Basement security should rank high in your home security plan. You should know that your basement windows and doors present significant security vulnerabilities. Once a burglar finds his way inside your basement, he can have full access to the rest of your home.

Never adopt ways to secure your basement? Now you should begin to secure your basement (like secure the basement windows and doors) after you finish reading this article.

Note: GET 4 all-round ways to secure your home from break-ins.


Way 1. Use Security Camera Systems to Protect Your Basement from Break-Ins

Why should you invest in security camera systems for your basement? Security camera systems are the most effective and workable ways to secure your basement. Homes without security camera systems are 300% more likely to be broken into. The average loss from burglary in homes with security camera systems is over $2,000 less than the average loss in homes without them.

Basement Security Camera System

The benefits of security camera systems are twofold: you can monitor your basement’s security when nobody is at home, and you can get alerts from your camera systems if an intruder breaks into your basement. Thus you can take precautions. After you install security camera systems around your basement, place an obvious decal near your basement to deter those would-be burglars from breaking into your basement.

A reliable security camera system will ease your concern about your basement security. If you don’t know how to choose your security camera system, you can get some inspiration in our previous posts: Indoor Security Camera and Outdoor Security Cameras for Home. All kinds of home security cameras are available in the security camera online shop, Walmart and Amazon.

Way 2. Secure Your Basement Windows to Prevent Invasions

Google how to protect basement windows from break-ins, and you would be trapped in thousands of basement window security ideas and options. Now put them aside and keep the below top 4 basement window security tips in mind. While Way 1 is also applied to securing your basement windows, the below tips will make them more unbreakable.

Tip 1. Use Basement Window Covers to Stop Prying Eyes

Window covers are the easiest and cheapest way to secure your basement windows. You could use curtains to cover all of your home windows to secure your windows against invaders. Window covers stop burglars looking into your basement directly, which makes your basement an unwelcomed target.

Basement Window Covers

Tip 2. Find Good-Quality Locks to Protect Your Basement Windows from Invasion

The original locks of your basement windows are typically cheap locks that can be easily opened with a piece of wire. In order to secure your basement windows, you need to replace the manufacturer’s locks with good-quality locks. You can choose from a variety of basement window locks such as the key sash locks, hinged wedge locks, folding locks, and window latch locks. Some locks could be installed without the help of a locksmith.

Basement Window Lock

Tip 3. Install Basement Window Security Bars and Grilles

Basement window bars and grilles have been proved to be one of the most useful ways to secure your basement windows. A burglar often skips a basement with basement window burglar bars.

You could put the bars on the inside of your basement windows. This doesn’t detract from the looks of the outside of the house and also would allow the type of bars to be opened from the inside if needed. It is definitely an excellent way to secure your basement egress windows.

Basement Window Bars and Grilles

Tip 4. Use Security Films to Secure Your Basement Windows against Intruders

If basement window bars and grilles are not your type, you could try installing security films to your basement windows. If your basement windows are hit by a burglar, the glass will be held by security films, which prevents the burglar from easily breaking into your basement. Security films are also helpful to protect your basement in the case of a natural disaster, such as hurricane.

Basement Window Films

Basement windows are a favorite entry-point for burglars, but putting a little forethought into how to secure basement windows, you can make sure that your basement windows are not vulnerable.

Way 3. Secure Your Basement Door to Protect Your Basement from Intruders

Your basement door, which is not well protected, is burglars’ favorite entry point. As your basement’s first protective line, your basement door security is extremely important. While security camera systems are also helpful to protect your basement door, you can take the below tips to enhance your basement door security.

Tip 1. Install a Solid Basement Door to Prevent Invaders

If you find that your basement door is hollow-core, replace it with a solid-core door immediately. A steel basement door with long screws works pretty well. Besides, you can try installing a fiberglass basement door with wood grain finish. You need to install a top quality deadbolt to your fiberglass basement door with a reinforced strike plate. An excellent-quality door will definitely strengthen your basement door security.

Basement Door

Tip 2. Use a Deadbolt Lock to Reinforce Your Basement Door

To make your basement door unbreakable, a good-quality basement door lock is indispensable. There are many different types and models of deadbolt locks, but most of them are either single or double cylinder locks.

  • Single cylinder deadbolt locks. This type of lock is ideal for metal or wood basement doors without windows.
  • Double cylinder deadbolt locks. This type of lock provides more security on glass doors. Thanks to its double locking mechanism, it is hard for burglars to break into your basement.

Basement Door Lock

Tip 3. Use a Basement Door Security Bar to Secure Your Basement Door against Burglars

A door security bar makes it almost impossible for burglars to break into your basement. It ensures that once the basement door is being closed down, it cannot be opened from outside easily. The installation of door security bar is quite simple and you don’t need an expert to do the installation, which saves the installation charge.

Basement Door Security Bar

Way 4. Light Up the Area Outside to Stop Burglars Breaking into Your Basement

Lighting is one of your most efficient and cost-effective methods of basement defense. A well-lit basement is great at deterring burglars. You should position lights just above or near your basement windows and doors. Remember to keep them lit after dark. If you are often late from work, you can consider light timers. Lighting is a sign that your basement is occupied, which usually discourages burglars from breaking into your basement.

Basement Lighting

Basement window and door security should be one of your highest concern when evaluating the security of your home. Basement security is an important step to making sure your home is secure. When you search for ways to secure your basement, consider the above mentioned ways. Your family’s security and your home are worth the effort! Moreover, always remember to protect every potential entry into your home, not just the ones you use every day.

  • Kevin

    This was an excellent, well-written article. Thank you! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who is deeply concerned about large windows in the basement. I’m considering replacing tiny basement windows with proper ‘egress’ windows but have the concern of how to manage security.

    I don’t want some punk slipping into the window well, kicking in the window, and causing ANY harm to my family.

  • Jorge Rivero

    Where can I find that security bar?