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Best 20 Back to School Safety Tips for 2023: We’ve Ever Heard

Amanda Li7/26/2023
Best Back to School Safety Tips for Parents/Kids/Drivers We’ve ever Heard

The back-to-school rush is nothing new; it happens every single year. Still, it goes without fail that we struggle to keep safety front and center as students pack up their bags and head back to school. There’s just so much to consider, and so many people who have an impact on the safety and well-being of a child. In this guide, we will offer some tips to help everyone – from parents to drivers and the kids themselves – understand what it takes to make this back-to-school season happy and safe.

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Back to School Safety Tips for Parents

Sending your kids back to school is both an exciting and scary time. You have to put your trust in others – such as bus drivers, teachers and school administration – to ensure that your child’s safety remains a priority. But that doesn’t mean you’re entirely powerless. Here are a few back to school safety measures parents can use to put your minds at ease while keeping your children safe.

1. Practice the routes

If your child walks to school or to a bus stop, make sure you practice that route with them several times during the summer. Have them demonstrate back-to-school brochures, handouts, books, presentations, or videos, which show them how to properly cross the street, wait on the sidewalk, and locate landmarks.

2. Update your child’s ID

Children grow up so fast. That means the ID they got even 6 months ago might not represent what they look like today. Kick off the school year right by updating your child’s ID photo.

3. Purchase a bright book bag

Wherever your student roams, so too will his or her book bag. A bright book bag will help drivers take notice of your child, even if they’re not paying attention.

4. Form a buddy group

Traveling in packs is always the safest route to and from school. While some children naturally form walking packs, you could team up with fellow parents in the neighborhood to form a buddy group. Get the kids involved. Let them know that the group can’t go anywhere unless is accounted for. Use social media, like Facebook, to keep the group organized.

5. Keep in touch with school administration

If your children go to school independently, it is crucial to regularly check if they arrive safely. You can reach out to their teachers to ensure your kids' safe arrival at school.

6. Check car seat safety

If you drive your child to school, ensure their car seat is correctly installed and appropriate for their age and size. Regularly check for recalls and stay updated on safety guidelines.

7. Supervise young children after school

When your kids return to school after the summer holiday, it also means they may stay home alone after school hours until you go back from work. Your after-school child home alone may make you distracted from work. Putting knives, poisons and anything dangerous out of your boy’s or girl’s reach, and raising their security awareness can decrease the possibility of them getting hurt.

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If you find it challenging to alleviate your worries, consider employing an indoor security camera, such as the Reolink E1 Pro, to keep an eye on them. This camera allows you monitor your kids after school remotely. If you have one camera already, keep it running and install the security camera app on your mobile device, so that you can view your home and kids from anywhere.

Back to School Safety Checklists for Kids

There’s only so much that a parent can do to ensure the safety of their child. There comes a time when children must also follow good safety practices as they go about their days. Here are a few back to school safety ideas for kids to help them get started:

8. Avoid earbuds and screens

It’s only natural for kids to want to listen to music, or watch the latest YouTube video, on their way to and from school. But these types of distractions can have disastrous results. Encourage your kids to remain fully aware of their surroundings at all times, as smartphones can be distracting and may expose them to potential dangers and threats.

9. Get creative with clothing

Kids are constantly being told to wear bright clothing for safety. But they also want to be able to wear something that expresses themselves. Why not get creative with your clothing then? Wear bright or reflective clothing, especially in low light conditions. This makes it easier for drivers to spot them, reducing the risk of accidents.

10. Avoid strangers

Children are inherently innocent and kind, often perceiving everyone as good people in their world. While this is a wonderful quality, it can also make them vulnerable to getting hurt. It is essential to remind your child never to accept rides or gifts from strangers, even if the strangers claim to know their parents.

11. Know how to respond in an emergency

No matter how many safety precautions are put into place, emergencies do happen. You want your child to be prepared for any situation as it arises. That includes, of course, knowing how to call 911. You can also take your child to a First Aid class, which will help children understand not only what to do in an emergency, but what not to do(such as trying to move someone who just was hit by a car).
Kids Safety

Back to School Safety Measures for Drivers

Everyone in the community is impacted when kids go back to school, including drivers. So what back to school safety precautions can drivers follow this fall?

