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Fisheye vs Multi-lens vs PTZ camera, Which's the Best?

For those searching for wide-angle home security cameras, choosing among a fisheye camera, multi-lens camera, and PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera can be extremely hard. With each option featuring its unique set of strengths and weaknesses, it may take you some time to decide which one is really worth your money. Don't worry.



Reolink’s First-Ever Fisheye Camera Upgrades Security with 360° Panoramas in 6MP HD

Wilmington, Del., May 31, 2023 – Reolink, a renowned home security products provider, is releasing its first-ever fisheye cameras: the FE series. The fisheye cameras can present a 360° panoramic view in 6MP super HD resolution, allowing users to check almost all corners of the monitored area with just one look.   To cater to the needs of homeowners, Reolink offers two fisheye camera ver

Buyer's Guide


Fisheye Security Cameras with 360° Panoramic View : Top Benefits & Best Picks

Fisheye security cameras are an innovative and effective solution for home or business surveillance. These cameras offer wide-angle coverage with a single lens, which makes them outshine traditional CCTV cameras with a limited field of view. The images caught by a 180° or 360° fisheye camera are usually distorted, which is called the fisheye effect. To avoid image distortion, some fishey

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How to Use Fisheye Security Cameras Effectively: Viewing Modes & Installation Tips

Fisheye security cameras are popular among homeowners and business owners as they provide an extra level of surveillance with a 180° or 360° wide view. But if you want to enjoy peace of mind by having a full view of your home or business, simply installing the camera and leaving it to work are not enogh. This article includes can't-miss tips on where and how to install your fisheye secur