A bullied 13-year-old boy left heartbreaking letter before killing himself.

An Ohio teen killed herself after years of alleged bullying in school.

The bullying tragedies happen continuously, which is an inevitable social problem.

It’s just heart-wrenching to learn that almost one out of every four students report being bullied during the school year.

Bullying at school can affect your children in many ways. Not only does it increase the risk of your children’s poor school adjustment, sleep difficulties, anxiety, but it also has a negative impact on social environment.

How to stop/combat bullying in schools for kids/high school/college students? How to create a favorable environment for your children? Schools cannot do it alone. Preventing school bullying needs parents’ involvement. Moreover, if you are a victim, you should take some useful ways to end bullying in schools.

Stop Bullying in Schools

Shaking Facts/Statistics about Bullying in Schools

If you have no idea how serious the school bullying is, you should never miss the facts/statistics of bullying in schools below.

  • 90% of students in grades 4-8 have been bullied or harassed in school.
  • Over 160,000 kids refuse to go to school each day for fear of being bullied.
  • Each month 282,000 students are physically assaulted in some way in secondary schools throughout the US — and the number is increasing.
  • Nearly 75% of school shootings have been linked to harassment and bullying.
  • About 9 out of 10 LGBT teens have reported being bullied at school within the past year because of their sexual orientation.

School Bullying Statistics

Bullying remains one of the largest problems in schools. So what schools can do to stop school bullying?

Top 4 Ways for School to Prevent/Overcome Bullying in Schools

Bullying is happening in every kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, junior/high school and even college in the US (America), Australia, Canada, Cape Town, UK, etc. — and it’s getting worse. Bullying issues/problems in schools are urgent to be solved. School principals should take action to stop or reduce bullying in schools immediately.

#1. Take Bullying in Schools Seriously

The first step to combating and preventing bullying in schools is that school principals and teachers should take the bullying problem seriously. Statistics have revealed that 38% of students believe their school, university or college doesn’t take bullying seriously.

As an educator, you should pay attention to the warning signs of school bullying, including unexplained physical injuries, anxiety, fear of attending school, etc. However, students tend to hide the facts if they are bullied. So as a teacher/principal, you should engage students on a daily base and encourage open conversations.

#2. See Bullying, Stop Bullying

When you see any students who are bullied, act immediately. Don’t take the attitude “kids will be kids” or “it is not a big deal”. Bullying can affect students lifetime. Sadly, 1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and will ONLY intervene 4% of the time.

When you see bullying, you should intervene at once. Most bullies will stop when someone intervenes. However, avoid dealing with bullies in violent ways. Don’t argue with your students. Be respectful and show them what proper behavior is. If physical bullying occurs, make sure no one is hurt.

#3. Make Strict Anti-Bullying Policy in Schools

How to deal with bullies in schools? Perhaps one of the best ways to solve school bullying is to make strict anti-bullying school policy/laws. With school legislations, those bullies would stop their bad behaviors in fear of being punished.

Plus, post anti-bullying posters/pictures/images/slogans in campus to arouse students’ stop-bullying awareness.

#4. Install Security Camera Systems to Monitor Bullying in Schools

Installing security camera systems has become a trend in schools. Security cameras can catch any of the bullying happing in schools. Without video surveillance, the school may have to rely on student reports if there are bullying problems. For many bullying students, knowing there is the potential that their actions are being recorded is enough to persuade them to stop what they are doing.

Another benefit of security camera systems is that parents can view whether their children are well being taken care of just by taking a look at their smart phones. For example, many daycare centers install indoor security cameras to let parents see the situation of their children anytime.
Bullying can happen in the classroom, school bus, school canteen, school hallways, etc. The school should install security camera systems to monitor these places to reduce/combat bullying in schools.

Use Security Camera Systems to Stop School Bullying

Besides the above effective ways, schools can also hold some anti-bullying activities/games for kids to let them know school violence and bullying is totally wrong.

How to handle bullying in schools if you are a parent? Keep reading to see what you can do to help stop bullying in schools.

Parents/Guardians’ Bullying Intervention: 3 Useful Ways to Prevent School Bullying

My child is being bullied at school, what can I/we do to stop bullying at school?

We’ve GOT your back. Try the 3 effective ways below to avoid your child being a bullying victim (again) or being a bully.

Top 1. Pay Attention to Signs That Your Child Might Be Bullied

Your child may not be vocal about being bullied. You need to observe any possible signs that your child is going through the bullying of others. Signs include:

  • Scratch, scar or ripped clothing
  • Hesitation to go to school
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Nightmare and crying

If you find that your child is being bullied in schools, don’t ignore it or just say “let it go”. Instead, you should have open conversations with your child. You need to let your child know that you are on his/her side. Meanwhile, do not encourage physical retaliation.

Top 2. Contact School Officials to Address the Bullying Problems/Issues

A surefire way to fight against bullying in schools is to bring it to the school’s attention. You should contact school officials, including school principals, teachers, etc., and provide factual information that your child is bullied. Remember to emphasize that you expect the bullying to stop immediately and work close with the school to find a solution for your child and other victims of bullying.

Top 3. Teach Your Child Moral Values and Give Love at Home

Some parents concern, “My child is a bully! What should I do?”.

As a parent, you have a direct influence on your child’s social behavior and his/her characters. Children who bully generally come from family without warmth, supervision and parent involvement. If your child is bullying other kids in schools, you should stop his behavior at once. It’s never too late for you to teach your children moral values.

Set strict rules at home. If your child bullies others, you should take this issue very seriously and nip it in the bud before it worsens. You need to stress that bullying is NOT allowed under any circumstances.

Bullying Victims: What Can You Do to Avoid Getting Bullied in Schools

I encounter bullying in boarding school and what to do about it?

Don’t be afraid. The below ways can help you avoid school bullying easily.

• Report bullying and cyberbullying (cyberharassment) to your parents and your teachers immediately. 64% of students who are bullied do not report it. If you are bullied, speak it out. You need to say “NO” to bullying in schools. Bullying in schools will thrive if you keep silent.

• Get help from bullying hotline or anti-bullying programs/organizations. If you are reluctant to tell the bullying events to your parents or teachers, you can call bullying hotline to get help. The staff will help you address the problems. At the same time, there are many successful anti-bullying programs for (elementary or high) schools, such as No Bullying, Stop Bullying, etc.

• Avoid being alone. Try to go to the bathroom with a friend and have lunch with a group. When in a school bus, always sit near the front and keep away from the bully.

Ending school bullying is not an easy task. It needs everyone’s involvement. No matter who you are, a teacher, parent, student, bullying victim, bystander, etc., you should join in this anti-bullying team. NO BULLYING IN SCHOOLS.

Ways to Prevent School Bullying for Victims

FYI: Information/Resources about School Bullying

Q 1: What is school bullying?
A 1: School bullying is a type of bullying happening in schools, including kindergarten, primary/junior/high school, college campus and other educational settings.

Q 2: How many types of bullying in schools?
A 2: School bullying can involve physical, emotional, verbal and cyber bullying.

Q 3: What are the causes of bullying in schools?
A 3: Racial discrimination, homophobic bullying, jealousy, revenge, aggressive personality, etc.

Q 4: What are the effects of bullying in schools?
A 4: Bullying can have a wide spectrum of effects on a student including anger, depression, stress and suicide. The person who is bullied is affected, and the bully can also grow up to develop different social disorders or have higher chances of engaging in criminal activity.

Now it’s your turn to write down more Q&A about school bullying!