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How to Install Security Cameras Without Drilling Holes: Step-by-Step Guide

Install Security Cameras Without Screws

OK, you don’t wanna drill holes to install your security cameras, since you don’t want to ruin your house’s perfect décor or brand-new siding. Or you are renting an apartment, your landlord would not allow you to install the security cameras with screws.

Guess what? You can install your security cameras without drilling screws at all!

This article will offer you a step-by-step guide on how to mount security camera to brick without drilling holes.

Preparations Before Installing Security Camera without Drilling Holes

Before the installation, you need to prepare some necessary tools and components. Here we list the main components you’ll need to install your security cameras to the wall without drilling holes.

  • A security camera
  • A removable adhesive strip, or double-sided industrial tape or a suction cup to attach the camera to the wall
  • Ethernet Cat 5/6 cables & Ethernet extension cables for long-distance wiring (for PoE cameras)
  • Power Adapters
  • A Router
  • PoE Splitter & Combiner
  • Adhesive mounts/Magnetic fixtures/Clamp-based Options
Reolink PoE Combiner & Splitter

PoE Combiner & Splitter

1 Combiner, 1 Splitter, and 3 Waterproof Lids.

How to Mount Security Camera without Screws: Step-by-Step Guide

Now You can check the below detailed steps to mount your outdoor or indoor security cameras without drilling.

In order to show you the detailed steps to mount security cameras without screws, here we’ll take an RLC-810A PoE security camera as an example to share our detailed installation process.

  1. Use a measurement tape to measure the distance between your camera and your router. Plan the shortest wiring route, and then you can determine the length of your Ethernet extension cables. Allow a few feet of extra wire of both terminations for future reorganization if needed.
  2. Turn of the power before your installation job in order to protect your personal safety and avoid damaging the camera.
  3. Use the adhesive strip or 3M industrial tape to mount the camera to the brick, or the vinyl siding without drilling holes.
  4. Fish the Ethernet cable from the camera to your router. During the wiring, you can run the wire behind the baseboard in your room so that you can hide the security camera wires.
  5. Download and launch Reolink App on your iPhone or Android smartphones. When your security camera and your mobile phone are connected to the same router, the camera will be automatically added to the app, and you can get live streaming at once.

You can check the below video to see the convenience offered by installing a security camera without drilling holes.

Note: For more details, you can get a A-Z guide on how to run security camera wires here. You’ll get extremely detailed guides, including how to hide security cameras outside/inside, how to run power cables to security cameras, etc.

Choose Smart Positions to Install Your Security Cameras No Drilling

If you don’t need to mount your security cameras to the wall or brick, you can try to place your CCTV cameras in strategic positions.

This solution would work best when you need to put up a security camera without drilling holes inside your apartment. For example, you can place a security camera on the shelf standing at the corner of your room. Make sure your security camera is close to the power outlet and can connect to your router.

For example, Reolink's battery powered security cameras can be installed without drilling. (Taking Reolink Argus 3 Ultra as the example.)

Reolink Argus 3 Ultra

We have a small table inside our living room. And we place this little camera on our table (glad that it doesn’t need wires to get power). You can try security cameras without installation like the camera we are using now. So you don’t need to worry about the drilling issues at all!


How do I stick a security camera to the wall?

First, select a suitable location on the wall near a power source and within the camera's optimal viewing angle. Use screws or mounting brackets provided with the camera to securely affix it to the wall. You need to ensure it's level and firmly attached. Double-check the camera's stability and adjust as needed before connecting it to the power source and network for operation.

What tools can I use to mount security cameras without screws?

You can use adhesive mounts specifically designed for security cameras, magnetic mounts for cameras with magnetic bases, or clamp mounts that attach securely to various surfaces without the need for screws. You can also use the Reolink's PoE splitter and combiner, which can faciliate PoE wiring.


Mounting security cameras without screws offers versatile solutions for hassle-free installations. If you have any questions on installing security cameras without drilling holes, or have any DIY projects you wanna share with us, please leave them in the comment!


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