HONG KONG, January 5, 2021 – After launching its first-ever smart detection cameras in 2020, Reolink, a global innovator in smart home solutions, releases 3 more AI-assisted IP security cameras, RLC-520A, RLC-820A, and RLC-822A, with 5MP & 4K ultra high resolution to expand its person/vehicle detection product line.

With advanced algorithm, these smart surveillance cameras can identify people, cars from other moving objects with higher accuracy and filter unnecessary alerts. Users can decide whether the camera would be triggered by normal motion or important person/vehicle movements only. Thus, users will enjoy the convenience to customize notifications to events that really matter and find out the footage with person/vehicle movement easily.

"We received a lot of feedback from our users that they need dome-shaped smart cameras, too and this time we add 3 dome cameras to the lineup," said Reolink product manager, Sharon Guo, "Users won't risk their privacy since the AI processing is done locally. No need to upload the footage or information to the cloud or any server. Last but not least, we don't think AI-assisted surveillance has to be expensive. And, our cameras are for every budget."

Reolink PoE IP Cameras with Person/Vehicle Detection

Featuring super high definition, 5MP and 4K/8MP, these 3 intelligent security cameras allow users to see every important happened around their properties during the daytime and at night. Also, these smart cameras support up to 25 to 30 fps (frames per second), making it possible to capture movement at a higher speed so users can read license plates and identify faces effortlessly.

Additional nice-to-have features include time-lapse captures, allowing users to record hour-long or even day-long events into minute-long videos, IP66 waterproof ratings for indoor and outdoor use, Google Assistant support and more.

Take a glance at the 3 PoE dome cameras newly added to Reolink smart detection series.

  • RLC-820A – Outdoor/indoor 4K/2160p security camera that can capture moving people and cars only.
  • RLC-822A – 4K/8MP dome security camera with 3x optical zoom and smart person/vehicle detection.
  • RLC-520A – 5MP/1920p low-profile dome security camera with smart person/vehicle detection for both outdoor and indoor use.

Aside from the standalone cameras above, Reolink also releases two more security systems, each with an 8-channel NVR and four pieces of one of the four cameras listed above. The newly-added systems are RLK8-520D4-A and RLK8-820D4-A.

For more information about Reolink smart person/vehicle detection security cameras, please visit https://reolink.com.

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Reolink, a global innovator in the smart home field, is always dedicated to delivering the easiest and most reliable security solutions for homes and businesses. Reolink's mission is to make security a seamless experience for customers with its groundbreaking security products. Reolink products are available and sold worldwide, providing video surveillance and protection for millions of homes and families.

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