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Reolink’s First-Ever Fisheye Camera Upgrades Security with 360° Panoramas in 6MP HD

Fisheye Camera

Wilmington, Del., May 31, 2023 – Reolink, a renowned home security products provider, is releasing its first-ever fisheye cameras: the FE series. The fisheye cameras can present a 360° panoramic view in 6MP super HD resolution, allowing users to check almost all corners of the monitored area with just one look.
To cater to the needs of homeowners, Reolink offers two fisheye camera versions: $136.99 Reolink FE-W camera and $125.99 Reolink FE-P camera. Both versions are available on Reolink’s official online store.

The FE series, as a new addition to Reolink's wide viewing angle product line, provides a 360-degree field of view by capturing footage from different angles and stitching them into one single image. For various needs of monitoring and viewing, multiple display modes are offered, including the original fisheye view, dual panoramic view, quad view, cylindrical view, defished view, and hemispheric view.

Some homeowners may worry that events captured by fisheye cameras will be distorted and lose many significant details. Reassuringly, the Reolink FE series has adopted cutting-edge technology to help expand and flatten the image on all display modes, ensuring a sublime visual experience.

These newly-launched fisheye cameras with wide-angle coverage can cover all corners of stores, offices, conference rooms, or warehouses, making them perfect for indoor use. Compared with fixed-lens security cameras, the Reolink FE series covers larger areas and frees users from multiple installations. For those looking for a solid, convenient security solution for indoor wide areas, this camera is an ideal option.

More Nice-to-Have Features That Deserve to Be Known

As the HD smart security camera, the Reolink FE series well surpass the traditional 5MP fisheye cameras which are the majority in the market, and present crystal-clear 6MP super HD images/videos of a 1:1 aspect ratio and a 25fps frame rate on the screen. More vivid details can be revealed, creating a superb visual experience for all Reolink product lovers.

Correspondingly, fewer false alarms can be made possible since high-definition images will reveal genuine details for sure. When intruders enter the detecting area, the camera will detect moving humans and send alert emails & push notifications. More facial and body features of these unwelcome visitors can be efficiently checked on the screen.
Under the series, Reolink develops both Power-over-Ethernet and WiFi versions: FE-P & FE-W. With the PoE version, users can enjoy a super simple installation and stable connection, using only one Ethernet cable to handle both the network and the power of the camera. And the WiFi version allows users to put the fisheye camera anywhere within the WiFi range and get amazing network performance.

Other Important Features

  • Infrared night vision with built-in spotlights and siren
  • Power over Ethernet or plug-in for power supply
  • Dual-band 2.4/5 GHz WiFi connection (FE-W)
  • Flexible Installation on the wall, ceiling, and flat surface
  • Smart home integration to Google Assistant
  • Two-way audio for effortless communication
  • Flexible footage storage options on the SD card(up to 256GB) & Reolink NVRs & FTP server
  • Remote access via the intuitive Reolink mobile app & desktop software

For more information about Reolink 360° Panoramic Indoor Fisheye Cameras, visit Reolink security camera online store.

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