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Security Camera that Connects to Phone: How to Do & Best Picks

Looking for a security camera that connects to phone? Or having trouble connecting it to your mobile device? In this article, we will introduce the top 3 security cameras that connect to phone easily and show you the easiest way to connect them to your Android phone/iPhone. And we'll talk about the basic lines to choose the best security cameras that connect to phone and answer the hotte

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Top 5 Baby Monitor Apps for iPhone/iPad/Android Devices

Gone are days when you have no idea what your baby is doing while you are buried in your work.You’ve got baby monitor apps that let you view live streaming of your sweetheart on your iPhone or Android phone. In this post, I’ll list several common baby monitor apps for both iOS and Android devices. You’ll never know how well they can work until you use them by yourself. So, download and t

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Should You Buy Bluetooth Security Cameras? Read the Mysterious Points About Them First

Before you dive into Bluetooth WiFi security cameras, there are some mysterious points you should know. Understand What Exactly Bluetooth Security Cameras Are The application of Bluetooth technology on security cameras enab

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How to Turn Your Android Phone & Tablet into a Security Camera

Many of you might have already heard turning your old iPhone or iPad into an IP or network security cameras via iOS security camera app like Manything so that you could simply monitor your house without buying CCTV or IP security cameras/systems. Today, we take a quick look at how you could turn your old or spare android phone or android tablet into an IP webcam/network security

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How to View Recorded CCTV Security Camera Footage on Mobile Phones, PC & TV

When you set up a security camera, you need to decide where you want the CCTV footage to be stored. The most common options are an SD card, DVR/NVR, FTP server or Cloud. Once you have chosen where to store the footage, you can easily watch it back on a mobile, computer or TV. To view the footage, simply open the app