12. Be careful as you leave your home

Most drivers know to slow down in school zones. Those back to school safety slogans, posters, and signs along the road can act as safety reminders for drivers and motorists. But not that many drivers know to take special precaution as they pull out of their driveways. Be sure to take a few extra seconds to look out for traveling children before you set out on your journey.

13. Pay special attention to intersections

Annually, a significant proportion of pedestrian fatalities occur at intersections. Drivers, including school bus drivers should keep alert when driving at the road interactions. Never run the red light.

14. Learn the bus routes

Kowing the bus routes can be helpful for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you’ll know when and where to be extra vigilant while on your drive. But this information could also help you avoid backups on the road by taking alternative routes.

15. Keep the radio off where children congregate

It’s no secret that texting and driving – or even talking on the phone and driving – is not safe. So another back to school road safety tips for drivers is to avoid this temptation by simply keeping the radio off near bus stops, in school zones, or anywhere else you know children could be walking.

Back to School Safety Tips For School Authorities

As school authorities prepare for the new academic year, ensuring the safety of students, staff, and visitors should be a top priority. Below are a series of steps to follow.

16. Conduct safety assessments

Before the school year begins, it's essential to conduct comprehensive safety assessments of the school premises. Identify potential hazards, such as faulty wiring, slippery floors, or outdated playground equipment. Addressing these issues proactively can prevent accidents.

17. Review emergency protocols

Review and update emergency protocols, including fire drills, evacuation procedures, and lockdown measures. Ensure that all staff members are familiar with these protocols and conduct practice drills regularly to ensure everyone knows what to do in various emergency scenarios.

18. Ensure adequate staff training

Provide staff members with regular safety training sessions, covering topics such as first aid, CPR, and handling medical emergencies. Well-trained staff can respond effectively in critical situations.

19. Provide adequate supervision

Ensure that there is adequate supervision during school hours, especially in common areas and during recess. Supervising students can help prevent accidents and respond quickly to any incidents. Some common supervision tools include security cameras, ID badges, fire alarms and safety drills, etc.
School Security Camera

20. Implement visitor management systems

Maintain a secure campus by implementing a visitor management system. Require all visitors to sign in at the main office and issue them identification badges. This measure helps distinguish authorized visitors from unauthorized individuals.

Recommendations for School Safety Supervision Tools

Among various school safety supervision tools, security cameras stand out as a highly effective and essential resource. Here are some top recommendations for ensuring school safety.

If you are looking for a reliable and advanced security camera, the Reolink Argus 3 Pro is an excellent choice. This cutting-edge wireless camera offers a plethora of features that will enhance school security. With its high-quality performance and user-friendly design, the Argus 3 Pro provides peace of mind and comprehensive surveillance for parents.

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Argus 3 Pro boasts 2K 4MP super HD resolution, delivering sharp and clear video footage. Furthermore, the camera supports both rechargeable battery and solar power, giving school authorities the flexibility to choose the most convenient and eco-friendly power source.

Reolink RLC-811A, an advanced outdoor security camera, is an exceptional choice for enhancing school safety. This cutting-edge camera comes equipped with a 4K 8MP high-quality imagery, ensuring every critical detail is captured accurately. With such remarkable resolution, school authorities can rest assured that less potential dangers or threats will be overlooked, providing a secure environment for children on the premises.

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Moreover, the camera's remarkable night vision capabilities extend up to 100 feet, ensuring seamless round-the-clock surveillance. Alongside its intelligent motion detection system and customizable alerts, school authorities can stay promptly informed about any suspicious activities as they unfold in real-time.


It goes without saying that each and every year that the back-to-school frenzy brings with it a flurry of safety concerns for everyone in the community. Those back to school safety articles or blogs, (whether this one or most existing ones online), will not cover all safety checklist.

I hope this post will give you some fresh and new angle of view about back to school safety checklists, for parents, kids and drivers. And I’m sure it will play a part in ensuring that the back-to-school season remains the fun and exciting time that it should be.


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