one that fits your needs. If you prefer a wired setup and want a camera that's always on and reliable, the Reolink Video Doorbell PoE is a great choice. For those who prefer a wireless option, the Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi is excellent, especially for apartments. Both are top contenders for the best doorbell camera in their respective categories.

What Features Does the Best Doorbell Camera Have?

The best doorbell camera has features that make it practical and easy to use. Key features to look for include high-resolution video, smart detection, night vision capability, easy installation,etc.

How Can I Purchase the Best Doorbell Camera?

Buying the best doorbell camera is easy! You can find them on Reolink's official website or trusted online retailers like Amazon. Search for the Reolink Video Doorbell PoE or Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi, and you'll find all the details you need to make an informed purchase.


In conclusion, whether you're looking for a wired or wireless doorbell camera, Reolink offers some of the best doorbell camera options. Each model has unique features tailored to different needs, from the Reolink Video Doorbell PoE to the Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi. Remember, your best choice depends on your home's specific requirements. We hope this guide has helped you understand what makes an excellent doorbell camera and assists you in finding the perfect one for your home. So, don't wait – head to Reolink and get the best doorbell camera for home security today!


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